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UnCategorized Who has not heard the name ‘British Gas’ here in Great Britain? We’ll assume everyone here must have, because British Gas is considered the preferred local energy supplier of the country. This company also deals in central heating systems and appliances. British Gas has millions of customers here in Great Britain. It is known as Scottish Gas in Scotland. The company has been a BSI company-wide registered firm since 1999. Now the company stands amongst the 30 top energy providing companies in the world. This company has an annual investment of 26 million pounds each year, just to train its employees. The company inaugurated a state-of-the-art specialised institution in 2002 for the training of its staff, which is a unique academy and one-of-a-kind. All engineers are CORGI registered. The company holds a Queen’s Enterprise Award for its performance. British Gas is currently offering affordable tariff plans for UK energy consumers. A constant trend is seen in the general public that more and more people are switching to British Gas. This indicates that the general trend of people asking for British Gas services is due to its cheap tariff plans. British Gas has very wisely laid out the tariffs. A variety of tariff plans help residents of a country to save money through the proper utilisation of resources. Moreover, on national level, it guarantees proper usage of the energy resources. The company has started initiating connections over the internet as well. A well designed website allows its customers to change or install a new connection; moreover, one can check their bill online as well. All the necessary information is provided on the web page. Paperless billing is another innovation by British Gas in order to break the traditional billing system. The electronic medium is used in order to facilitate this process. Credit cards are accepted over the internet in order to pay utility bills. British Gas has some of the cheapest gas prices throughout the United Kingdom. It is currently offering two main gas tariffs. The two British Gas tariffs are ‘Websaver 3’ and ‘Standard’. These two unique British Gas Tariff plans are specifically designed to be used by different types of customers The most economical gas tariff available online is the Websaver 3. People generally save 72 G.B.P on average when they sign up to this package. It is claimed by the company that by 1st August 2010, all clients using this package will be saving 6% when compared to consumers using the standard tariff. This tariff is available for new and existing customers who switch plans. The package has a premature cancellation fee of 30 G.B.P. An average low energy user pays 388 G.B.P a year. The standard tariff plan is one of the most popular tariffs and is adopted by most consumers. The company offers discounts of up to 40 G.B.P. This plan does not have a cancellation fee. An average low energy user pays 427 G.B.P an year. British Gas tariffs are considered the most economical amongst the local population. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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