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Baisazhou a district illegally built unattended? The management committee has been halted: Map: suspected of illegally built building yesterday, a netizen posting said, Baishazhou Qingling District illegally built, no one to stop. > > > today’s report: Baishazhou Qingling District illegally built serious neglect? Is that true? Reporters went to visit. It is understood that the Qingling district is also built area, which in addition to high-rise and high-rise, there are more than 30 buildings of two floors, district residents called "villa", "is that these users reflect the illegally built villas". Yesterday morning, the reporters came to the area, found many buildings appear after the new wall structure and similar board structure, beside the piled sand and building tools. "More than five o’clock in the morning to start the job, knocking on the play, there is no way to rest." A small high-rise residential tenants said that this year, the district villa illegally built more and more serious, many green destroyed. More intolerable, illegal construction is usually carried out at night, there is a serious nuisance. Another resident told reporters that the area from the white sandbar is close to the market, the rental market is very hot, some owners want to build a house rental, earn a little income. Residential property owners said, residential built in seven or eight years, the two years illegally built is indeed very serious, residential environment is not as good as before. To this end, they have also discouraged, but suffer from no law enforcement power, they reflect the streets, the urban management departments have also been involved in the investigation. Reporter yesterday visited, Hongshan District Management Committee Qingling squadron staff of more than is the scene to understand the situation said they had illegally built, they repeatedly went to law enforcement, but the owners take advantage of the evening rush. Hongshan District Urban Management Committee responsible person said, after investigation and verification, there are 5 residential owners disorderly cover behavior, has been stopped on the spot. In the next step, they will break the law in accordance with legal procedures. (reporter Xia Zhonghua)

白沙洲一小区违建无人管? 城管委:已叫停图为:涉嫌违建的小楼昨日,有网友发帖称,白沙洲青菱小区违建严重,无人前去制止。>>>今日报料:白沙洲青菱小区违建严重无人管?果真如此?记者前往进行了探访。据了解,青菱小区是个还建小区,里面除了小高层和高层,还有30多栋两层楼体,小区居民称之为“别墅区”,网友反映的违建就是这些“别墅区”。昨日上午,记者来到该小区,发现多栋楼后出现新建的墙体结构和类似板房结构,旁边堆着砂石和建筑工具。“早上五点多就开始作业,敲敲打打的,根本就没有办法休息。”小区一名小高层住户称,今年以来,小区别墅区违建越来越严重,不少绿化被毁。更让人不能忍受的是,违建通常在晚上进行,存在严重扰民。另一名住户对记者说,小区距离白沙洲市场很近,租房市场很热,一些业主想搭建房子出租,赚取一点收入。小区物业负责人称,小区建成入住七八年,这两年违建确实很严重,小区环境大不如前。为此他们也曾劝阻,但苦于没有执法权,他们向街道反映后,城管部门也多次介入调查。记者昨日探访时,洪山区城管委青菱中队多名工作人员正在现场了解违建情况,他们表示,此前他们多次前去执法,但有业主趁晚上抢建。洪山区城管委有关负责人表示,经调查核实,小区有5户业主存在乱搭盖行为,已被当场叫停。下一步,他们将按照法定程序,联合多部门进行破拆。(记者夏中华)相关的主题文章:

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