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Lynn: $Xinyi by rising gold and silver frustrated to be non-agricultural spot silver trend suggests that clients view the latest market Thursday the international spot gold to further expand the decline, the lowest hit a four month low of 1249.80, the fall 1260 line, to close at 1255.80, because the Fed is expected to raise interest rates in December is always a mortal malady of gold. The United States announced the beginning of last week, the number of jobless claims reduced by 5000 to 249 thousand, a record low since April this year, indicating that the job market continues to recover. And previously announced ISM non manufacturing index rose to 57.1, the highest since October 2015. These optimistic signs are conducive to the Fed’s interest rate outlook for the year. After the data release, the federal interest rate futures show that in December the probability of interest rate rose to 65%. Today, the focus of the United States in September non farm data, although this week’s ADP employment data hit a new low of four months, but this does not seem to affect the market for this week’s good performance of non farm data. The market is expected in September payrolls will increase from 151 thousand rise to 173 thousand, the unemployment rate will remain steady at 4.9%. If the data is better than expected, then the dollar index will be rushed to the top of the 96 mark, and gold will be dropping 1250 line; and gold is expected to ease a week downtrend. A non farm data (mainly the tonight spot gold and silver trend), non-agricultural employment market expected value of 175 thousand, compared to the previous value of 151 thousand increase, bullish dollar bearish gold and silver specific effects; waiting for the actual published values do the specific planning, because gold and silver prices this week, falling, ahead of the expected impact of the non-agricultural empty so, if the actual data of bad components or not unexpectedly positive gold and silver may also decline is expected to be limited, then fell after the first rise of the fluctuation trend. Spot silver (Chinese) market analysis: the overnight U.S. jobless claims unexpectedly recorded 43 years low, eighty-third consecutive weeks in 300 thousand under the mark, the employment market data show that the stability of the dollar area, support the Fed rate hike sentiment. In addition the overnight GBPUSD was down 6%, the biggest intraday decline since June hit Britain off the European referendum, boost the dollar to rise further, refresh nearly two month high, so that the gold bearing fell more than 3 month lows, while silver fell below the 3550 support to 100 point decline, the low dropped to 3425 yuan per kilogram. In short the overall trend, before the recommended payrolls data not released, the operation is more suitable for the rebound short selling ideas based on the daily chart; see, Chinese silver is currently trading at 3460 yuan per kilogram price position, the daily 4 Lianyin K fell, the overall trend is weak. The following day, the first line of support for the attention of 3450-3440, then continue to look down the continuation of the downward 3300-3200, but this requires non farm payrolls data is gorgeous enough, short lasting will form such a downward momentum. At present, the price of silver fell after a rebound in support of repair, repair days rose 3480-3500 resistance, broken bits continue to look at the 5 day moving average pressure 3550, blocked 3480-3500 price.相关的主题文章:

Deep vivo x9 camera shoot all the acne and the pores and beauty – Science and technology Sohu-boee

Deep Vivo X9 camera: shoot all the acne and the pores and beauty – Sohu of science and technology in November 16th, vivo X series soft self mobile phone finally ushered in the update, launched the latest flagship mobile phone: vivo X9, thought this is equipped with 20 million pixel front light double photo has been bring enough surprises, I never thought the launch of the X9 Plus and Xplay6. The performance of several mobile phone in the camera has improved a lot, there are many places worth exploring, such as vivo X9 the world’s first pre equipped with dual camera self timer mobile phone has a soft, bokeh effect, rear camera with 16 million pixels, equipped with Photo+ function can make pictures move, equipped with Xplay 6 the area of the sensor and dual camera, also supports bokeh… The camera performance for the mobile phone 11 discussions. 20 million pixel front soft double camera can bring what kind of self experience? Self demand for female users has been more and more intense, the main mobile phone front camera and front camera for video calls, up to 8 million pixel has been very tough, but from the vivo X series of mobile phone, this configuration is clearly not enough. Like the previous vivo launched X7 mobile phone, equipped with 16 million pixel front camera, it seems to be self shot to the extreme, some people say that "self" is a beauty effect is enough, because no matter how high pixel photo details, more rich, you still need to have acne P go, open 10 dermabrasion. However, vivo is still not satisfied, equipped with a 20 million pixel front camera on its X9, more than 16 million pixels rear camera, it is worth noting that the star sensor and the joint development of the SONY IMX376 12.8 inch, based on this, it can be on your face acne and wrinkles are making it crystal clear of course, the benefits that can help make your face more clear, more distinct sense of hierarchy. 20 million pixel sensor is not enough, vivo X9 is the world’s first mobile phone equipped with dual front camera, which uses 20 million pixels + 8 million pixel dual camera combination, 800W pixel camera is mainly used for collecting environmental depth information, combined with the double perturbation algorithm, to achieve self bokeh effect. For this "double camera program bokeh" is actually the red rice Pro has already been used for the self timer can also have a bokeh effect, and thus more prominent portrait outline, the official statement is the person’s temperament can be better displayed. (vivo X9 self proofs) but the bokeh effect "is not as kind of a large aperture using SLR camera to shoot, but the depth information captured by the auxiliary camera," empty "of photo processing applications, depend more on the processing ability, science and technology in accordance with the previous Lei (WeChat ID:leitech) the red rice Pro experience, the effect is not very ideal, as for the X9 performance.相关的主题文章:

CITIC Bank in the first half net profit increased by 4.49% to be issued convertible bonds of 40 bill-meyou

CITIC Bank net profit increase of 4.49% in the first half of the proposed issuance of convertible bonds Sina fund exposure platform: the letter Phi behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! CITIC Bank 25 semi annual report, the bank achieved operating income of $78 billion 200 million in the first half, an increase of 11.66%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the Bank of China, an increase of $4.49%, an increase of $23 billion 600 million. As of the end of the reporting period, the group consolidated total assets amounted to 5 trillion and 606 billion 778 million yuan, up 9.46% over the previous year; the deposit balance of 3 trillion and 455 billion 161 million yuan, up 8.56% over the previous year; the total amount of loans 2 trillion and 749 billion 227 million yuan, up 8.72% over the previous year. Net interest income of 55 billion 124 million yuan, an increase of $5 billion 380 million, an increase of 10.82%. As of the reporting period, the bank’s net interest margin was 2.12%, down by 0.20 percentage points; net interest margin of 2%, down by 0.14 percentage points. Mainly affected by the rate cut and interest rate market factors, net interest margin and net interest margin narrowed. At the end of the period, the bank non-performing loans 38 billion 520 million yuan, an increase of $2 billion 470 million over the previous year, an increase of 6.85%, the NPL ratio was down by 0.03 percentage points. Provision coverage ratio 156.99%, down 10.82 percentage points over the previous year; the loan provision ratio of 2.20%, down 0.19 percentage points over the previous year. Meanwhile, the bank intends to issue convertible bonds amounted to not more than 40 billion yuan. To raise funds will be used to support future business development in the conversion of convertible bonds to supplement the core tier one capital in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements. CITIC Bank semi annual report shows that as of the end of the reporting period, the bank’s core capital adequacy ratio of 8.89%, down 0.23 percentage points over the previous year; capital adequacy ratio of 8.94%, down 0.23 percentage points over the previous year; the capital adequacy ratio of 11.26%, down 0.61 percentage points over the previous year. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

Zhongzhou Futures before the coal mine Konggang sideways multi arbitrage space still exists-97179

Zhongzhou Futures: before the coal mine Konggang sideways multi arbitrage space is still Sina Taiwan Fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them!   even mine opening ton yuan, the highest 414.5 yuan tons, the lowest yuan tons, closing at 404.5 yuan per ton, compared with the previous day’s closing price fell yuan. This week the black plate differentiation is further increased, coke strength significantly, although the steel mine has boosted obviously weak but the disk. Transportation plays an important role in coal prices, probably accounted for about 1/3 of the transportation cost changes in the price of coal will also have the corresponding reaction, the new regulations on coal trucks especially trucks accounted for relatively high coking coal, coke market is not a small billows. Breed differentiation brings arbitrage opportunities, the multi coal mine Konggang arbitrage operation still has profit space. (Zhongzhou Futures: Liu Kang) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of their own. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

Hard currency loose tight liquidity inflection point not difficult-kkxxse.com

Hard currency loose tight liquidity to fund exposure: Sina inflection point before the arrival of the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Hard currency loose tight liquidity inflection point not difficult – reporter Wang Jiao since last week, the central bank open market operations to net invested, the last 7 consecutive trading days the cumulative net invested capital has more than 800 billion yuan. Although the central bank "care" of love and truth, capital and margin also showed improvement in the situation, but the overall picture is still tight. Market participants pointed out that in the cross section, cross season, quasi payment, MPA assessment and other factors under the perturbation, the short-term funds face pressure is still large, liquidity risk can not be ignored, still need the central bank to provide liquidity support. Overall, although the central bank intends to weaken the mechanism of rolling short end funds, plus leverage will, but funds face care stable intention is still apparent, the current market for the quarter liquidity concerns is not expected in the capital side the central bank continued to "pay" will achieve a smooth cross quarter. Continued net invested capital support for 21 days, the central bank to carry out 120 billion yuan 7 days in the open market repurchase and 80 billion yuan 28 days period reverse repurchase operation, the day of the open market 80 billion yuan repurchase expires, the net capital invested 120 billion yuan, for seventh consecutive trading days of net invested capital. In early September after a continuous net return of funds, since last Monday (September 12th), the central bank open market operations to turn the net. Recently, by the Mid Autumn Festival National Day holiday approaching the point at the end of the season, prospective payment, MPA assessment and other factors, capital presents obvious tight situation, the central bank to increase capital invested in line with market expectations. According to statistics, the Mid Autumn Festival on September 12th to 14, considering the postponed delivery bill expires, the central bank open market operations respectively, the net capital invested 150 billion 100 million yuan, 100 billion yuan and 135 billion yuan; a small holiday after the central bank to continue to "pay", the 18 day (Sunday), the central bank volume to carry out 270 billion yuan repurchase operation, still net capital invested 140 billion yuan in the end due to the extended reverse repo hedge. Overall, last week the central bank repurchase operation net invested 170 billion yuan, 85 billion 100 million yuan ticket postponed due to the superposition of 3 months, 60 billion yuan of treasury cash deposit, on the week of net invested capital totaling 315 billion 100 million yuan. The week of September 19th to 21, the central bank in the open market after the implementation of net invested 170 billion yuan, 140 billion yuan, 120 billion yuan; in addition, the central bank also carried out 20 days 3 months 60 billion yuan of treasury cash deposit operations. That is to say, this week the central bank in the open market net invested capital of about 490 billion yuan, nearly 7 day cumulative net invested capital has more than 800 billion yuan. In the central bank continued to invest in the net under the care, despite the tight financial situation is still in, but the marginal improvement trend. As of 21 closing, overnight pledged repo rate last at 2.1861%, in the past two days were down 3.25BP, 1.61BP; the 7 day repo rate after 20 days on the downlink 1.17BP相关的主题文章:

An exhibition of sculpture and painting art-creditcard.ccb.com

China International Art Gallery collection exhibition donated and situanwen sculpture and painting art exhibition China Art Museum exhibition opening in the audience China Art Museum exhibition of sculpture in the audience China Art Museum exhibition Sculpture Art Museum exhibition audience in the China sculpture art museum hosted by Chinese: "China and the west between situanwen (Anthony Stones) sculpture and painting art exhibition opened in China Art Museum in October 29th. The exhibition situanwen at different stages of the representative works of two hundred pieces of sculpture and painting, the exhibition is divided into Chinese and Western celebrities, drama myth, labor group, country style, drama of life, China love and religious buildings in seven parts, comprehensive display of the situanwen Mr. a warm and cordial feelings of Art, art style and art show the achievements of the situanwen. China art museum curator Wu Weishan wrote in the preface: "China gallery for British artist Ann Stuart (1934 -2016) exhibition aims to show a profound tradition of Western sculpture, but also has a great enthusiasm for the artists created by the results of China culture. He has made achievements in many fields of sculpture, painting and design, in the theory and practice of art creation, he from a Western perspective to research by scholars and artists Chinese, explore China philosophy and painting, especially a painting to Shi Tao ‘". In sculpture, he takes the character as the main object, the use of solid, accurate and full of subjective realism creation of intellectuals and ordinary workers, personal aesthetic tendency and aesthetic thought of sculpture sense of life; in the painting, good performance of religion, drama and daily life theme, records the life force moment supplement and highlight the sculpture. He created a number of works of art with amazing diligence and creativity, and his understanding of the world was accomplished by both the three-dimensional and the plane." Mr. Stuart was born in England in 1934, with Britain, Ireland and New Zealand nationality. A former British Royal sculptor Association academician, academician of the Royal Society of Arts, English portrait sculptor association chairman, won the Henry Moore research foundation, the Churchill art study fund and the British Society of portrait sculptors sculptors of the highest honor – silver medal. Since the beginning of 2001, situanwen engaged in cultural exchange activities, has served as honorary professor and visiting professor at the Nanjing University Art Research Institute of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts, Yunnan Arts University and many other art institutions, contribute to the education of China and the West exchange. Mr. Stuart love art, sculpture, painting and design in the creation of a large number of works of art, his art creation of a wide range of subjects, from celebrities to workers, from Notre Dame de Paris to Chinese bicycle lanes, both embody the concerns of life, to explore the world and self mining. At the exhibition, we will see Mr. Stuart "Darwin and Newton" theory of evolution "and" golden "life stage" "Royal horse" hundred years "Royal boat" hundred years at various stages of representative works. In.相关的主题文章:

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