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How to promote the healthy development of new energy vehicles subsidy to experts: but should be fair – Beijing, Beijing, September 22,   21, by the global automotive group, automobile daily, V news, car prophet co sponsored the "China new energy vehicle development seminar held in beijing. State Department counselor, former researcher at the National Bureau of Statistics chief economist Yao Jingyuan said that the new energy vehicles subsidy or subsidies to have, on the whole industry, can not cause unfair subsidies. The State Council Development Research Center, deputy director Hou Yunchun, China Academy of Engineering Yang Yusheng, State Department counselor researcher, chief economist of the National Bureau of statistics Yao Jingyuan, Global Automotive Group Chairman and CEO Wu Yingqiu, from different angles on the current China’s new energy into an exclusive interpretation. Hou Yunchun pointed out that the development of new energy vehicles, the development of new energy vehicles in both ends of the supply and demand needs, with both hands, to promote the healthy development of new energy vehicles. Hou Yunchun said that both ends of the supply force refers to the demand side and supply side together. We love, willing to use new energy vehicles on the one hand; on the other hand the supply side through a series of reform measures, the joint efforts of government and enterprises, making the new energy vehicles to meet consumer demand, develop new energy vehicle market. With the hands of the invisible hand of the market and the visible hand of the government to cooperate with each other. As the automobile industry technical experts, Yang Yusheng China Academy of engineering, said that the electric vehicle market, the premise must be implemented until the end subsidies fall off, until the abolition of subsidies. The key measures for the electric vehicle market is integral (or fall off subsidies + carbon quotas); implementation of electric integral system, fuel saving and emission reduction should be equal. In its view, small new energy vehicles and programs are the easiest to market electric cars. At the same time during the period of 2016-2020 automobile enterprises must change the concept, change of habit, hard skills, cultivate the awareness and ability to establish a dominant mayor. Saving related to national energy security, to protect the earth human emission reduction. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is the responsibility of the nation, including cyclists. Auto sales enterprises fuel vehicles, large fuel consumption and emissions created. Therefore, the production of electric vehicles, but also the bounden duty of the automotive business. This is the concept of automobile enterprises must change. For the new energy automotive industry policy, Yao Jingyuan said, should follow several principles: the first industrial policy can not replace the market. Industrial policy can not stop the market to play a role. Industrial policy to play a decisive role in the market, there can be a complement and perfect. It is to improve the market mechanism. The second principle, industrial policy to control the industry, not the management of enterprises, the policy must be an industry, the entire industry, not for individual enterprises or certain enterprises. To form a fair, orderly, open and competitive situation in the industry. Third industrial policy is more guidance. For the binding of industrial policy, we must carefully repeated demonstration. The fourth industrial policy is a stage of the industry, must exit after a period. "The car industry should be less restrictive,"相关的主题文章:

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