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Health The problem of hemorrhoids plagues the physical as well as mental health of people to a large extent. There is physical trouble due to many symptoms such as pain, edema, burning and bleeding during bowel movements, while the psychological symptoms are due to the anticipation of the pain during defecation. The extent of the pain can be known from the fact that patients with the hemorrhoids gradually develop a fear psychosis of going for defecation. This tends to accumulate the stool for long periods which harden over a period of time and on resumption of bowel movement through the anal canal, lead to rupture of the hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids are present in an individual might not be protruding to the extent that requires surgery. They can be managed by applying medicines topically or by adopting habits that can thaw the hemorrhoids from bleeding or protrusion. Many medicines in form of creams, trochar, spary, etc are available in the market, which are produced by various drug companies. Many of these formulations are also prepared from herbal products. Using the herbal remedies for hemorrhoids has been in focus in recent years. Although, this is not a very new concept, yet the resurgence of the treatment modalities have given people something to think about. With the severity of manifestations, the patients are highly troubled by pain, secretions, redness and swelling, and such other inflammatory symptoms. The use of steroids and other antiseptic creams have now been replaced by the herbal products such as H Miracle, Venapro, etc which contain herbal ingredients. Witch Hazel, Aloe, Aleve, Horse Chestnut, Stone root, etc, are some of the common herbal items that are included in the anti-hemorrhoidal formulations. These products have the ability to alter the blood flow to the point of hemorrhoids, reduce the inflammation by working on the immune system, and help in reducing the pain and other inflammatory symptoms. The ingredients in the herbal anti-hemorrhoidal products but do not, work overnight and require a continuous use for some days before their actual effects start to appear. The edema is reduced in some days followed by the itching in the protrusions. Along with the right diet which helps in loose consistency of the stool, the mucosal covering of the hemorrhoids are strengthened and they do not rupture when bowel movements occur. The important mechanism that makes the herbal products work is through the decrease in the inflammatory process and by the making of the walls strong enough to prevent bleeding which can be seen in both external as well as internal hemorrhoids. These are effects that cannot occur in few hours, but would required days and even months to produce the full result. The mechanisms of the working of the herbal products are slow and so the patients are required to be patient with continuous use along with other requirements. Since the problem of hemorrhoids can only be solved by a multipronged approach, people should go about the management with an eye on all the things required. And they ought to do this in a proper way as the trouble and complications later on, can be quite irritating and morbid. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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