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Workaholism Causes And Treatment Posted By: create global future The work is undoubtedly one of the greatest privileges that have the human being to be useful to himself and to society, but when it is not done for the right reasons and in balance with other highly important human areas to have an adequate quality of life can become a dangerous enemy and a serious psychological condition known as work addiction or workaholism as it is known in the English language. Workaholism is a desperate attachment to the labor activities and its causes or actually hides a series of psychopathological factors as: fear of loneliness, nonconformity taken to the extreme, escapism of an unfulfilled life in many ways, complex and this usually makes the worker takes refuge in an apparent and exaggerated good work performance which is certainly not as good as it looks many times and can cause serious consequences to physical, mental and emotional level in the life of any person occupationally helpful.

addiction to work Capricorn Yearly Horoscope 2012 Posted By: apniproperties5 They are the "do goobers" and will help others in need. Whenever they meet hardships, they face them head on, without giving way to any self pity or wallowing in misery. For Capricorns, life is like an obstacle race where hurdles have to be crossed to reach the end. Finances: Money matters will not be a cause of concern for Capricorns in 2012.. The year will start with good cash inflow through one’s effort. And hard work Foreign connections will bring in a flow of wealth..The professional skills and acumen of the of Free horoscope will ensure a steady stream of money coming in throughout the year. But there is a need to avoid unwanted spending on luxury goods and needless trips. If capricorns take on strict economic measures, they will not be strapped for cash. A Happy turn of events in the larger perspective. Career: Career prospects are good for the whole of 2012. Self employed people and businessmen do very well. There is ample opportunity for expansion of business. Ventures abroad for trade and industry will augment business. Promotion, with greater responsibility, awaits those in service.

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kick panels Counselling – New Specifics About Dealing With A Pain Addicted Partner Posted By: Chris Keenan The normal and beneficial longing for a single individual is to find a fit mate and create a happy home together. What a lot of people are oblivious to, even those aquainted with marriage counselling, is that massive numbers of people who commit to marriage do so with no concrete goals or objectives in mind. What’s more problematic than that, tons of them have a mountain of unspoken negative expectations. These kind of individuals habitually have somber fears of the worst possible scenario happening in their marriage relationships. If this becomes the routine mental focus they hold onto, they become what I allude to as "pain addicts." These types of folks don’t clearly see the way their thinking is hurting their marriage relationship, and generally consider their viewpoint to be sound. The pain addicted spouse is one who has gone through many difficulties in their life and instead of considering these difficult experiences as transitory, they have chosen to believe that they are unending, commonplace experiences. Solid counselling strategies can help this individual to find out where these hidden wounds lay and get an enhanced point of view on how they are influencing their relationship.

counseling Find Out Why You Could Be A Workaholic Posted By: Patrick T. Mullen A workaholic is someone who focuses on nothing but their work. Other responsibilities are pushed out of the way or ignored. Many people have to work very long hours for example, doctors can work extremely long hours. However, it would be inaccurate to call them workaholics. In their type of job when dealing with life and death the long hours are demanded of them. A workaholic works for the sake of working even when they do not have to. People who are workaholics can neglect their family commitments and friends. They also think that they are being more productive. However, the ironic thing is that they become less productive because their mind and body rarely gets a rest. If you think you are a workaholic then, there are a few warnings signs that may indicate that you have a problem: 1. All through the day and even at night your main and only thoughts are about your work. 2.You rarely take a break or a holiday. 3.When you do manage to go take a break you bring your work with you just to be sure. Things like bringing your laptop to the beach, checking emails, rather than relaxing.

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