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College-University Property in Raj Nagar Extension Raj Empire Homes is a new residential city located at Raj Nagar Extension, NH-58, Ghaziabad. This new city is approved by GDA (Ghaziabad Development Authority) and is among the most affordable city as far as Delhi/NCR is concerned. As there is no end point for the .fort level of a human being still Property in Raj Nagar Extension is full of .fort providing a modern and luxurious lifestyle. Project Plan About Raj Nagar Extension 1: Layout 2: Unit Plan 3: Price 4: Payment The layout plan of the Property in Raj Nagar Extension gives the .plete deep information of the Project. The planning, organizing and management of the project is of such a high level/quality that there is not even a little of confusion to the client’s when the transaction is in progress. There is total number of seven Unit Plans containing different areas. The prices offered at Raj Nagar Extension are most .petitive and there is no .promise in the quality. This is the most primary feature of Property in Extension which makes it a separate real estate city from others. The payment plan can be of any type depending on the .fort/budgets of the client’s but the mainly dominated ones are CLP and Down payment Plan. Why Raj Nagar Extension? As we all know that it is an era of modern technology and development so every industry is at its boom and stepping themselves into the market for gaining the attention of the client’s. Real estate industry is one of them which has dominated a lot with a tremendous growth rate over the last decades. So in this .petition, the parameters like quality, price and location plays a very crucial role in the real estate market. By focusing all the parameters described above, Raj Nagar Extension is the most affordable city offering 2,3,4 BHK Luxurious Apartments in a pollution free and eco-friendly environment with rain water harvesting facility. This Extension is much in demand for property like residential, .mercial use and investment. Raj Nagar Extension is disconnected from pollution and chaos of industrial city and is very close to the Hindon River Green Belt. The Raj Nagar Extension is through construction action as Metro Rail and .monwealth Games spots are nearby. Large number of people tend to buy Property in Raj Nagar Extension as the city is moving towards modernization. Raj Nagar Extension is surrounded with the green belt and connected directly to the Metro calling it a metropolis city. Features of Property in Raj Nagar Extension 1: An affordable city. 2: Luxurious Apartments with Modern Lifestyle. 3: Timely Possession. 4: Medical and Educational Facilities. 5: 24 Hours power and water supply and security. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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