Amazon will open about 400 solid

Amazon will open about 400 bookshops Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 3rd morning news, shopping mall operator General Growth Properties CEO Sandeep · Mascherano Rani (Sandeep Mathrani) this week revealed that Amazon plans to open 300 to 400 stores. At the General Growth earnings conference on Tuesday, Maas Rani was asked about the flow of shopping centers, and he later revealed Amazon’s plans. Last November, Amazon opened its first bookstore in Seattle, which showed Amazon’s ambitious goal of the entity store. Amazon first started selling books online. These bookstores will also sell Amazon’s digital products, such as smart speakers Echo, and streaming media set-top boxes Fire TV. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael ·, Paget (Michael Pachter) said: "this is hidden in the bookstore under the appearance of the consumer electronics store. Many people think that best buy will always be one of the reasons why many consumers don’t want to buy it when they don’t see it." Amazon spokesman declined to comment on the news. (Wei Jin)

亚马逊将开设约400家实体书店   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月3日早间消息,购物中心运营商General Growth Properties CEO桑迪普·马斯拉尼(Sandeep Mathrani)本周透露,亚马逊计划开设300至400家书店。   在周二General Growth的财报电话会议上,马斯拉尼被问到购物中心的客流量,而他随后透露了亚马逊的计划。   去年11月,亚马逊在西雅图开设了首家书店,这表明了亚马逊关于实体店的宏伟目标。亚马逊最初以在线卖书起家。这些书店还将销售亚马逊的数码产品,例如智能音箱Echo,以及流媒体机顶盒Fire TV。   Wedbush Securities分析师迈克尔·帕赫特(Michael Pachter)表示:“这是隐藏在书店外表下的消费电子商店。许多人认为百思买将会一直存在的原因之一在于,很多消费者在没有看见实物时不会愿意购买这些商品。”   亚马逊发言人拒绝对此消息置评。(维金)相关的主题文章:

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