because we have a friend who had nothing but trouble from this company 一家三口甲醛中毒

Quit-Smoking There has been quite a lot of murmur in online portals in the past few days about electronic cigarettes making a surprise appearance in the CES 2011. For the average gadget freak, CES is a Mecca for all things bright and shiny making an appearance in the technological market. It is the annual electronic industry trend event. It glances through all the latest advancements and in practice the potential of what well be paying our richly deserved money on. All the huge companies are present from Sony to Samsung, Microsoft to Apple. Many small electronic companies are also present and, the probably thrilling bit for us, according to some online stories, 212 smokes Electronic Cigarette was at the gala too. I took a quick glance around the Exhibitor Directory of the show to know what the true account was. In spite of inquiring about several e-cig brands that were supposedly there, unfortunately, we could barely find 2 American companies and a small number of makers from China. Even though this may look as if its the glass half empty means of taking things, the effect of electronic cigarettes will have been considerably inadequate. There were 2 American companies at the conference. A lot of companies like 212 smoke couldnt make it. First up we have Smoke Anywhere, which in fact goes by the more infamous name of Smoke 51 electronic cigarettes. Now Im going to put aside our bias here, because we have a friend who had nothing but trouble from this company, and actually look at what they had to offer. The directory says they were displaying a range of disposable electronic cigarettes. Now these are a great way of catching the casual smoker in gas stations, and may encourage a few of them to look at better brands and become proper vapers. However they are hardly the future of electronic cigarettes? By definition they have to be cheaply made because they only get used once, so are usually of a very low standard. Not to mention the waste they produce as very few Ive seen can actually be recycled. So nothing game changing e-cig wise here either. The conference, however, was a big success for companies that are looking for a platform for greater importance from the scientific community. Chinese makers of the e-cigs would have never thought it would become a phenomenon of sorts in foreign countries. 212 smoke was one of the American companies that are doing well for themselves and yet didnt have representation at the conference. Perhaps, the reason is simple. The conference wasnt aimed at attracting large volumes. The maximum crowd they could have expected would be gadget geeks and the products as such isnt aimed at your average gadget geek. It is infact used for people with a more simplistic view towards technology. Since most of the industry has a lot of experience and has grown phenomenally in the past 5-6 years, there is no real audience they could have been gauging. The presence at CES was perhaps merely to put these devices on the academic map and to induce more research on to the field. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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