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Intelligence: the championship Derby Championship away goal second less Saturday 012             championship; wolves VS Derby       2016-11-05 20:30             game weather: sunny Beijing time on 05 November 7 at 20:30, the championship the sixteenth round of wolves in home court against derby. Wolves in the poor state, the last round of League away draw with Blackburn, the League suffered 6 victorious. The League zhanba 15, team 4 wins 5 flat 6 negative, in the top seventeenth. Derby’s recent performance has increased, after the last round of League home court victory over Sheffield Wednesday, the team nearly 6 round league made 3 wins 2 flat 1 negative record, but the early season poor record, at this stage of the league in nineteenth. A total of 22 times the history of the two teams fight, wolves 10 wins and 8 draws and 4 defeats occupy absolute advantage, however, the two teams played nearly 6 times, each made two victories in the home court. This season, the performance of both teams are difficult to say stability, League rankings can explain everything. Minnesota this season 7 home court only made 2 wins 2 flat 3 negative results, the home court and the city of Cardiff, Biluose only slightly better. Derby road record is 2 wins 2 flat 3 negative, although the goal is only 6 times to break the opponent, but the offense only scored 5 goals, Derby County championship teams with second away goals. In this game, Pan Asia early common open deuce plate water, two teams from the performance point of view, this field is difficult to determine who wins. Near the game, handicap almost no change, the two teams are similar but difficult to appear suspense. Although the field in the derby but wolves home court, the defense will not give opponents too many chances, the probability of a large draw. SMG play out of the Shengping Fu SMG index 2.48-2.90-2.62, index from the collocation point of view, the two teams well-matched in strength is difficult to choose, seems to draw most insurance, so the radio can be flat. (Tuo Pu)相关的主题文章:

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