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Business Let’s talk about how health savings accounts are good for America. A Health Savings Account is like an IRA. It’s an account where you can put in pretax money that grows tax deferred. To be able to make a contribution to an HSA, you have to have an HSA qualified health insurance plan and this is a plan with a higher deductible. If you have one of these plans, as an individual you can put up to $3,050.00 in your HSA in 2010 and that amount goes up each year. As a family, you can put $6,150.00 into your HSA in 2010. When people have an HSA and have a high deductible health plan and they have a doctor visit, they need to buy a prescription drug, they need to go to the chiropractor or whatever they’re paying for that visit with money from their HSA so that gives them a lot of incentive to compare prices to find the best value, to see where they can make their money go the furthest. And when that happens, whether it’s with health care or computers, when people are shopping, it pushes prices down and it pushes quality up as the providers compete to get that business and that’s good for everybody, whether they have an HSA qualified plan or not. Now, another advantage to all of us by a lot of people having HSA plans and by the way, millions of people now have an HSA qualified plan and over half of all new health insurance plans sold are now HSA qualified plans, people that have these plans, they see their money grow tax deferred and they can see if they stay in good health, if they don’t have to do to the doctor very often, then that just acts like a second retirement account. So they have a lot of incentive to stay healthy. Of course, this is one of the big challenges facing our country – the obesity, chronic diseases that are just rampant and increasing and the huge social cost and tax burden that this is placing on us to take care of all of these people. So the more people have incentive to stay healthy, the better off were all going to be. And lastly, what an HSA plan does is it gives you an incentive to save money to pay for future medical expenses, so that you are not a burden on society in your old age and that’s a great thing. The more that we can promote personal responsibility in this country, the better off we are going to be. For more information on how to make the most of your Health Savings Account go to . There you will also find information about how to open a Health Savings Account, about how health care reform will affect your HSA and why you should take advantage of the opportunity to own a Health Savings Account now. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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