the king set out of his palace and went to a forest. Near the forest was the main road connecting his kingdom to the other kingdoms. To do the test 买野生猕猴被抓 主持人嫁美遭虐待

Reference-and-Education Once there was a king in a kingdom. The king was very noble man and always used to praise people who were hard working. One day the king decided to test the level of confidence and will power of his people. Without notifying anyone, the king set out of his palace and went to a forest. Near the forest was the main road connecting his kingdom to the other kingdoms. To do the test, the king placed a boulder on the roadway and hide himself behind a tree so that no one could see him. He noticed that many of kings wealthiest merchants and courtiers simple walked around the stone without trying to replace it from the way. Many other people of the kingdom also faced this boulder on their way, but they also simply blamed the king loudly for not keeping the roads clear. It surprised the king that no one did anything about getting the big stone out of the way. The whole day passed away and suddenly in the evening a peasant came carrying a load of vegetables. The peasant put aside the vegetables and tried his level best to remove the stone from the road. After struggling with the gigantic boulder for about an hour, the peasant succeeded. The peasant discovered a purse containing many gold coins and a note from the king indicating that the gold was for the person who removed the boulder from the roadway. The peasant learned what many others never understand. Someone truly quoted that life isnt a bed of roses, but a path of thorns. Obstacles are the elements that actually increase the charm of success. As life is full of obstacles and hurdles, so we need to be prepared for that from a very early age. Todays world is very competitive in nature and it is very important to prepare our kids to be ready for this competitive life where obstacles are quite natural to happen. The following tips may help the parents to boost up the will power among their kids:- Kids learn most of the problem solving skills from their parents when they witness them to struggle with difficulties. So always demonstrate a deep satisfaction after winning over a particular situation To face every situation in life, you need to equip your child with tools like motivation, self confidence, perseverance, faith, strength of character, sound judgment and experience in solving small problems To prepare your child for the challenges of life, you first make them aware of the problems. This can be done in a fun way through different games. Puzzles, riddles, chess and different word matching games are of great worth in this regard Teach kids how to develop strategy when they face any unknown situation. If possible, involve them in planning family trips and also for handling the logistics for other family events Never solve a problem for your child that they can solve. Instead, nudge and encourage so that hanging in there for success is experienced as much more rewarding than conceding defeat. Unfortunately, many children learn too early that obstacles are either there for someone else to deal with, or simply not worth the trouble. The obstacles are not going away, and our children need to understand the art of the possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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