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A New Record For Home Sales Possible In Springfield Illinois Posted By: Fritz Pfister Realtors in Springfield Illinois may be poised to set a new record number of home sales for November dependent upon end of month closings. The 307 closed home sales reported through the end of business on the 27th are only 15 from tying the record set in 2005. We shall see when Realtors report closings on November 30. I’d bet on a new record. This is good news for local home sellers but doesn’t tell the whole story. The number of homes for sale fell substantially this year. This led to fewer home sellers competing for buyers and resulted in significant declines in expired and withdrawn listings. The 1569 homes listed for sale today represent 279 fewer than on this date last year. This has caused home prices to remain stable and even rise slightly. Prices remain extremely affordable in spite of the median sale price rising 3.8% this year to $109,000. The potent combination of the first time home buyer tax credit and near record low interest rates brought buyers back to the market in substantial numbers. There is little doubt more homes will be sold this year than in 2008.Springfield Illinois Home sales Novemebr 2009 tax credits unemployment Springfield Illinois Home sales Novemebr 2009 Consumer Confidence And Home Sales Posted By: Fritz Pfister Why the sluggish home sales? Coming off several months with interest rates at historic lows below five percent on thirty year mortgages, an eight thousand dollar tax credit for first time buyers, four thousand dollar state grants for first time buyers, and an above average number of homes for sale, one would think home sales would be skyrocketing. They’re not. Four of the first five months were down in this historically stable Springfield Illinois housing market, and in May by 20%. The primary factors affecting housing sales are affordability in both interest rates and home prices. Availability, the 1683 homes listed for sale today are the fourth highest on record. Jobs, the number of employed, qualified buyers to purchase those homes. And consumer confidence, the willingness to spend for major purchases such as homes. The most recent unemployment numbers for the state of Illinois are 9.4%, while the city of Springfield is at 6%. Both April numbers. The nation is at 9.4% in May.Consumer confidence Springfield Illinois home sales Consumer confidence 相关的主题文章:

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