The thief stealing mobile phone after returning to find stolen goods buyer is the owner (video) helmet怎么读

The thief stealing mobile phone after returning to find a buyer is the owner of stolen goods crime scene identified the suspect a 21 year old man Zhao sneaked into the campus students 5 stolen mobile phone quickly fled to the city of Shiyan, and one of 3 mobile phone sales. 6 days later, he returned to his fence, but was "buyers" found that the hand is his stolen mobile phone! In September 19th 19, Zhao Yunyang District came to a school to find friends to play, because all the students leave school arrangements set, Zhao alone in the classroom waiting, he suddenly thought, can steal some valuable things. In the classroom next door, Zhao found that only one person is sleeping, and there are several mobile phone board in charge of the blackboard. Zhao quickly 5 mobile phone quickly put into his pocket, and rushed to Shiyan. The second day, Zhao will be one of the 3 phones to sell the price ranging from $230 to $300, leaving two mobile phone use. In September 25th, Zhao in Yunyang chat with friends, learn the classmates want to buy mobile phone, Zhao said he was overjoyed, bought a mobile phone now idle, can be sold. Three people met quickly, and soon, the buyer was surprised to find that Zhao took a blue phone is lost! He asked Zhao come from mobile phone, Zhao was evasive. The owner immediately report to the teacher, but also the police. After police arrived, immediately launched an investigation, and in the face of Zhao held the same mobile phone mobile phone serial number of the student to produce evidence, Zhao only on their own confessed to stealing a mobile phone. In September 26th, Zhao was Yunyang police criminal detention, in September 28th, the relevant departments of the 5 identification value of the mobile phone, a total of 3170 yuan. September 29th, Zhao was arrested prosecutors. (reporter Guan Yu Yu correspondent before the king Chao Fan) related to the exposure of the video network Beijing subway thief stealing mobile phone was beaten Thief: help me hit 110相关的主题文章:

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