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Home-Improvement Would you find it helpful to know some green remodeling tips? Green remodeling can be carried out for any portion of your home, be it kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling, energy efficient windows replacement or low energy appliances installation. As a proven NJ home improvement contractor, I can give advice on the many ways to go green with any home improvement project. When you’re adding an addition to your home, a popular method for going green is to raise the capacity for R rating in a typical 2×4 wall stud. We have some tips your NJ Home Improvement Contractor can use to boost the value of your insulation if you are currently making an addition and your wall studs are framed with 2×4’s. Typically when your NJ Home Improvement Contractor puts in insulation in a 2×4 wall stud, an R-11, R-13 or even an R-15 batt insulation may be used. Formerly, to obtain a bigger rating, your NJ Home Improvement Contractor had to begin by improving the wall framing to 2×6 wall studs and then install an R-19 insulation. It would be quite expensive as the cost in going from 2×4 to 2×6 studs is more than double and you would need to pay the higher cost of an R-19 insulation too. Thanks to the development of green remodeling and green energy solutions, now your contractor will be able to spray a closed cell spray foam insulation inside the 2×4 bay. You can usually compare an R-6 rating with an inch of foam. With this fact, your NJ home improvement contractor can use 1" closed cell spray foam in conjunction with up to an R-15 insulation as required. That will result in a total R rating of 21 inside a wall stud measuring 2 by 4. Since energy costs have risen to extremely high levels, the more insulated your home is, the better off your wallet will be. When your NJ Home Improvement Center makes use of these green remodeling tips while preplanning, you’ll save money. Any concerns or questions about green remodeling should be directed to your NJ Home Improvement Contractor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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