Swiss swatch says it will launch 3 smart watches in 2016 lightscape

The Swiss Swatch company said 2016 will launch 3 smart watches, according to foreign media reports, the day before the Swiss watch maker Swatch (Swatch) announced in 2016 will launch three smart watches, to compete with apple, TAG Heuer, etc. in the wearable device market. Swatch group CEO Nick Hayek (Nick Hayek) said, will launch a smart watch Tissot brand in March at the Basel jewelry exhibition. Although Hayek did not disclose the function and price of this smart watch, but Tissot’s price is more than 200 dollars. At the same time, Hayek also said that plans to launch a mobile payment function of smart watches Swatch Bellamy in August of this year, and sales in the United States and switzerland. The Swiss Swatch company said 2016 will launch in 3 smart watches, Swatch company has developed a smart watch with the Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games and the related function of Swatch Touch". In fact, last year, Swatch launched a provides functionality associated with the low-end Swatch Touch watch volleyball championship in Zero, including the DB detection function and recording sound intensity pedometer. According to the New York state patent law firm Envision IP data show that since 2012, Swatch has applied for 173 and smart watches or watch network related U.S. and international patents. At present, Swatch group is gradually developing a series of intelligent watches and related patents.

瑞士Swatch公司称2016年将推出3款智能手表   据外媒报道,日前瑞士手表制造商Swatch(斯沃琪)宣布2016年将推出三款智能手表,从而与苹果、泰格豪雅等在可穿戴设备市场展开竞争。   Swatch集团CEO尼克・哈耶克(Nick Hayek)还表示,将在3月举行的巴塞尔腕表珠宝展中推出一款天梭品牌的智能手表。虽然哈耶克并未透露这款智能手表的功能和售价,不过天梭手表的售价约在200美元以上。   与此同时,哈耶克还表示,计划将在今年8月推出一款具备移动支付功能的智能手表Swatch Bellamy,并在美国和瑞士销售。 瑞士Swatch公司称2016年将推出3款智能手表   此外,Swatch公司已开发出一款带有与里约热内卢奥运会相关功能的智能手表“Swatch Touch”。事实上,去年斯沃琪就推出了一款提供了与排球锦标赛相关功能的低端手表Swatch Touch Zero,包括计步器及记录喝彩声强度的分贝检测功能。   据纽约州专利律师事务所 Envision IP 提供的数据显示,自2012 年以来,斯沃琪已经申请了173 项与智能手表或联网手表相关的美国和国际专利。目前斯沃琪集团正在逐步的开发一系列的智能手表和相关专利。相关的主题文章:

Apple pay video exposure new iPhone punyu

Apple Pay video exposure new iPhone? Apple Apple  Pay has officially landed China mainland, and in the promotional video, we see a never before seen iPhone. In order to give Apple  Pay in China Rally, Cook personally released a segment of Apple  Pay demo video on micro-blog. But the point is, in this demo video, operate Apple  Pay is a never appeared iPhone. Apple  iPhone in Pay video, which has led people to speculate whether it’s going to be a new iPhone that’s about to be released. To know the current support Apple  Pay iPhone 6S and iPhone  models only; 6 iPhone  6 6S  Plus, and the two models of the iPhone video and other completely different. This makes people suspect that this iPhone may be Apple’s new product, and the most likely is the upcoming release of iPhone  5SE. From the shape, the iPhone in the video has a silver rim, like 3GS, so it’s even more strange. Of course, does not rule out the video iPhone is only temporary on behalf of iPhone rendered this pan series image, rather than refer to a specific model, everything is possible. Apple Pay宣传视频暴露新款iPhone?   苹果的Apple Pay已经正式登陆中国大陆地区,而就在这次的宣传视频中,我们看到了一部从未见过的iPhone。   为了给Apple Pay在中国造势,库克亲自在微博上发布了一段Apple Pay演示视频。不过重点是在这段演示视频中,操作Apple Pay的是一款从未现身过的iPhone。 Apple Pay视频中的iPhone   这让人们开始纷纷猜测这会不会是即将发布的新iPhone。要知道目前支持Apple Pay的iPhone机型只有iPhone 6 6S和iPhone 6 6S Plus,而这两款与视频中的iPhone造型完全不同。   这就让人怀疑这部iPhone有可能是苹果的新品了,而最有可能的就是即将发布的iPhone 5SE。从造型上看,视频中的iPhone有一圈银色包边,很像3GS,所以就更加奇怪了。   当然也不排除视频中的iPhone只不过是临时渲染出来代表iPhone这个泛系列的形象,而不是指代某一款具体机型,一切皆有可能。相关的主题文章:

The commodity supply and demand two-way force manner. sql server 2000 个人版

The darling of commodity supply and demand for two-way force yesterday, black futures rose collective, including iron ore Futures (the main contract, the same below) morning will be closed in the limit, coking coal, coke, hot rolled futures from trading, steel, coal, manganese, ferrosilicon and silicon also have to follow suit, the increase of 4.31%, 3.42%, 3.17%, respectively. 2.77%. Under the drive of black futures varieties, the futures of nonferrous metals and chemical industry were all good performance yesterday. Among them, Shanghai zinc, Shanghai tin rose by more than 3%, natural rubber, asphalt, glass futures rose nearly 2%. Baocheng Futures Institute assistant director of financial Cheng Xiaoyong said yesterday, industrial futures sharp rally comes from two aspects: one is more credit than expected in January, the market interpreted as a quarter of fiscal policy force, especially in infrastructure projects to obtain financial credit and social support, and will soon start the construction process and the supply side is two; the reform, especially coal and iron and steel production capacity to measure the effect of reflected, thus reducing the supply pressure. CIC black futures researcher Liu Huifeng also said that the current black futures strong pull up, both the effect of steel production, but also in the spring operating rate rise is expected, the recent macroeconomic warmer signs of infrastructure also has force". Black futures varieties to do more enthusiasm in the first two days have begun to show. With iron ore futures as an example, since February 18th, its prices have risen all the way, the three trading day has risen by 7.5%. "The market is expected to be good, coupled with the spot market cooperation, iron ore futures will have upside momentum." Everbright futures mine steel researcher Xia Junyan said. After the Spring Festival, the main seat of iron ore futures began to significantly increase the number of single. The reporter combing data found that iron ore futures positions, since the February 15th Ricky futures seats massive Masukura 19031 hand iron ore futures in February 16th, CITIC futures seats, merchants futures seats are heavily "shopping spree", Masukura 16683 hands and 13074 hands respectively. It is worth mentioning that, through a minus of maneuvers, before February 19th, CITIC futures seats iron ore positions always occupy the top spot in the main seat. Different from CITIC futures seats, Yongan iron ore futures seats more than a single position has been in a state of masukura. Futures Daily reporter access to relevant data found that since February 16th, Yongan futures seats iron ore futures positions had steadily increased, nearly two trading days is the emergence of a large increase in the situation. Data show that in February 19th massive Masukura 30972 hand, yesterday Yongan iron ore futures seats more than a single position soared to 30018 hands, two trading days Masukura more than 60 thousand hands. So far, the seat of iron ore more than one single positions amounted to 117233 hands, has exceeded CITIC futures seats. Xia Junyan believes that the relevant agencies to see more seats in addition to iron ore, steel production factors, recently the supply side also appeared signs of shrinkage. The port inventory, related data show that as of last week, the country’s 45 major iron ore port stocks of 98 million 130 thousand tons, an increase of week 540 thousand tons, an increase over the previous week.

供需双向发力 商品气势如虹   昨日,黑色系期货集体大涨,其中铁矿石期货(主力合约,下同)上午便封于涨停,焦煤、焦炭、热卷期货尾盘涨停,螺纹钢、动力煤、锰硅、硅铁等也纷纷跟风,当日涨幅分别达4.31%、3.42%、3.17%、2.77%。   在黑色系期货品种的带动下,昨日有色系、化工系期货品种均有不俗表现。其中,沪锌、沪锡的涨幅均超过3%,天然橡胶、石油沥青、玻璃期货涨幅近2%。   宝城期货金融研究所所长助理程小勇表示,昨日工业品期货涨势凌厉来源于两方面的利多:一是1月信贷超预期,市场解读为一季度财政政策发力,尤其是基建项目获得信贷和社融的支持,会加快开工和施工的进程;二是供给侧改革,尤其是煤炭和钢铁去产能措施效果有所体现,从而减轻了供应压力。   中投期货黑色研究员刘慧峰也表示,目前黑色系期货强势拉涨,既有钢厂复产的影响,也源于春季开工率回升的预期,“近期宏观面偏暖,基建也有发力的迹象”。   黑色系期货品种的做多热情在前两日已开始显现。以铁矿石期货为例,自2月18日开始,其价格就一路上扬,三个交易日已经累计上涨7.5%。   “市场预期向好,再加上现货市场配合,铁矿石期货便有了上攻的动力。”光大期货矿钢研究员夏君彦表示。   春节过后,铁矿石期货主力席位就开始明显增持多单。记者梳理铁矿石期货持仓数据发现,自2月15日瑞奇期货席位大举增仓19031手铁矿石期货之后,2月16日中信期货席位、徽商期货席位均大举“扫货”,分别增仓16683手和13074手。   值得一提的是,通过一增一减进行腾挪的方式,在2月19日之前,中信期货席位的铁矿石仓位在主力席位中始终占据头把交椅。与中信期货席位不同,永安期货席位铁矿石多单持仓一直处于增仓状态。   期货日报记者查阅相关数据发现,自2月16日起,永安期货席位的铁矿石期货持仓便稳步增加,近两个交易日更是出现了大增的局面。数据显示,在2月19日大举增仓30972手的基础上,昨日永安期货席位铁矿石多单持仓再增30018手,两个交易日累计增仓超过6万手。至此,该席位铁矿石多单持仓量达117233手,已经超过中信期货席位。   夏君彦认为,相关机构席位看多铁矿石,除了钢厂复产因素外,近日供给端也出现了收缩的迹象。   港口库存方面,相关数据显示,截至上周,全国主要的45个港口铁矿石库存为9813万吨,周环比增54万吨,增幅较前一周下降近50%,基本回到今年1月底的水平。   另据记者了解,本周,澳大利亚部分港口泊位有检修计划,丹皮尔港East Intercourse Island泊位装船机检修,于2月18日12时至23日零时关闭;沃尔科特港3、4号泊位装船机维护,于2月22日至3月3日期间关闭。   “在部分港口泊位检修的情况下,澳洲铁矿石发货量将进一步减少,这会支撑矿价上涨。”生意社钢铁分析师何杭生表示。   版权声明:本网所有内容,凡来源:“期货日报”的所有文字、图片和音视频资料,版权均属期货日报所有,任何媒体、网站或个人未经本网协议授权不得转载、链接、转贴或以其他方式复制发布 发表。已经本网协议授权的媒体、网站,在下载使用时必须注明"稿件来源:期货日报",违者本网将依法追究责任。相关的主题文章:

Nanchang marathon finished two days track guardrail is still cross the road, nobody tube (map msvbvm60.dll

The Nanchang marathon ended two days of   the track fence is still blocked unattended tube (Figure) – Jiangxi Channel – events scattered roadside isolation fence spread all across in confusion of a national carnival is over, but left a feather". In November 22nd, Mr. Deng Chinese call the Jiangxi net, reflecting the 2016 Nanchang International Marathon after leaving the isolation fence spread all across in confusion scattered on the ground, seriously affecting the public, at the same time bring security risks. The guardrail scattered on the ground spread all across in confusion to public travel for 21 days, Mr. Deng near Nanchang Wenjiao road after supper as usual to go out for a walk, when walking to the Beijing Road, found on the stand or fall scattered many isolation barrier. "I thought it was traffic police, and then suddenly remembered the fence left by marathon." Mr. Tang told China Jiangxi network reporter, these are the iron fence, with half the height of adults in Beijing, on the west, a long distance, some lying on the roadside fence, some still stands in the street. "At the end of the two day, still with road guardrail, fence was not wide, the serious influence spread all across in confusion scattered, non motor vehicles and motor vehicle driving, but also lead to serious security risks." (Wu Ruo, Mao Siyuan: commissioning editor): the Organizing Committee for recovery of public concerns by the Nanchang Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, Jiangxi China network reporter contacted the 2016 Nanchang International Marathon Organizing Committee, a staff surnamed Jiang told reporters that the game using the isolation barrier is not the organizing committee placed and recovered, but was placed and recovered by the city of Nanchang traffic management bureau. "May be now the traffic police brigade of all areas of the recovery is relatively late, but certainly recycling." At the same time, the staff also explained to reporters, because Nanchang held for the first time such a large marathon, lack of many places to do, I hope people understand. Nanchang Municipal Traffic Management Bureau: the Organizing Committee for recycling has been recovered according to the organizing committee staff said, Chinese Jiangxi network reporter contacted the Nanchang Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, a staff member of the Council said that the isolation barrier placement and recovery are carried out according to the requirements of the organizing committee, the organizing committee also recovered. In addition, the staff told reporters, and now the organizing committee has been on the roadside guardrail recycling. According to the Organizing Committee and the staff of Nanchang traffic control bureau, there are some disputes about the recycling of guardrail. China Jiangxi network reporter will continue to pay attention. (commissioning editor Wu Ruo and Mao Siyuan) 南昌马拉松结束已两天 赛道护栏仍横挡路边无人管(图)–江西频道–人民网 赛事隔离护栏横七竖八的散落路边 一场全民狂欢结束了,却留下一地“鸡毛”。11月22日,市民邓先生致电中国江西网,反映2016南昌国际马拉松结束之后,留下的隔离护栏横七竖八的散落一地,严重影响市民出行,同时带来安全隐患。 隔离护栏横七竖八散落一地 影响市民出行 21日,家住南昌市文教路附近的邓先生晚饭后和往常一样出门散步,当步行至北京西路时,发现地上或立或倒的散落很多隔离护栏。“我当时以为是交警放置的,后来突然想起是马拉松留下的护栏。” 邓先生向中国江西网记者介绍,这些隔离护栏都是铁质的,有成年人半人高,在北京西路上,很长的一段距离内,护栏有的倒在路边,有的依旧立在马路上。“比赛结束两天了,护栏还在,加上道路本来就不宽,护栏横七竖八的散落着,严重影响非机动车和机动车的行驶,而且带来严重的安全隐患。” (责编:吴若、毛思远) 赛事组委会:由南昌市交管局进行回收 针对市民的顾虑,中国江西网记者联系2016南昌国际马拉松组委会,一名姜姓工作人员告诉记者,比赛使用的隔离护栏并不是组委会放置和回收的,而是由南昌市交管局进行放置和回收。“可能现在是各辖区的交警大队回收的比较晚,但肯定是回收的。” 同时,该工作人员还向记者解释,由于南昌首次举办这样的大型马拉松赛事,很多地方做的不足,希望市民理解。 南昌市交管局:赛事组委会进行回收目前已陆续回收 根据赛事组委会工作人员的说法,中国江西网记者联系了南昌市交管局,该局一名工作人员表示,隔离护栏的放置和回收都是按照赛事组委会的要求进行的,同时也是赛事组委会进行回收。 此外,该名工作人员向记者表示,现在赛事组委会已经陆续对路边的护栏进行了回收。 根据赛事组委会和南昌市交管局工作人员的说法,对于护栏的回收存在一定的争议。中国江西网记者将继续关注。 (责编:吴若、毛思远)相关的主题文章:

China Railway Mongolia Lianyunshan tunnel through March next year yuanmu

Mongolia and China Railway Tunnel Lianyunshan next March through Changsha evening news (reporter Yan Kaiyun correspondent Luo Fangping Yang Zhiqian) in Liuyang Lianyunshan, a 10 km long tunnel is dug – this is an important control of national north coal south channel of Mongolia and China Railway Engineering a. 3:50 yesterday afternoon, with a loud blast came, Mongolia and China Railway Construction in Liuyang and Jiangxi ushered in an important node in Lianyun Mountain Tunnel No. 1 to No. 2 is officially through hole interval. According to reports, Lianyunshan tunnel across the board is expected to run through March of next year. Liuyang Lianyunshan tunnel length of 10702 meters, is the single line tunnel of Mongolia and China Railway across the board the longest, the longest tunnel in Hunan province is under construction. Its entrances and exits are located in the town of Liuyang and the gateway street. Yesterday was the first to pass through the 1 to 2 hole interval, the total length of 1960 meters. "This hole is planned to be completed next October, now fully ahead of 1 years."." China Railway two bureau of China Railway Mongolia project manager for the Department of the Party committee secretary Wang Ming introduced since last April 28th to start the construction, tunnel excavation tunnel has been completed is 7993 meters, is expected to achieve all through March next year. Meng Hua (Mongolia to central China) is the national railway "12th Five-Year" plan key projects of major transportation infrastructure and development planning of comprehensive transportation system, for North coal south of the new national strategic transportation channel. The project is dominated by coal, where both passenger and freight transport, Ordos area north of Inner Mongolia, via Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, South to Jiangxi Ji’an. The total length of the line is 1806.5 km, and the construction period is 5 years. By then, the rich coal resources in the northern region will pass through this channel southward, Hunan will be able to obtain sufficient electricity resources support. Mongolia and China railway line in Hunan is 304 kilometers length, passing through Yueyang, Huarong, Junshan and other 8 counties and the city of Liuyang Changsha, along the 22 stations. Among them, the Liuyang section is about 97 kilometers long, through 9 towns (streets), along the 8 stations. Mongolia and China Railway is completed, will fill the gap in the city of Liuyang railway transportation line, create conditions for Liuyang ‘two centers into the national top ten. ". For Changsha and Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan region, this is undoubtedly a good opportunity for development." Liuyang development and Reform Bureau relevant responsible person said.

蒙华铁路连云山隧道明年3月贯通   长沙晚报讯(记者 颜开云 通讯员 罗方平 杨志前)在浏阳连云山,一条长达10公里的隧道正在开凿——这是国家“北煤南运”大通道蒙华铁路的重要控制性工程之一。昨日下午3时50分,随着一声爆破 声传出,蒙华铁路浏阳乃至湘赣段建设迎来重要节点——连云山隧道1号至2号正洞区间正式贯通。据介绍,连云山隧道全线有望在明年3月贯通。   浏阳连云山隧道正洞全长10702米,是蒙华铁路全线最长的单线隧道,也是湖南省在建的最长单线隧道。其出入口分别位于浏阳市淳口镇和关口街道。昨日率先贯通的是1号至2号正洞区间,全长1960米。   “这个区间正洞原计划明年10月贯通,现在整整提前了1年多。”中铁二局蒙华铁路项目经理部党工委书记王明介绍,自去年4月28日开工建设以来,隧道已完成正洞掘进7993米,有望明年3月实现全线贯通。   蒙华(蒙西至华中地区)铁路是国家“十二五”规划重大交通基础设施和“综合交通体系发展规划”重点工程,为“北煤南运”新的国家战略运输通道。该项目以 煤运为主,兼顾地方客运货运,北起内蒙古鄂尔多斯地区,途经陕西、山西、河南、湖北、湖南,南至江西吉安。线路全长1806.5公里,建设工期为5年。届 时,北方地区丰富的煤炭资源将通过这条通道南下,湖南可获得充裕的电煤资源支持。   蒙华铁路湖南境内线路正线长度304公里,途经岳阳的华容、君山等8个县市区及长沙的浏阳市,沿线设22座车站。其中,浏阳段全长约97公里,途经9个乡镇(街道),沿线设8站。   “蒙华铁路建成后,将填补浏阳市内无铁路运输线路的空白,为浏阳‘建设两个中心 进军全国十强’创造条件。对于长沙及长株潭地区,这无疑也是一个良好的发展机遇。”浏阳市发改局相关负责人说。相关的主题文章:

Lady-killer line number 1 is disgusting scene netizens angrily exposure (video) footman

Lady-killer line number 1 is disgusting scene netizens angrily exposure in September 18th, people exposure on the site: lady-killer make disgusting behavior in the subway line, the "187136" witnessed the incident scene, and its exposure. This caused the sustained attention of users. At noon on September 19th, upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter contacted friends "187136" zhao. She said: "just before the news or TV to see a similar event, but did not expect to happen to me, that moment I was scared silly." 8 September 18th morning, Zhao on the way to work, a scene witnessed the incident. "Because I was sitting in the car, relatively easy to see the situation." Her own memories, looked up, saw the dirty dirty scene: a man 30 years old, "cleanly dressed", made indecent behavior of a female passenger. Although abhorrence of this behavior, but for the first time. But I do not know what to do. Panic, Zhao trembling took inside the scene. Zhao took the photo shows: in dense people, a man dressed in black trousers do some indecent action, seems ready to pull down or pull the zipper, "oil road station, the wretched man (lady-killer) get off." Xiao Zhao came back, only to see the female passengers talking about her situation. The woman said he does feel that man be frightened and change color to rub her, but thought it was more crowded, did not expect to be sick boy. Later, Zhao very regret: "why didn’t the video and then promptly told the female passengers, and let the guy run away!" Here, Xiao Zhao also reminded the majority of female friends, to stay an eye, to prevent the infringement. For further reading, has nothing to do with this article Chongqing Kaixian videotaping women go to the toilet all together capture lady-killer

色狼1号线上现恶心一幕 网友愤而曝光9月18日,有人在网站上曝光:有色狼在地铁一号线做出恶心行为,网友“187136”目击了事发一幕,愤而将其曝光。此事引发了网友的持续关注。9月19日中午,上游新闻-重庆晨报记者联系上网友“187136”小赵。她说:“以前只在新闻或者电视里看到过类似事件,没想到却发生在了我身边,那一刻我都吓傻了。”9月18日早晨8点过,小赵在上班路上目睹了事发的一幕。“由于我是坐着的,相对容易看清楚车内的情形。”她回忆,自己一抬头,竟然看到肮脏龌龊不堪的一幕:一名30岁出头的成年男子,“穿得干干净净的”,对一名女乘客做出不雅行为。虽然对这种行为深恶痛绝,但第一次碰上却不知如何是好。慌乱之中,小赵颤抖着拍下了车厢内的一幕。小赵拍下的照片显示:在密集的人中,一黑衣黑裤男子做着某种不雅动作,似乎准备拉下或拉起裤子拉链,“到石油路站时,猥琐男(色狼)下车了。”小赵回过神来,才跟女乘客说起她所见到的情形。女乘客大惊失色说自己确实感觉那个男的在蹭她,但以为只是人多比较挤,没想到会是变态男。事后,小赵十分后悔:“为什么当时没有录像然后及时告诉女乘客,而让那个变态逃跑!”在此,小赵也提醒广大女性朋友,要多留一个心眼,以防被侵犯。视频仅供延伸阅读,与本文无关 重庆开县 偷拍女子如厕 众人合力擒色狼相关的主题文章:

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