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British and American new fashion "pink cocktail", did you catch up? "Eating fat" can prevent cancer, "do you know what is the most popular cocktail in the British and American bars this summer?" Pink cocktail Frosé! British and American new fashion "pink cocktail", did you catch up? It’s a cocktail of pink, vermouth and ice, and it’s also a typical example of pink pop trends in summer. In the last few weeks, pubs in the United States have been providing customers with various versions of ‘Frosé’. The epidemic started in New York Bar Primi and London Beaufort House. Beaufort Jimmy, manager of House development, said: "strawberries and vermouth are mixed together, and pink comes in a fresh, sweet, summer breath." "Frosé" is the best cocktail to celebrate the summer. There’s not a wine based cocktail before. It’s fun." Provence experts, Wine guru Elizabeth Gabay said, drink this pink cocktail really have mixed feelings, "this is really a fun drink, such as a Wine cocktail drink, complete with high quality. If as cheap pink sales, feel be adjusted. Wine cocktails have a long and noble history." In July, an American candy website launched peach heart wine red bear candy, sold in just two hours empty, peach heart red wine, white chocolate also in hot sales. Evaluation of Gabay said: "I do not love cake, for me, that no quality."

英美新时尚“桃红鸡尾酒” 你赶上了吗?》》》》》适当吃点肥肉能防癌《《《《《知道这个夏天英美酒吧里最流行的鸡尾酒是什么吗?桃红鸡尾酒Frosé!英美新时尚“桃红鸡尾酒” 你赶上了吗?这是一款用桃红,味美思和冰块调制的鸡尾酒,也是夏季桃红流行趋势的典型体现。最近几个周,英美酒吧里一直都在向顾客们提供各种版本的‘Frosé’。这股流行风始于纽约Bar Primi和伦敦Beaufort House。Beaufort House发展经理吉米-斯各特说:“草莓与味美思混合到一起,兑上桃红有一种新鲜,甜美,夏日的气息。”“Frosé就是适合庆祝夏日的极品鸡尾酒,之前还没有一款以葡萄酒为主料的鸡尾酒,非常有趣。”普罗旺斯专家,葡萄酒大师伊丽莎白-加瓦伊称,喝了这种桃红鸡尾酒真是百感交集,“这的确是一款有趣的饮品,如当作一款葡萄酒鸡尾酒来喝,完全具备了高品质。如果当作廉价的桃红销售,感觉有失格调。葡萄酒鸡尾酒有一段悠久而高贵的历史。”就在七月,一家美国糖果网站推出注心桃红酒小熊糖,短短两小时就销售一空,注心桃红酒白巧克力也在热销中。加瓦伊评价说:“我不喜欢酒心糖,对我来说,那种东西无品质可言。”相关的主题文章:

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