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Arts-and-Entertainment Residential cleaning business startups are sure to be featured in any list of the best businesses to launch. The common wisdom is that it’s easy to start a house-cleaning business. "All you need are basic cleaning supplies and some clients," says one fairly well-known newspaper in an article in their business section. The truth is that, while a cleaning business can be easy to start and run, you actually need considerably more than some basic cleaning supplies and a few clients. Depending on where you open your business, you may need a business license, insurance, an employer identification number and a solid understanding of the home cleaning business. In fact, whether you’re planning to start residential cleaning business activities from scratch or get a head start by buying into a franchise, it’s important to understand all of the factors and requirements to run a successful house cleaning business. Learn from the Best Luckily for those who want to start their own cleaning business, other people have been there and done that, and a few have even written books and training courses so that you can learn from their hits and misses. If you’re considering opening a residential cleaning business of your own, take the time to research the subject thoroughly and invest in a solid training course that will teach you everything you need to know. What You May Not Know About House Cleaning Businesses 1. You May Need a Business License In most cities and states, you’ll need a business license to operate any type of business, including a home cleaning business. In most cities, the cost of the business license is fairly low, and many charge hefty fines if you operate a business without one. If you’re planning to build a profitable business instead of just making some spare change, you want to do it all legally and above board. 2. You Need Business Insurance No matter how good you are at cleaning, there’s always the chance that you will damage something in a client’s home. When that happens, you’ll be glad you invested in business insurance. Without it, the cost of replacement or repair will come out of your pocket. 3. You May Need Bonding While it’s not always required, many prospective clients will feel safer employing you if you and your employees are fully bonded. A bonding company essentially provides an assurance to your customers that if you or one of your employees steals from them, they can recover the value of the stolen goods. 4. Employment Taxes The IRS has been cracking down on businesses that treat employees as independent contractors in order to avoid paying Medicare and Social Security taxes. If you plan to hire employees and pay them an hourly wage, you should consult a business attorney for advice on the regulations you need to follow. 5. Unlimited Earnings Potential If you manage your business well and provide excellent service, a house cleaning business offers you the opportunity to earn as much money as you want to earn. After all, there will always be people who hate to clean and are willing to pay someone else to do it for them. If you’re interested in start residential cleaning business opportunities, invest in a good course that will show you the ropes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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