She is the first actress award for depression had almost Dutch Act (video) headache怎么读�

She is the first actress award for Zhang Tielin has been traced to depression almost Dutch act 18 years to pay alimony "was almost just as depression Dutch act Beijing News said Kara Hui, many people are willing to call her" sister". Open search engine, a few words, you can imagine her legendary life. Manchuria is yellow seed, is the father of the Shandong clan, the "Cultural Revolution" after the family went to Hongkong, grew up with his mother begging in the street, 13 years old in 14 years old when the nightclub dancer, starred in the film "the legend of the Condor Heroes" in Munianci. This was the TVB, Hong Kong and Hongkong film exhibition Shao symbol of Zen specialist, in 1982 won the first session of the Hongkong Film Award for best actress. But also accompanied by the decline of the Hongkong martial arts films, once on depression, sleeping pills suicide. Come back after she was rescued, the greatest feeling is a shame, "since God did not let me die, then I will again." In 2010, she sat on the throne of the actress award. Recently, she returned to people’s eyes with a new film, "lucky me.". She said that the filming of the movie, actually want to use this movie to apologize to his mother. This is miss A’s life, but living on the streets of Hongkong Kara Hui ancestors is Shandong’s large, said Shandong has a WELHOME manor home. When Kara Hui was born, the family had fled to Hongkong. "Although my father’s family is rich, but my mom has always been very bitter, she is a native of Shandong, farmers, is my father’s bride. From her childhood she was able to endure hardship, at home is not what position, even as a servant girl." At the beginning of the cultural revolution, Kara Hui’s father was first sent to Hongkong by his family. After Kara Hui’s mother holding the eldest sister home, from Shandong to Hongkong. When Kara Hui was born, her father because of gambling, have lost almost home base. The whole family lived in the Hongkong mountain cabin, "built their own kind, a rain, the house was" show time ", because there are a lot of leaking bottles take place, then. I remember when I was three, I met the biggest typhoon in Hongkong. We are still sleeping, suddenly opened his eyes, what did not. Hongkong 1/3 of the houses have been scraped, we are one of them." So, mom and Dad took her daughter to the city for life, we live under the stairs, lived for several months, the place to live down is Tongluowan, where there are many buildings. At that time, there are a lot of poor people in Hongkong, so the restaurant owner will eat the leftovers of the guests, packaged to the poor, we queue up to get. We’ll eat that one." B, begging for ten years, the only goal of poverty for those years, the Kara Hui family had a kindly aunt, "there is a red light district of Wanchai, the annual fixed month, will have to leave the sailors, the aunt every day with the children go begging, she said with my mother, next time take my mother, my sister and i." Is begging, also want to find a pretext, "we will take some chewing gum, chopsticks, playing cards, a souvenir to sailors. At first, these are all the things that the aunt prepared for us. Usually the sailors will give a 1 hair, 2 hair, sometimes give a piece of money. Because this"相关的主题文章:

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