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Investing This is the age of technology. When someone has to find information about anything he just takes the help of Google. But they do not know about the fact that there are many blogs and posts which are full of false information. These blogs can misguide you to some wrong path. According to Meyer Asset Management Ltd Tokyo, it is because of these blogs the people suffer from various troubles with investment. Many of the firms related to financial activities in Asia do not perform the work in the desired manner. They misguide the customer and it leads to wrong decision by a person with the money he has earned with a lot of efforts. Richard Cayne also provides an example of the financial management system of Tokyo where he has worked as a financial advisor for than 15 years. According to him, the exchange commission only takes interest in the activities of large scale institutions in Tokyo. It is simply like driving at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour because you have a driving license which is actually not allowed. There are many companies which claim that they are licensed but in reality they are crossing the boundaries which are permitted to them. Meyer Asset Management Ltd Tokyo was one firm in Tokyo which received inspections from the regulators which is a routine activity. The FSA wanted Meyer Asset Management Ltd Tokyo to stay open but change their services to the point that its management felt there was no benefit to clients and therefore decided to close. Meyer Asset Management Ltd. Tokyo was one of the main operational arms of Meyer Asset Management Ltd. Most of the clients of the firm are Asian and Japanese which also provide complete cooperation with Japanese regulators. Recently, the securities and the Japanese FSA announced a warning that they will not tolerate any type of solicitation of unregistered financial product sale in Japan. It does not matter the product is based in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Canada, USA, UK, Singapore, BVI or Cayman Islands. It also doesn%u2019t matter what license a Japanese entity holds they cannot sell or intermediate investments that are not registered for sale in Japan. This example depicts how search made online can prove misleading and thus one is advised to meet regulators or council before going for any large investment. Richard Cayne is working as managing director for the companies of Meyer Group which is a listed company on a UK stock market in London called Asia Wealth Group Holdings. It is a very famous name in holding the command over financial services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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