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Beijing – VIDEO – "green hada" action for plateau wasteland oasis "green hada" action for plateau wasteland oasis [comment] in September, "green hada" came to Tibet, in the boundless green grass to plant a wasteland, and hope to sow seeds, add artificial plateau villagers 2150 acres of grassland. As one of the five major pastoral areas of China, Tibet covers an area of about 53% of the whole plateau, so the grass is the hope of the local people. However, due to seasonal changes and special alpine grassland, different degrees of degradation, overgrazing and the result of the long-term acceleration and deepening problems of degraded natural grassland. The same period [] (Wu Yuelei, deputy director of the Tibet Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Agency) affected by global warming, Tibet Millennium glaciers melting phenomenon, the ice line up, grassland degradation and desertification signs. [comment] at the beginning of 2013, "lux green hada action? — one yuan a square meter? Plateau acres Zhilv plan was officially launched. In this regard, Wu Yuelei, deputy director of the Tibet Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Agency said, "green hada" project by the Qinghai Tibet Plateau quality planting perennial forage, effectively solve the local seasonal shortage of forage, and good effect for the recovery of degraded grassland. The same period [] (Unilever personal cleansing category director Zhao Wenfeng) action of the junior high school is actually very simple, hope to be able to use Unilever lux brand, using our influence, to truly join the China Environmental Protection Foundation launched the Qinghai Tibet Plateau grass planting project, to bring some ecological and environmental improvements to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau we can, and by Unilever and the influence of various business partners, we practice the small action "? Sustainable development" concept, and put this idea to more thousands of households. [interpretation] Zhao Wenfeng introduction, the project implementation four years, has been planted in Tibet area of artificial grassland of 7850 acres, with an average annual absorption of carbon dioxide by 47481 tons, benefiting the local villagers of 2655. The same period [] (Linzhou County deputy magistrate Guo Guo) the activities of local people is very popular, one is the whole Linzhou county land area is relatively large, land is relatively large, vegetation degradation of vegetation is relatively serious, so we are one of the soil improvement, is a grass and livestock, so the old people are very popular. [comment] plateau autumn sunshine clear skies, bright green hada operation along the flat country road, once again into the card Zi Xiang Blanc village Linzhou County, the smoke flowing place was a barren wasteland, green grass everywhere now, the new image to reproduce a wild profusion of vegetation. The same period [] (at the Tibet plateau pratacultural Engineering Technology Research Center Wu Junxi) in Tibet, in the Tibetan Plateau and is actually very difficult, there are three main reasons for the degree of difficulty, a day is the reason, one is the reason, there is a people. Day is the main cause of climate which is slightly evil, many are not suitable for the road in the grass相关的主题文章:

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