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Beautiful flowers: Contemporary China painting Invitational host left text interviews in November 6, 2016 at 10 in the morning, sponsored by the "beautiful flowers China painting and calligraphy" magazine Co China art newspaper ": Contemporary Chinese Painting Invitation Exhibition" opened in Chinese "painting and calligraphy" magazine art museum. Chinese National Academy of painting academy Secretary General Chen Peng, PhD, Professor Chinese Painting Art Research Institute China tutor Ruoxi China Lin, vice president of Youth National Academy of painting Jia Guangjian, National Academy of Chinese full-time painter Qiao Yinan, "China art newspaper" executive editor Wang Ping, learn to draw Chinese executive director and Deputy Secretary general Zhang Tongyu, rongbaozhai "" magazine editor Xu Ding, China Central Academy of Fine Arts China Painting Institute associate professor and master supervisor of Yu Yang, "Guangming Daily" fine art photography department deputy director Luo GUI three, Chinese National Museum research librarian Zhu Wanzhang China; "painting and calligraphy" magazine chief editor Kang Shouyong, deputy editor Ren Junwei, assistant director general Zhang Qiu attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition and attended the dialogue and seminar held on the same day the painter. Chen Peng and Lin Ruoxi, "the Chinese painting and calligraphy" magazine by the economic daily, which is sponsored by the economic daily, is also the first batch of the academic journals of the State Press and Publication Administration of radio and television of the people’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as "the Chinese painting and calligraphy") by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and technology. "The Chinese painting and calligraphy" by the Chinese people’s Republic of China, which is the core of the. Combined with the National Academy of painting "China art daily" host such activities is the first time. The opening ceremony of this exhibition is regarded as guests have a unique style of novel and valuable way. The flower and bird painting interpretation of the two hours of the morning by the painter Chen Peng, Lin Ruoxi, Jia Guangjian to Qiao Yinan, the scene for the audience, and introduces the psychological process and the creation of their own joy and distress. The audience listened attentively to the artist’s introduction, and insisted on eating lunch at one o’clock in the afternoon. In the afternoon, the participants also discussed with experts and scholars to discuss the problems and the future development trend of contemporary flower and bird painting creation. This exhibition, the guests and the audience a sense of fun, they say than the bustling downtown opening ceremony more meaningful. A group of 40 recent works of Guo Yicong, Jiang Wenzhan, the author of the works, the works of the author, the author of the works, the works of the artists of the world, such as the works of the artists of the world, such as the works of the artists of the world, such as the works of the artists of the world, such as the works of the artists of the world, such as the works of the eight artists, including the. As society executive director and Deputy Secretary General Zhang Tongyu Chinese paintings, these artists are "contemporary painting master, flower and bird painting represents the era achievements of exploration". From their creation to the present situation of the creation of contemporary flower and bird painting, artists and theorists have conducted a serious discussion and communication. We are particularly concerned about the present situation of the creation of contemporary Chinese flower and bird painting, and how to embody the "Modernity" in the creation of flower and bird painting. Participants spoke enthusiastically, heated discussion. They get rid of barriers, not a flow custom, starting from the noumenon of painting, not only adhere to China traditional painting and Western Aesthetics and aesthetic infiltration, speak freely, each one airs his own views. The seminar in the academic theory and the creation of the practice of painting in-depth exchanges to benefit the presence of personnel. Wang Ping presided over the seminar. Seminar content after finishing will be published in the "China seminar in painting and calligraphy" magazine. It is reported that this exhibition will end on November 18th. Chen Peng Jia Guang health Shou Xi Luo GUI Yonglin if three chapter相关的主题文章:

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