Apple pay video exposure new iPhone punyu

Apple Pay video exposure new iPhone? Apple Apple  Pay has officially landed China mainland, and in the promotional video, we see a never before seen iPhone. In order to give Apple  Pay in China Rally, Cook personally released a segment of Apple  Pay demo video on micro-blog. But the point is, in this demo video, operate Apple  Pay is a never appeared iPhone. Apple  iPhone in Pay video, which has led people to speculate whether it’s going to be a new iPhone that’s about to be released. To know the current support Apple  Pay iPhone 6S and iPhone  models only; 6 iPhone  6 6S  Plus, and the two models of the iPhone video and other completely different. This makes people suspect that this iPhone may be Apple’s new product, and the most likely is the upcoming release of iPhone  5SE. From the shape, the iPhone in the video has a silver rim, like 3GS, so it’s even more strange. Of course, does not rule out the video iPhone is only temporary on behalf of iPhone rendered this pan series image, rather than refer to a specific model, everything is possible. Apple Pay宣传视频暴露新款iPhone?   苹果的Apple Pay已经正式登陆中国大陆地区,而就在这次的宣传视频中,我们看到了一部从未见过的iPhone。   为了给Apple Pay在中国造势,库克亲自在微博上发布了一段Apple Pay演示视频。不过重点是在这段演示视频中,操作Apple Pay的是一款从未现身过的iPhone。 Apple Pay视频中的iPhone   这让人们开始纷纷猜测这会不会是即将发布的新iPhone。要知道目前支持Apple Pay的iPhone机型只有iPhone 6 6S和iPhone 6 6S Plus,而这两款与视频中的iPhone造型完全不同。   这就让人怀疑这部iPhone有可能是苹果的新品了,而最有可能的就是即将发布的iPhone 5SE。从造型上看,视频中的iPhone有一圈银色包边,很像3GS,所以就更加奇怪了。   当然也不排除视频中的iPhone只不过是临时渲染出来代表iPhone这个泛系列的形象,而不是指代某一款具体机型,一切皆有可能。相关的主题文章:

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