A woman in Jinhua dating to find her but rather baffling mistress agogoktv

A woman in Jinhua dating to find her but rather baffling "mistress" in the marriage marriage, easy to find a good man to go with him to see the parents home. Didn’t expect that man’s wife came to her door, his mistress became rather baffling". Jinhua Liu, 38 years old in Yiwu, a junior high school in Yiwu to teach. Daughter divorced at three years old, has been single. The daughter of the junior high school this year, to persuade relatives and friends, in April 8th this year, she came to Yiwu city a matchmaking company, to pay a service fee of 1800 yuan. In April 28th, a matchmaking company called Liu said, to find a good man surnamed Wu, Panan people, forty years old, installation engineering contractor in Yiwu residential electricity, the annual income of about 200000 yuan, is also good. Two people met in a cafe in Yiwu, Wu said he divorced for many years, parents and children in the home of the two. Liu felt that Wu was easy-going, talking really, he had a good impression. It was not long before Wu went to his hometown in Panan, Wu’s mother also wrapped one thousand yuan red envelopes to her. Who, from the night back to Panan, Ms. Liu arrived in Wu’s residence, a middle-aged woman scowl was rushed to Liu an earful. The woman said she was Wu’s wife, Liu warned not to contact her husband. Originally, although Wu and his wife separated for many years, but did not apply for divorce procedures. This allows Liu was shocked, returned a red envelope on the spot, and broke off contact with wu. June 9th morning, Ms. Liu came to the wedding company, asking for a refund service fee of 1000 yuan, and terminate the contract. The matchmaking company refused. Liu complained to the Yiwu Market Authority thick city market supervision. The staff believes that the matchmaking company auditing is not strict, illegal operations, Wu did not provide a divorce certificate or a divorce court civil judgment of the case, what he says, there is an obvious fault, should bear the corresponding responsibility. Finally, the company is required to immediately cancel the wedding Wu matchmaking registration information, and immediately make rectification. The wedding company responsible person on the spot position subject to punishment, and agreed to Ms. Liu’s request, will be 1000 yuan fee for her marriage.相关的主题文章:

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