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Women sick was replaced by the factory workshop objection "fired" awarded 100 thousand central broadcasting network Chongqing on October 13th news (reporter Liu Zhan correspondent Zhou Yuxia Chen Yu) recently, Chongqing Youyang enterprise workers Zhang in the legal aid center to help, get some of the compensation, the legal rights and interests are protected. Zhang entered the job in May 29, 2011, in order to earn more living expenses for children every month, work has been serious and diligent, work 12 hours a day, holidays never rest. In March 17, 2016 Zhang at work, bronchitis and upper respiratory tract infection, leave hospital 5 days after discharge, the factory only adjustment Zhang is not suitable for the female workers of the workshop, Zhang demur, factory easily canceled Zhang card fingerprint, anti Zhang Mouwei work discipline unilaterally to terminate the labor contract. Zhang negotiated with the factory for several times, but failed to go to the Legal Aid Center for help. After knowing the situation, the legal aid center immediately appointed the lawyer to deal with the case. After many lawyers to the factory investigation, through various efforts, and finally achieved Zhang 5 years of attendance records, as well as 12 hours a day and no evidence of holiday rest. On all the evidence and analyzed, then the lawsuit to the labor arbitration committee, after labor arbitration, Zhang received compensation for termination of the labor contract, statutory holidays, overtime wages, work longer overtime wages totaling 101811.15 yuan compensation, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of zhang. Since the establishment of Youyang County migrant workers rights center, for women to explore the establishment of women’s rights for women’s rights case workstation, currently more than 500, more than 5000 people receive counseling, and avoid the economic losses of nearly 900 yuan, and for women to build a fast track of rights. For further reading, has nothing to do with this article after the restaurant staff sick leave was actually lost their jobs

女工请病假被换车间 提异议遭厂方“开除”获赔10万央广网重庆10月13日消息(记者刘湛 通讯员周玉霞 陈彧)近日,重庆酉阳某企业女工张某在法律援助中心的帮助下,得到了自己该有的赔偿,合法权益得到保障。张某于2011年5月29日入职工作,为了每个月多给孩子挣生活费,工作一直认真勤勉,每天工作12个小时,节假日也从未休息。2016年3月17日张某在上班时,患支气管炎、上呼吸道感染,请假住院5天,出院后工厂单方面调整张某到不适合女职工工作的车间上班,张某提出异议,厂方便取消张某打卡指纹,单方面以张某违反工作纪律解除劳动合同。张某找厂方协商,多次未果,无奈之下来到法律援助中心求助解决办法,法律援助中心工作人员了解到情况后,立即指派律师办理该案件。经过律师多次到该厂调查,通过多方努力终于取得了张某5年来的考勤记录,以及每天工作12个小时且节假日没有休息的证据。在对所有证据进行整理分析后,便诉讼至劳动仲裁委员会,后经劳动仲裁,张某获得解除劳动合同补偿金、法定节假日加班工资、延长工作时间加班工资共计101811.15元赔偿金,张某的合法权益得到保护。自酉阳县农民工维权中心建立以来,针对女性群体探索成立了妇女维权工作站,目前办理妇女维权案件500余件,接受咨询5000余人次,避免和挽回经济损失近900余万元,切实为妇女群体搭建起了维权快车道。视频仅供延伸阅读,与本文无关 酒楼员工因病请假 病愈之后竟丢了饭碗相关的主题文章:

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