Play is the ultimate challenge of heart electricity and Beiqi ex200 – Sohu car (video) jcuv是什么车

Play is the ultimate challenge of heart electricity and Beiqi EX200 – Sohu Sohu E electric car car [park] today "said blue skies; saying today said today: the sun is cloudless……!" I like as operator picking such a day, about my beloved drop "net red" Kaka sister Alice class to go hiking go to the picnic, we open like a tour of electric vehicle challenge limit! Of course, before that I dare not tell sister Kaka our car is electric cars, Beiqi new energy EX200, the friendship is the time to test, on the road, or close to or more! No matter how you have to pull her to challenge the limits, the pursuit of excellence, the ultimate glory of life! Tips: This article, a lot of video, such as Wifi, do not put the connection, if you really Hao, Up to you! In fact, do not want to, I can guess the first reaction Kaka sister, so in order to avoid Kaka sister crit, I have done the preparatory work, such as a full power to earlier ah, bought a lot of food, meet Kaka chowhound sister nature ah, there are the most important point the study: good line, good round-trip mileage, to guarantee that EX200 can bring us back to the safe distance. A test of friendship in the journey, then suddenly there is a small lesion lience, who wanted to so many delicious or not blocking my sister’s mouth ah kaka! Fortunately, she was quick to divert the topic quickly, which can successfully reach the foot of Miaofeng Mountain. As for the fuse, please see the video. The road section is not short, careful driving after Kaka sister started hi up, deeper into the hills, air is fresh, then no longer need air conditioning. Open the window to breathe the fresh air, which is the yearning in the noisy city. At this time the power is quite satisfactory, but because of the need to increase the road section of the throttle, the amount of electricity is also a little more consumption. EX200 operation is very flexible, even if the rugged winding mountain road can also be manipulated freely, bending more smoothly, the overall output is smooth, and will not feel too hard. But when we carefully hey earthshaking, the tragedy happened. Successfully reached the top of the hill, I also make my fortune son said, the huge parking lot has become private, a man without a car, not only the distance, cleaning is also like my private cleaners in cleaning. The top is the sun, but the wind is still very comfortable with. When Kaka sister have been tempted, I took the initiative to run off as she prepares for luxury camping equipment. Kaka sister worries about the way the power is not enough, jumpy DaoLao road. After the first two little capsized, I also began to return her persistent, our own dedication dedication, at this time, the friendship becomes fragile. As a way to fight, friendship and my boat no echo, Kaka sister who are not willing to charge off, put the car back to the company. Dry consumption, who used to charge, anyway, I do not have today. His own inspiration, I came up with a brilliant idea can not only save a friendship and can charge the perfect end相关的主题文章:

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