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"-" Maddie Ma Tianyu Zhang Meng who eventually became lovers and sister city _32 > > > click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news by Yao off the media produced the TV series "-" is the Hunan TV every Monday and Tuesday night 22:00 Hunan TV hit, since September 19th will be changed to every Wednesday, Thursday night broadcast 22:00. Yesterday (September 12th) the holy one of this couch of noble character and high prestige (Dan Sihan ornaments) in the notice Lianji (Kim Hee Sun) secret were Yingkong Shi (Ma Tianyu) accidentally killed on the throne, sandcastle add innocent blood, some netizens said: "Sakura empty release this couch is manslaughter for the mother, in order to fight for the throne with ingratitude brother, this character is too lonely, too poor". This story is more frequently, Sang Lan insulted endless grief, wordy couples are all, sugar toxic style is coming. The couple married with long winded tears Sang Lan child feeling humiliated since cheated pear drop (Song Qianshi) can return from the north, long winded couple Castle (William Feng) opened the "hurt each other" mode and pear drop feeling, because of the sword of the spirit, refused to give marriage Sakura empty release pear falls, and the pear falls due to falling and Oracle signed a contract to death from the castle, it has to love emotional restraint distance emotion makes a lot of fans call "child heart". The castle senior fans sister Sang Lan (Medina ornaments) sandwiched between two people is also very distressed: "because I love him, even if he do not mind me, only you, I will not regret it," Picasso sentiment is a barometer of Sang Lan, in order to someone willing to pay all the emotion a sigh. Tonight, the original Mermaid Sang Lan will be staged one of the plot, make mistake when enemy lover Mermaid Princess world collapsed and the use of deception, has also become a "-" character of the tragic fate of the fuse, how tragedy has yet to find answers in the story tonight. Hagen Dan release interpretation and eventually became lovers and Sakura empty release variable Sakura empty release is the shackles of the throne to Lianji mother mentioned that his non ice clan life let his throne like them, once discovered will never been blamed, not to mention the king (Hu Bingshi) will handle as an important tool for the unified realms against ice family. Had to use numerous lies to make up for the first lie Sakura empty release pins and needles in the throne, but also began to battle through the blood from the throne. Zhang Meng’s brilliant Dan return so many CP powder is very excited, but do not want to "eventually became lovers and sister, you love the flying cloud into his younger brother, but she was shocked sad Shuo Gang (Book AsiaInfo ornaments) proposed to kill the Sakura empty release is still able to stand strong opposition and a, enough to see the deep soul. Tonight will be the release of CP in Dan Hagen that Sakura empty release "meeting for the first time in life" after the meeting, before the Mid Autumn Festival is a reunion or a new break? The answer will be announced tonight at 22:00 Hunan TV相关的主题文章:

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