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UnCategorized There are many golf tips and tricks that you can use in your game to lower your score. Perhaps the most obscure secrets of golf are those concerning the grip and mindset. Here are some good golf tips and tricks that you can concentrate on when golfing. A. The grips. You are only obtaining the perfect grip if you feel in .plete control over the club. You should also feel a connection between the arms, hands and club head. This doesn’t mean you have to chock your club to death. Hold it firmly but only up to the point where it doesn’t impair flexibility. An important aspect to this is the positioning of the trigger finger. Many people make the mistake of holding the club with the trigger finger stretched away from the middle finger, because the hand can end up fighting for control of th club. A good rule tip is that the more space your hands are covering on the golf club, the harder it will be for them to work together. B. Calming your mind. It?s important that you play as relaxed as you possibly can. Tension never did any good to anyone. The trick is to set up so that you start the game with a positive mindset. Here?s the tip and the trick to get you on the course with the right mind-set. The trick is to get to the golf course as fast as you can. You need time to change, visit the golf shop and stretch. Take the time to do these things properly and calmly. If you are relaxed and feel in control, you will boost your self-confidence and this will be reflected throughout your game. Do not even think about doing ‘the car park dash’ meaning getting there 5 minutes before tee-off, running to the golf shop, off to the field and into the first shot. The effect of this will be that it will take you 5-6 holes just to warm up and you will be adding useless correction swings in no time. Remember there is nothing that you can master over night, however try to live the joy of learning the game, improving and constantly defeating yourself. If you learn how to draw joy from everything you do on the green it will radically improve your game and self confidence. Golf should be something that calms your mind and soul, so think of it like that. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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