Zhou Yumin dangdie after Vanness Wu visit friends to see the Beijing – Zai Zai Zai 若槻ゆうか

Zhou Yumin dangdie after Vanness Wu visit to see his friends: Vic Beijing – Beijing in September 9, according to Taiwan "China times news, F4 members in Bali Island married Han Wenwen Ken Chu, in addition to the original scenery, just say to Vanness Wu, Jerry Yan also appeared to offer unexpected surprises, and stressed that" F4 is the symbol of a generation". Little Zhou Yumin (boy), but they are still feeling good, and Vanness Wu yesterday at the micro-blog show to just when the father of Zhou Yumin photo, once again to demonstrate brotherhood unchanged. Jerry Yan day before the surprise appearance of the wedding of Ken Chu, he is in his wedding, specially the original work by a great hearted. Although the day but only F3 lack of fit, just take care of production wife Zhou Yumin, Jerry Yan said: "the brother’s wedding scene is inevitable, but to his surprise I do; F4 is a symbol of a generation, whether it is F1, 2 or 3, is just a number, not on behalf of any digital the brotherhood, in fact we are all very good." Vanness Wu returned to Taiwan to share with the masks of Zai photo, he happily said: "who is this handsome dad? Congrats on your new born baby girl~ (congratulations to greet you, friends happy daughter) also said: "beauty, don’t you put the candy to Simon class?" "You two meet up! V2 are very handsome "," to see his boy?"相关的主题文章:

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