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Natural stones add the much needed elegance and sophistication to your home. Although many new types of flooring have been introduced in the recent years but none of them has been able to take away the shine from the natural flooring. Amongst all the flooring options of the natural stones marble flooring is one of the most loved flooring across the world. It is preferred by most of the people because of various reasons ranging from its style, durability, variety as well as cost effectiveness. Marble floor tiles and granite floor tiles are the recent hits and are popularly used as an economical alternative to the stone flooring. Beautiful marble patters are always adorn for flooring but if you are looking for something new then you can try natural slate flooring or the natural sandstone. They are naturally strong and durable natural stone that requires minimum maintenance. Slate stone is available in variety of shapes such as solid surface for tiles for walls and floors, kitchen tops and the numerous other shapes that give more creative look. They give great look and unbeatable natural beauty to the place they are installed. Natural slate stone is available in subtle colors, textures and are slip resistant as well. This quality makes natural slate flooring the most preferred choice. Moreover the due to their subtle colors they have the ability to .pliment with almost all the interior designs of your home as well as office. Moreover, slate stone is more economically and a viable option that is available in numerous designs, patterns, colors and textures. Sandstone can also add a royal appearance to your home, the unique colors and the finishes of this stone can easily blend with the walls and other dcor of your home. Even with the slight color, finish and polish this stone can give majestic look to your place. Sand stone flooring is done either by using the large slabs or by the tiles that are .paratively smaller to size. Whether used in any form they impart a decorative look. The tiles of natural sandstone and slate flooring are available in 12, 16, 24 inches along with the other custom sizes. The flooring of natural slate provides an outstanding insulation from all kind of weather ranging from extreme heat to intense cold. Moreover they are fire resistant and prove to be long term insurance for your home. You can easily choose from the various flooring options but the best is to take professional advice before opting for the stone supplier and any particular flooring stone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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