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"4" star Xu Jingying for father   liked Huang Lei when "father" — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn "Daddy where 4" adorable baby story "the first week of launch caused thousands of adorable baby to participate, including the popular child star. Who starred in an advertisement in Faye Wong "daughter" Xu Jing Ying Claire is also the first time to participate in, with the appearance of the fans she became a popular candidate for the global recruitment of adorable baby. Faye Wong "daughter", "father" comes with 4 fans for playing the "daddy go 4" retained the continuation of the previous happy, warm and moving style and parent-child education theme, according to the Internet and satellite TV platform is different to make adjustments, the new "practice father" and "our adorable baby" mode, let many excellent "star two generation" adorable children are encouraged to register to participate in the program, the little boy Xu Jing Ying Clair on this column. Once with Faye Wong in advertising she not only laughed and Faye Wong spirit, also referred to her as "Li Qin", a star face, plus super adorable eyes covered with a smart, so many friends behind her as "the most beautiful adorable baby". In addition to advertising accumulation in favor givers, Xu Jing Ying imitate a "Venus Orange Juice" video also adorable many netizens, causing fans set up Xu Jing Ying global club, small age and high popularity. Xu Jingying liked Huang Lei when Dad " " color art is superb in the forefront of popular child star Xu Jingying registration for "Daddy where the 4" made a spectacular warm-up, this as if she is elected, will partner father " " practice; participate in the program recording. But she on the Internet rumors of father " " meat; candidates not expressed particular concern, but the second quarter of father Huang Lei " fond ", her micro-blog account also took the initiative to publish content, calls for several users to support Huang Lei "regression where Dad 4", is well prepared. Bring their fans come out, the appearance of the outstanding talent are Xu Jing Ying, really obvious advantages in this recruitment activities. She recorded "the king told me to" sign up Xunshan video in thousands of adorable baby is very eye-catching, a large number of supporters and fans club spontaneous brush her popularity in the live, let her in the top ten popular value, some netizens predicted the "father 4" amateur adorable baby "non none other than her". But thousands of applicants outstanding numerous, fierce competition, Xu Jing Ying can do so was elected as "father" 4 adorable baby? Is her favorite Huang Lei coming back this season? Let’s wait and see more official news. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

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