8 year old Wu do not do net red to do charity angel dachiyouxiang

8 year old Wu do not do net red to do charity angel Wu Yuyi, 8 years old, want to use music to help more people. Wu Yuyi and his teacher in the studio recording impromptu Rolling In The Deep "". Information times [micro-blog] news (reporter Huang Wenhao) for the Guangzhou Asian Games volunteers to create the theme song "a more wonderful" and known musician Wang Houming, recently released a 8 year old girl Adele classic "Rolling In The challenge Deep" video on the Internet, two days quickly attracted 3 million clicks, make a all the amazing friends small friends singing. The little girl named Wu Yuyi, became a disciple of Wang Houming from the age of 5, following its participation in public performances, Wang Houming recently also tailored for the new public service "to meet you, love", continue to use the music master with love. Adele challenges the classic conquest of friends 8 year old, although the age of is small, but she has been in the public road has gone through the past three years. In September 15th at the Guangzhou international sports and entertainment center held the "hand in hand, to spread the love" stars charity concert, her debut solo written by Wang Houming love left-behind children charity song "parents come back to me", let the host Zhu Jun [micro-blog] Listen after repeatedly praise: "too beautiful it is beautiful, is tianlaizhiyin!" Wu Yuyi has recently attracted the attention of netizens, it is because the small Wang Houming will be a free video upload her in the studio to challenge Adele "Rolling In The Deep classic song" to the United States took two days, video hits 3 million, netizens amazed at the age of 8 children should be able to sing this song so difficult, there are friends funny message "at the age of 8 I was with mud". In fact, Wu Yuyi is the master under the leadership of public attention, do a "little angel of love", there have been many commercial advertisements came to the door, but Wu Yuyi’s parents are pushing out invitations. With Wu Yuyi’s video by heat transfer, the original "The Voice of China" production team also found her, invited her to participate in next year’s plans to build a children’s good voice singing class program, young age she is expected to sing more stage. Push public album holding public sing Wang Houming told reporters that he first met with Wu Yuyi, was initiated by him three years ago in a free "children’s day recording" event, at that time did not begin formal music by my mother and rain we were just a demo recording, Wang Houming phase. Subsequently, Wu Yuyi follow master took part in a series of public concerts, including the Mid Autumn Festival condolences Guangzhou rescue center for homeless children, held a family of patients with thalassemia "love reunion dinner" public performances etc.. Wang Houming praised the students not only sound particularly good, large performance is also not stage fright. At the age of 5 Wu Yuyi began to have the first original songs by Wang Houming, teamed up with writer Guo Xuanyu together to create words for her "we are happy" xiangyanghua, once a major kindergarten song sung. Last year by Jiang Houquan and Wang Houming to create a public song "under the sun"相关的主题文章:

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