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The villagers hundred head area stinking summer flies in Sichuan – Beijing innumerable online news (Sichuan online reporter Wu Jiahui Chen Chang) hear the voice, see attitude. From September 26th to October 2nd, the politics of Sichuan () issued a total of 104 users of political messages (political objects containing provincial authorities and city districts), the current total number of 42 reply. [] political message categories be arranged from the current Internet users, consulting 26, 5 suggestions, complaints 55, turn 18. From the current number of users to ask political messages, the top three cities (States) are: Chengdu ranked first in 22, Mianyang ranked in the top 18, Bazhong ranked in the top 16 in the top third. [politics] agriculture, the current ranking of urban construction and traffic problem message top three — three rural problems ranked first, a total of 25 users a message, accounting for 24.04% of the total number of messages in politics; urban construction problems ranked second, a total of 19 users a message, accounting for 18.27% of the total number of political message traffic; class ranked third, a total of 16 users a message, accounting for 15.38% of the total number of messages in politics. [Key words] – residential environment "could not bear the stinking odor, but one of the summer flies near the innumerable!" recently, who lives in the village of Changfeng Tianfu town of Dalin two group of small owners through the "politics of Sichuan reflects the living area dozens of people, however, some time ago there is a village start pig, scale at around 100, resulting in small everyday stink, especially high temperature seriously affected the normal life of residents in the vicinity. "The state banned offering entertainment and accommodation in residential buildings and other places, and the Inn opened in the residential building two floor, do you have relevant certificates?" Sui Shan Zhen Mount Emei, a netizen through the "politics of Sichuan reflect, there is a local inn viewing floor two floor near the fountain, named" inn". The net friend also said the theft occurred frequently in the area, which makes the owners can not live at ease. "Motorcycle noise is very large, a group of people back and forth where cycling to and is surrounded by residential areas, many residents had to sleep!" "Longquanyi district" netizens on the politics of Sichuan comments reflect that, go to a bar outside the station, 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., will gather a large number of the man on the motorcycle, the motorcycle produced tremendous noise serious nuisance. [cases] speaking users reflect: September 27th morning 4 points, Bazhong City Nanjiang impression district began construction machine, noisy ringing, people around can not be normal rest. Then 4:33 and 4:35 call 12369 environmental hotline, and follow the prompts to select Nanjiang County Environmental Protection Bureau to make a complaint, but still no answer. "Nanjiang impression" night construction people, the relevant departments of supervision? Nanjiang County Environmental Protection Bureau official reply: netizen: Hello! You are in the "politics of Sichuan" message "impression of half a year, 12369 Nanjiang night nuisance no answer, we have received. Now the relevant circumstances are as follows: root.相关的主题文章:

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