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The man suspected of speculation by investigation in recent 20 years, the charges have been cancelled for 16 years – Beijing two figure are Xianghe police according to relevant files issued by the case. JINGWAH Times reporter Wang Xiaofei at the age of 71, Zhou Xinsheng of Beijing, on suspicion of "speculation" by Xianghe County of Hebei Province, Langfang City Public Security Bureau Investigation in recent 20 years. Public security organs detained at the time of the original investigation of the property value of nearly 1 million yuan, has not returned. After 10 years of litigation tug of war, the new week recently once again to the Langfang City Intermediate People’s court for state compensation, request the public security organ to return and compensation for the seizure of more than 20 years of property. But for the alleged speculation case, the new week is that "does not exist." The car was suspected of reselling 3 years of hard labor property detained weeks cases occurred in 1995. According to relevant materials, Xianghe County Public Security Bureau in 1995, Xianghe County Public Security Bureau to combat vehicle theft and robbery campaign, found a new week reselling imported vehicles. The police think the new week gang crime suspects, in December 17th of that year, Xianghe County Public Security Bureau decided on the new asylum review week. According to Zhou new memories, the day he was home in Beijing, suddenly a large number of Xianghe County Public Security Bureau police, secretary, political commissar, probably dozens of people. Zhou Xin said, come over so many people, like moving, like all the valuable things in my house all moved away, including the floor of the two parked cars." The new week is still fresh, then came to the police to arrest him, see Zhou Xinsheng have a safe home, "commanded the police away," and the two cars when they seized a car, imported Honda, another car is a Subaru car imports." In addition to two vehicles imported cars, 400 thousand yuan in cash deducted, the total value of nearly 1 million yuan. The same day, Zhou Xin was Xianghe County Public Security Bureau police from Beijing to Xianghe. July 4, 1996, after being admitted for six months, the Langfang municipal reeducation through labor management committee to make 3 weeks of reeducation through labor decision, the time from the beginning of December 17, 1995. Public Security Bureau reminders the property involved in the case has not yet returned after weeks of new cases has not been a breakthrough, until June 9, 1997, the Langfang City reeducation through labor management decision on the implementation of new week outside. Week freshmen regain their freedom. In November 2, 1998, weeks after the termination of reeducation through labor, he began to Xianghe County Public Security Bureau for the original property seized. Later went to the Public Security Bureau, did not give me, I went to the Ministry of public security discipline inspection departments to reflect the problem." Zhou freshmen told reporters. CPC Hebei Provincial Public Security Bureau Discipline Inspection Commission in May 5, 1999 issued a notice to the case. According to the notice, the Ministry of Public Security Commission in July 1998 on the new letter week accused Xianghe County Public Security Bureau held its long-term legal property reimbursement problems. After listening to the Xianghe County Public Security Bureau report on the notification, the Hebei Provincial Public Security Commission for Discipline Inspection believes that the evidence of illegal income of $1 million 650 thousand per week is insufficient, and the new week;相关的主题文章:

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