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In-vitro fertilization is possibly the most popular of the assisted reproductive technology techniques for childless couples desirous of a baby. Egg donation is advised especially once you are over 40, as age affects fertility resulting in poor egg quality. Statistics claim that nearly 12% of assisted reproductive techniques (ART) are with donor eggs producing probably the highest number of successful results than any other technique. In-vitro fertilization (IVF) with donated eggs is different from the standard IVF procedure only in that eggs are not own but donated eggs. Facts about egg donation Sometimes own eggs do not promise to be adequate for successful fertilization due to a number of reasons like Absence of egg production because of age. Low and poor quality of eggs. No eggs because of early menopause onset. To prevent genetically transmitting diseases to the foetus. Previous IVF failure due to poor quality of eggs Egg donors who are found .patible with you are selected and undergo all stages of donor programme. Once they meet the stringent medical standards, they can start donating their eggs. What happens with egg donation? In-vitro fertilization with donated eggs is very similar to the general IVF protocol. Once a suitable donor is selected, she gets hormone treatment for super-ovulation so that eggs are healthy and just right for retrieval and fertilization. At the same time the receiver also undergoes simultaneous oestrogen and progesterone treatments so that the donors and the receivers cycles coincide exactly. When the eggs are ready, they are retrieved and fertilized under laboratory conditions in-vitro. After a few days, one or multiple embryos are implanted in the receivers uterus. Who can donate eggs? Since age is a strong factor against healthy eggs, donors need to be young to donate healthy eggs. Some private fertility registry programs uphold strict age limits. The highest age limit is mid-twenties. But most others try to keep the upper age limit under 34 years or so. They need strict healthcare screening against ge.ic disease, disorders and infections and syndromes. Mostly, egg donation is done as an altruistic activity and service. Successful IVF with donated eggs Generally if you are undergoing in-vitro fertilization procedures, it can be stressful and physically as well as emotionally demanding for you. If you decide on using donated eggs, locating a suitable donor may take time and egg donor programs or registries are good choices to check. If you go through reputable fertility clinics, the waiting time can be cut short and you are sure to find a better match than if you search on your own. Arranging for egg donation Women over 40 are encouraged to use donor eggs as chances of successful IVF and delivering healthy babies are higher with donor eggs. Highly reputed and respected fertility clinics in the UK like CFA have their associates abroad who arrange for an IVF procedure with donated eggs from healthy and willing donors. The clinic personnel and staff help to prepare both the donors and receivers about egg donation and IVF procedures and guide them about the ethical and legal issues that may look a bit daunting to patients who undergo fertility treatment. For more information about IVF and egg donation, fundamental principles of hair: what it is, how it grows, what program fundamentals of hair: what it truly is, the way it grows, what process 相关的主题文章:

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