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4 year old girl abducted woman said the suspect in the commodity market has brought right children was arrested woman Lai does not get up, after the police control. Video screenshot yesterday afternoon, Fuxing Road in Haidian District of a market, a merchant’s 4 year old girl was a strange woman to "find your mom" for coming out of the shop, adjacent businesses find the girls back. Then the girl’s mother and the market staff will be strange woman control. After police arrived, the woman away. Currently, Haidian police are investigating. Said the mother will help find children cheated out of witnesses Ms. Yan told reporters that her family’s shop and abducted girls almost a lot of shops adjacent (a pseudonym). 2 pm yesterday, Ms. Yan was the shop tally, suddenly heard outside the shop asked her husband anxiously to where to go. Ms. Yan went out and saw a more than and 40 year old woman holding a lot of strange has come to a few meters away, "at that time, my husband said to the woman to take a lot to find her mother, I asked next to a merchant, she also said never seen this man, I will get a call back". After many called back to tell Ms. Yan, her mother went to the toilet, leaving her to watch TV in the store. Strange woman said to take her to find her mother, a lot of follow up. Ms. Yan said, a lot of mother returns from the bathroom, that just happened, immediately realized that someone may want to be a child abducted, hastened to look at the security room monitoring. In the monitoring, the mother saw a lot of strange woman with a lot of walking process, and to see the woman is still in the market to catch up with the past. "When she found her, she was still in the market," said ms.. Ms. Yan told reporters, a lot of this year, 4 years old, in Hebei home kindergarten, in recent days just came home from Beijing to see teeth. Usually a lot of mothers when they went out and Ms. Yan said, let her help take care of a child, and the child’s mother, but when you go out without telling Ms. yan. "A lot of clever, but at that time do not know how to follow the others go." Ms. Yan introduction, the market there are more than and 100 businesses, usually less traffic, the incident when the market is not much". Woman claiming to be the wrong child witnesses Xia told reporters, in front of his shop, a lot of mothers found the suspect woman. When questioned about the reasons for taking the child, the woman was very calm. "In people’s repeated questioning, she said she took wrong child, both sides quarreled, after the strange woman started rolling on, depend on the ground". The captain of the market security team told reporters, listen to the mother of the child said people almost abducted her child, he took several security and businesses will suspect woman control, then wait for the arrival of the police. Live video display, a woman about 40 years old, wearing a pink shirt, white trousers, the woman sitting in the market at the door of the chair, holding a cell phone, has been on the phone, surrounded by a lot of people. Subsequently, a number of women will be taken out of the market from the police, was about to get on the bus, the woman suddenly rebelled, then 3 police together to control and bring a police car. Whether the child abduction is inconclusive Xia introduced in the people will suspect woman in his shop front control, there is a 30 year old man wearing a black T-shirt, walking call, "He Jing相关的主题文章:

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