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Changes To Current Alimony Law Posted By: Renee Mahoney Recently, media attention has focused on the fact that significant changes may be on the horizon relating to alimony (or spousal support) within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have all heard horror stories of individuals who are burdened with seemingly unfair and never ending alimony obligations resulting from divorce. Whether you are a recipient of alimony or an obligor, there is no question that alimony laws are due for change. Currently, in Massachusetts, alimony is essentially determined on a case-by-case basis using the recipients need and the obligors income (or ability to pay). Although there are a number of different formulas used by divorce lawyers and judges as guidelines in determining spousal support amounts and durations, reform is necessary to increase uniformity and structure in these areas. The current alimony structure in Massachusetts was based on the traditional family structure of many years ago where one spouse was the primary wage earner. The other spouse was often limited in education and/or employability and stayed home as a homemaker with primary childrearing responsibilities. Today, many primary homemakers and/or caretakers earn income and have achieved some level of education which would render them employable.divorce lawyer Massachusetts divorce lawyer MA uncontested divorce Massachusetts divorce lawyer Massachusetts Good Divorce Attorneys In Massachusetts Posted By: Sandra Mitchell Divorce is one of the major issues in USA and the rates of divorce are ever increasing on daily basis. There are more divorces taking place in the USA than the rates of marriages. There are several reasons for divorces to occur and we will discuss them in this article. The divorce procedure takes place between the married couple and they take divorce because they want to end their marriage due to various reasons. There are some serious reasons also which account on taking divorce in the end. You should know that attorneys are one of the highest paid professionals in the USA and there are so many of them. There are many attorneys who work independently and some work in corporate firms. You can find attorneys who are specialized in different fields of law and there are many with whom you can contact and they can give you reasonable rates on taking the cases. There are many law firms and attorneys currently residing and working in Massachusetts and you can find attorneys for divorce easily. There are few things you should consider when choosing the appropriate attorney for your case.divorce attorney Massachusetts divorce lawyer Massachusetts divorce lawyer MA divorce attorney Massachusetts Finding Good Divorce Attorney In Boston Posted By: Sandra Mitchell Boston divorce attorney divorce lawyer Massachusetts divorce attorney Massachusetts Boston divorce attorney 相关的主题文章:

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