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The 2016 Shijiazhuang general aviation exhibition opening hundreds of well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises in Beijing – Beijing, Shijiazhuang in September 13 (Xinhua Li Qian Ju Ning Bo) 13 morning, the 2016 Shijiazhuang general aviation exhibition and Conference opened in Hebei love to fly off the flight to Luancheng airport in Shijiazhuang province. The General Assembly invited more than 100 well-known domestic and foreign aviation companies, nearly 150 aircraft exhibitors, covering the main types of navigation, navigation industry and the audience to provide zero contact with the aircraft, the opportunity to understand the aircraft. At the opening ceremony, a total of eight key projects signed. Jointly organized by the Hebei provincial Congress of the flight of Shijiazhuang municipal government, Chinese CCPIT Hebei province committee, AVIC general aircraft limited liability company, Chinese Hongtai industrial town development limited, the theme is "flight show charm, growth of the shipping industry, to achieve win-win cooperation, to create well-known general aviation event, spread aviation culture show, flying life, promote aviation knowledge etc.. Deputy party secretary Tan Ruisong China Aviation Industry Corp general manager, said in his speech, general aviation is a national strategic emerging industries, to promote the supply side structural reform, accelerate the development of civil military integration, the construction of air power plays a very important role. The shipping industry is a mass, openness and social cause, meeting in build industrial cooperation platform at the same time, also let more people understand love aviation, aviation, aviation participation, and lay a solid foundation for the development of the shipping industry. Chinese International Trade Promotion Committee Vice Chairman Chen Zhou said that the Committee on the promotion of international trade, the use of foreign capital, enterprise internationalization management for the purpose of advancing Chinese opening up to a higher level, and the general aviation exhibition is a good opportunity to further expand the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, international exchange and cooperation, innovation and development. Vice governor of Hebei province Zhang Jiehui said, Hebei relying on the unique geographical and industrial base, with richly endowed by nature advantages and conditions for the development of general aviation industry, especially with the "The Belt and Road", "Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development of major national strategic depth implementation, demand for general aviation Beijing and Tianjin and the Bohai rim region quickly growth opportunities for development of general aviation in Hebei, the infinite vast space. Zhang Jiehui pointed out that the Shijiazhuang general aviation exhibition as an emerging power Chinese airshow business, has become the largest general aviation professional exhibition exhibition, has a positive role in promoting the spread of aviation culture, accelerate the development of industry. The province will continue to strengthen cooperation with shipping companies, and constantly improve the Hebei Province general aviation network, support general aviation aircraft, UAVs and other aspects of the R & D and manufacturing, to encourage the development of flight training, aviation club etc.. The same day, the opening ceremony held 8 key projects signing ceremony. The flight assembly time for September 13th to 16, the exhibition of nearly 150 aircraft covering high-performance aircraft, short haul commuter aircraft, special aircraft, water and other major aircraft navigation models. In addition, in addition to a wide range of special attention to the performance of the flight and aircraft static exhibition, international exhibition of navigation, will also be held in Beijing, Tianjin and civil military integration forum and matchmaking, Beijing, Tianjin and navigation industry fine相关的主题文章:

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