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Xi’an Wanda membership points have what use? Now "hit" to tell you! Every day was a day in the past at their fingertips away from typing away from Jizou shoes under the beginning to set their own goals are achieved? How many things have been lost and how many things have been obtained? If you lose a lot, to realize the goal of the few that also please don’t be sad and don’t be sad if you have Wanda studios so you must have a lot of "integral" don’t think I want to use the integral to comfort you, just to remind you even points will have to leave you (zero) (specific time in late December 31st 24 for the majority of fans) as a benefit of the small, early on as we start to do in the remaining 41 days together against the integral pie. "! So what is the role of big integral to listen to a small slowly you redeem the ticket with rules: 400 points for 2D: a movie ticket exchange 600 points: 3D 4D Dolby panoramic sound movie ticket exchange 800 points: IMAX movie ticket exchange points of sale with integral exchange rules: 200 a mini popcorn: 299 redeem: Mini package (popcorn + cola) a 399 redeem: a small food package (hot snacks +) a 799 redeem: double package (in popcorn + two drinks) a copy of this "integral sent against the" deadline to December 21st Xi’an Wanda studios (lijiacun shop, shop, shop the Daming Palace Park, East Street shops, music stores) can exchange there are many partners to see is not very doubt integral is what? How did you come here? Please look down here, how can there be a decrease in key points? The first step: to keep integral integral become Wanda studios membership! A member Wanda will enjoy membership rights and welfare! Four ways to be a member of the 1 Studios: Registration: when your ticket at the front desk, through mobile phone authentication registration. 2, Wanda official website registration: login Wanda movie network (), through the phone to verify the registration as a member. 3, the mobile phone APP registration: download the phone can be the end of the Wanda Movie Official APP, registered as a member of the phone verification. Registered third party ticket platform 4, Wanda cinema authorized third party ticket platform: when you authorize in Wanda cinema movie tickets buy Wanda studios after the success, we will open membership for your mobile phone number, for the enjoyment of the rights and interests of members. So as to meet the above four methods are available to the Wanda studios membership points yo! Membership membership level and integral rule membership rights the rights and interests of the members and members with integral star member consumption increasing each member star will have its corresponding welfare focus here! Points at any time to look at the points at any time to find their members and membership points, want to see what they can enjoy the benefits of membership, want to see what they can change? What should I do? There is no way to worry! So we come down at this interface is not Wanda movie APP buddies quickly identified below the two-dimensional code to download it相关的主题文章:

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