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A second man any day of the week known as "living calendar" original title: Henan farmer second answer any day of the week known as "living calendar" known as "living calendar" Yang Yunde often drove the acquisition of scrap motor tricycle. Wang Youzhen photo Beijing, Zhumadian, February 26, (Hou Weisheng Wang Youzhen) for people who want to know the past and what day is the day of the week, usually need to use the calendar, mobile phone or computer to check, but the Biyang County of Henan Province, there is a man, without any tools, in a few seconds can accurately answer 100 during any day of the week, he has also been known as "the local people live calendar". The man called Yang Yunde, 62 years old this year, is an ordinary farmer in Biyang county Wang Zhen Xiao Lou Cun. Have junior high school education, he has been farming at home, when they open the acquisition of waste zoucunchuanhu motor tricycle. In 1980, he look at the calendar, calendar and calendar farmhouse, inadvertently found to calculate any day of the week, after further study the calendar rules and practical exercises, he can in 5 seconds and answer from the 1949 to 2050 101 years, any day of the week. Soon, Yang Yunde’s "talent skills" to spread in the local, the folks also regard him as the "live calendar". Often encounter him, everyone will be accustomed to field test, and Yang Yunde can always answer accurately. Recently, when the reporter interviewed Yang Yunde, casually say a few dates on the spot, he can be in 3 to 5 seconds, accurate answer is the week. "This data has been put into my mind." He pointed his right hand to his eyebrows and said, "someone said to me, you can go to CCTV to participate in the program of" color Chinese ". A few days ago, I had called CCTV and asked me to sign up for it." "Germany is a man, he has a good memory, some poems he read three or four times will be back. On 70s he recited the Chinese textbook of junior high school, in Du Fu’s "official" Shihao, until now also back up verbatim." Home Ma Gu Tian town hospital Yang retired doctor Yang Defa told reporters. (end) editor: the flourishing SN123

男子秒答任意一天星期几 被誉为“活日历”   原标题:河南农民秒答任意一天星期几 被誉为“活日历” 被誉为“活日历”的杨运德经常开着机动三轮车收购废品。 王有震 摄   中新网驻马店2月26日电(侯伟胜 王有震)人们要想知道过去和将来的哪一天是星期几,通常需要利用日历、手机或者电脑来查,可是河南省泌阳县却有一位奇人,不借助任何工具,在几秒钟内就能准确答出百年内任意一天是星期几,他也因此被当地人誉为“活日历”。   这个奇人叫杨运德,今年62岁,是泌阳县王店镇肖楼村的一个普通农民。拥有初中文化程度的他一直在家务农,农闲时开着机动三轮车走村串户收购废品。1980年,他在翻看日历、农家历和万年历时,无意中发现能够推算出任意一天是星期几,后来经过进一步钻研日历规律并实际演练,他能够在5秒之内一口答出从1949年建国到2050年的101年内任意一天是星期几。   很快,杨运德的“才艺绝活”在当地传开了,父老乡亲们也把他当成了“活日历”。每每遇到他,大家都会习惯地现场测试,而杨运德也总能准确回答。   近日,记者采访杨运德时,当场随便说出几个日期,他都能在3至5秒内,准确答出是星期几。“这些数据已经输入我脑子里了。”他用右手指着眉头说,“有人对我说,你可以去中央电视台参加‘出彩中国人’节目。前几天,我已经给中央电视台打了电话,让我报名参加。”   “运德是个奇人,他记性非常好,一些古诗词他读三四遍就会背。他70年代上初中时,背诵过语文课本里杜甫的《石壕吏》,直到现在背起来还一字不差。”家住杨庄的马谷田镇卫生院退休医生杨德法对记者说。(完) 责任编辑:向昌明 SN123相关的主题文章:

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