[color] BLUELOVER forecast baby Fucai 3d16034 period two road and Sohu-姉summer

[color] BLUELOVER forecast baby Fucai 3D16034 period: two road and 16033rd Sohu Fucai 3D winning number: 387, the specific number of features: small greatly + parity odd shape, and a value of 18, a span of 5. A history review: 16033 three two and two in the bile kill tail to direct accurate positioning positioning kill four yards on the two, 16034th lottery 3D forecast and analysis: 1 span analysis: the period of span 2 span out of 5, missing 4 again and their friends, the way has been optimistic about the 0 span play, 3, 6, 9 comprehensive recommendation. 2, continuous code analysis: the previous round of connected number 8+7, the latest phase of the code is very promising to continue to award, the more noteworthy combination includes 2+3, 4+5. 3, parity analysis: odd odd, odd phase code has been dominant, the next phase must strictly prevent even code strong rebound, parity ratio mainly consider 1-2. 4, and value analysis: the previous period and the value is 18, compared with the previous period, drop 4 points, this period the author’s opinion is to eliminate the 1 roads and values, pay close attention to the 2 way and value complement. (source: Color Baby Network)

[彩宝贝]蓝色妖姬福彩3D16034期预测:防二路和-搜狐  福彩3D第16033期中奖号码:387,具体出号特征:小大大+奇偶奇形态,和值为18,跨度为5。   一、历史成绩回顾:   16033期 三胆中二 杀二和尾对 直选定位准 定位杀四码对   二、福彩3D第16034期预测与分析:   1、跨度分析:上期跨度开出5,2路跨度遗漏4期再度和彩民朋友见面,本期看好0路跨度有所发挥,综合推荐3、6、9。   2、连码分析:前面一轮开出相连的号码8+7,最新一期连码很有希望继续出奖,比较值得关注的组合包括2+3、4+5。   3、奇偶分析:上期开出奇偶奇,近阶段奇码一直占优,接下来的一期务必严防偶码强劲反弹,奇偶比值主要考虑1-2。   4、和值分析:上期和值是18,与上上期相比,跌落4个点位,本期笔者的见解是剔除1路和值,密切留意2路和值回补。   (来源:彩宝贝网)相关的主题文章:

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