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"2 new" super death divination notice on black hands out of terror – Sohu entertainment new trailer exposure of the film a lot of horror Sohu entertainment news (text Da sub) on Halloween this year will hit the debut of the Hollywood horror "death divination 2", released today for 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the latest trailer. And before the notice of the different edition, notice the exposure of terror in a large number of girls, such as adsorption on the ceiling and climbing stairs, staring in the wall on big shots out of black people, eye-opening. From the clip point of view, it seems to build the "evocation" and "hidden" two series of selling. The girl was once again used in the film by a ghost attached terrier.     eight years ago, "Transformers" series director Michael – Tony and screenwriter David berry Pakistan Muqi the Platinum Dunes film company, they bought the famous game "Hasbro Inc" Ouija board film rights. At that time, Universal Studios project spending huge sums to build this horror thriller. The next five years, Maibei took three "Transformers", but according to the game adaptation of the "death" has not completed the divination. In 2014, global – Snowden and Stiller invited Juliett – White as a screenwriter, completed the first shot. Once the popular drama "secret life" gained popularity actor Darren Kagasoff shouldered the overall situation in the film, and actress Olivia Cook – with the completion of the terrible journey eventually gained considerable box office. "Death divination 2" the "hero" is still the Ouija board, this object was born in nineteenth Century, the mosaic of the alphabet divination tools, patented in 1890. In 1966, the Hasbro Inc according to this "mysterious tool" developed version appeared in the global market, sold millions of copies, become fashionable for a time. The Ouija board is easy to use, just put your finger on the Ouija version, a mysterious force can through a "supernatural", or that prophecy is God’s revelation, in the west, many people believe that the role of the Ouija board, as the Oriental superstition "Bixian". "Death" divination first tells the story of a group of young people in the play the Ouija board game, a ghost with the unexpected and mysterious relationship, we encountered a series of results to avoid the terrorist attacks. In the sequel, the evil spirit to challenge the whole family, and let the girl suffer. "Death divination 2" in October 21st this year will be landing in theaters in North America, is an important horror film Halloween schedule.相关的主题文章:

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