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Re read the wisdom of online services   average daily reception of about 4000 people in Chongqing – Chongqing people’s daily, October 5th, the library is full of people come to study. (Chongqing library for map) the National Day holiday, my city many people choose to travel or visit relatives and friends, but there are a lot of people choose to enrich their own reading. October 5th, the reporter visited the Chongqing library learned that during the festival, the museum attracted a large number of people come to read. As of the day, the average daily reception of about 4000 visitors. Yesterday morning, the reporter saw in the children’s reading area of the map, the counter counter full of parents came to the front desk. During the National Day this year, many parents with children in the library to read, but also borrow two or three books to take home." Children’s reading area staff said. In addition, the museum’s self-study room is also very hot. According to reports, these days around 10 in the morning, heavy map of the study room almost a hard to find". Readers choose to re map the National Day holiday, in addition to the holiday is a good ‘charging’ time, but also to create a good library and reading atmosphere is closely related." Ren Jing, director of the Chongqing library, this year’s National Day holiday, in order to allow more readers to read good books, the Museum held a video lectures, children’s reading magic stories and other activities. The museum also jointly in the book city of Chongqing during the National Day this year launched "you choose the books, I pay the wisdom of the reading service. This event has been sought after by many people, the line is only 5 days, it attracted thousands of people to come to the consultation, hundreds of people on the scene for the reader card. (reporter Huang Qiao) (commissioning editor: Qin Jie, Zhang?)相关的主题文章:

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