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Business Regardless of whether or not you have a good track record with creating lasting, long term relationships with your clients, each business relationship is diversely different and offer unique dynamics that need to be nurtured. In order to maximise on the relationship that you have with your clients as well as offer service parallel to which your clients expects, each client relationship should be treated as a unique entity with unique service level requirements. Building business relationships with any client both large and small is vitally important to master and pay attention to. This can be difficult if it does not come naturally to you, as with time deadlines and pressures to deliver on your clients hiring requirements take president and often Recruiters unconsciously start treating each project as if they were pushing potatoes through a potato factory. Included in this article are some simple suggestions on how you, as a Recruiter, can ensure that you continuously build sustainable relationships with your clients. Initially these relationship habits may need to be a conscious effort on your part to practice with each of your business relationships. However, as will all habits eventually, Recruiters can expect to nurture important relationships and retain clients on a long term basis by simply learning the following ways to build such business relationships. HABIT ONE: Work on your Attitude Regardless of how difficult it may be to please a grumpy or ‘plainly salted’ client, by maintaining a positive attitude and constructive outlook towards on this relationship will ensure its growth. By setting the intention of success and sustaining an optimistic outlook on each individual relationship, your client will be naturally drawn to continuing to work with you above any other consultancy. HABIT TWO: Remain Calm Never display to your client, loss of control or fear of failure. Coupled with a positive attitude, when remaining calm and collected, this demeanour will instil confidence in your client and contribute enormously to building and retaining the relationship along with their faith in you as a Recruiter. Stay focused on your objectives and stay composed at all times and your client will continue to have faith in your abilities even if you fail to reach their staffing objectives straight off the mark. HABIT THREE: Never Assume or Presume When looking at building lasting relationships with your clients, never assume anything about any circumstance, situation or requirement they may have. Remember that each client is unique and what may have worked for one, may not necessarily work for another. Rely only on hard fact and solid information that you have and when these are lacking, never assume information until you have sought confirmation. This is a critical factor that should always be applied to building sustainable relationships with your clients. HABIT FOUR: Learn to Listen and Hear Attention to detail is key in building lasting relationships with your clients. Always award your client the opportunity to communicate with you in the way that they know or choose to communicate. Granted, within certain professional boundaries, but always be contentious and never make it your clients responsibility to express their needs in the way that you can understand, but rather in the way that they choose to communicate. Pay close attention to the information that you are hearing, as well as ‘listen’ to subtle messages that may assist you in providing them with the service they need. Hearing and listening accomplish two different results and when married together, explicit messages are delivered and better results produced as a product of understanding what your client seeks. Better understanding means better service delivery and the further development of lasting client relationships. HABIT FIVE: Maintain Respect As an individual you can expect to always have opinions and perceptions regarding groups, individuals and clients. This is a natural human tendency whether right or wrong and is something that is in each of us. Due to different belief structures, cultures, personalities and even environments, no two people will share the exact same sentiment on a matter. While this may be accurate, when focussing on building any relationships not even just in the business setting, it is imperative that we, at best respect each other for our differences and the things that set us apart from each other. In doing so does not define the difference between right and wrong or your surrendering to the others set of beliefs, but simply accepting that we are all different with mutual respect being the main requirement. HABIT SIX: Balance Boundaries and Flexibility Apply a splash of flexibility when setting boundaries in order to successfully guide and lead you to fulfilling your client’s recruitments and objectives. Always allow for a little breathing space and flexibility (but not at the expense of your personal or organisations integrity) to display to your client your ability to treat their needs as unique and as important and any others. All Recruiters need to have both insight and forethought to consider alternative and innovative solutions to offer to clients in order to develop lasting relationships. With the simple application of these basic habits to any business relationship, Recruiters can anticipate return business from loyal and satisfied clients over a long term period. Recruitment and staffing requirements will continue to exist and in order to ensure your careers longevity and the longevity of your consultancy; a determined focus should be applied to building on current business associations as well as developing new business relationship moving forward. Copyright (c) 2009 Jobs.co.za About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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