Advantages and disadvantages of high gloss plastic cabinet

The advantages and disadvantages of high light plastic suction cabinet is a high – pressure plastic cabinet, with strong plasticity, color is very simple and maintenance features. High gloss plastic cabinets in our lives in the kitchen is very common, because the price is the main reason for people to choose it. However, high light plastic suction cabinet temperature effect is not good, is one of its shortcomings. ?? Has the advantages of high light, high gloss plastic plastic cabinets cabinets?? rich colors, because the plastic door displays of color and texture, which is decided by the surface pressure of the PVC membrane, so the plastic cabinets of color and texture are more abundant, the choices of relatively large, plastic plate can be divided into matte and the light of the two effects, basically can satisfy the different customer requirements of color and texture.?? To do three-dimensional modeling, because the MDF can be made of plastic plate surface can be made into various three-dimensional shapes, can meet the different needs of customers of different styles, the plastic plate can be molded through plastic door four in one, do not need to solve the edge, some old glue and sheet edge is susceptible to water problems. ?? The simple maintenance, plastic plate anti scratch resistant, heat resistance, stain resistance, anti fading, cracking and deformation, seamless PVC film forming process without edge, there is no open problem. And daily maintenance is simple, so the plastic plate can be said to be the most mature on the market at present cabinet material. ?? Affordable home decoration design, if the choice is European or pastoral style, it is bound to purchase a set of other complicated cabinets, generally only the wood material and plastic material to do, solid wood cabinets cost is high, if not more than your budget, plastic cabinets is a good choice. ?? High light, high gloss plastic plastic cabinets cabinets?? easy deformation, because the PVC is covered by hot pressing and molded door produced in the manufacturing process, so the inevitable problem of expansion and contraction. After the cooling plate will produce different degrees to the direction of the PVC film concave, so the design of the main body can not be too long or too large, otherwise easy to deformation. The high temperature resistance is poor, because the surface is PVC film, so the high temperature performance is poor, the service life is relatively short. In the kitchen, it is best not to smoke, the cigarette burns film plate surface temperature. Because of high plasticity, plastic bags, which is also one of the reasons for high light plastic cabinet easily deformed. In fact, no matter what the material cabinet, as long as we cherish the use of timely maintenance and cleaning, will have a relatively large cabinet benefits, can greatly increase the service life of high light plastic suction cabinet. And high light plastic cabinet maintenance is also simple and its advantages. — — — — — — — –相关的主题文章:

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