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Foreign media headlines Chinese real estate fled Vancouver, fought in Toronto 法医毒后下载

Foreign media headlines: Chinese speculators fled Vancouver to Toronto stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, Reuters Chinese warrants real-time quotes real escape from Vancouver moved to Toronto a new tax on foreign buyers of the Vancouver property market suddenly cold, but let the Toronto property market is more popular. Toronto’s housing sales rose 23.5% in to 9813 units, a record high in August, according to data released on Wednesday by the housing authority. By contrast, Vancouver’s housing sales fell 26% in August. In recent years, a large number of foreign buyers, especially buyers from mainland China, have flocked to Vancouver, making it the most expensive real estate market in canada. The new tax is aimed at cooling the overheated property market to appease local discontent. But some industry experts have warned that this may prompt foreign buyers to switch to the Toronto property market. Tesla Holland car accident, the driver died on the spot, a Tesla Model S electric car accident occurred in Holland on Wednesday, hit a roadside tree, driving the man died on the spot. The battery on the car went off fire, and it was hard to put out. Because of the fear of being electrocuted, firefighters had to call the Tesla engineer to lift the body out of the car for hours before the accident. Tesla said, it is not clear whether the car accident occurred in the use of "Autopilot" mode. The Wall Street journal, the United States found that at least 2 billion barrels of oil reserves of the new American independent oil and gas exploration and production business Apache Corporation (Apache) announced on Wednesday that a new oil reserves at least 2 billion barrels were found in West Texas, which may become the past ten years the most important energy of. The new oil field is located near Davies mountain, a region that has been ignored by geologists and engineers, and is conservatively estimated to be worth 8 billion dollars, perhaps even 10 times higher. Apache has begun drilling in this area, and earlier drilling produces more natural gas than crude oil. At current prices, it provides at least 30% profit margin, including all drilling related costs. The company plans to invest 1/4 of its capital budget this year, but it will take time to increase production this year because of the need to lay pipelines and install processing equipment. Australia’s economic growth for 25 consecutive years the Australian government data released Wednesday showed that the two quarter of this year, the gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 0.5%, an increase of 3.3%, in four years the largest increase, the Australian economy marks the 25 consecutive year of growth in developed countries, second only to Holland. CNBC Apple released iPhone 7 Apple Corp officially released iPhone 7 mobile phone and upgraded version of Apple Watch 2 on Wednesday. IPhone 7 is 32GB, retail price is $649, and iPhone 7 Plus sells for $769. The company said it will accept reservations on Friday (September 9th) and will be officially 9 in 28 countries and regions in September 16th

外媒头条:中国炒房者逃离温哥华转战多伦多 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   路透   中国炒房者逃离温哥华转战多伦多   一项针对外国购房者的新税令温哥华楼市骤冷,却让多伦多楼市更加火爆。多伦多房产局周三公布的数据显示,该市8月住宅销量较去年同期飙升23.5%,达9813套,创历史新高。相比之下,温哥华8月住宅销量同比下降26%。近年来大批外国购房者、特别是来自中国大陆的买家涌入温哥华,使得这里成为加拿大最贵的房地产市场。新税的推出旨在为过热的楼市降温,以平息当地人的不满。但一些行业专家此前已警告称,这可能促使外国买家转向多伦多楼市。   特斯拉荷兰出车祸 司机当场死亡   一辆特斯拉Model S电动轿车周三在荷兰发生车祸,撞上了路边的大树,驾车男子当场死亡。车上的电池掉落起火并且难以熄灭,由于害怕被电击,消防员不得不打电话找来特斯拉的工程师,在事故发生几个小时才将尸体从车中抬出。特斯拉表示,目前尚不清楚这辆车发生事故时是否在使用“Autopilot”模式。   华尔街日报   美国发现储量至少20亿桶新油田   美国独立油气勘探及生产商阿帕奇公司(Apache)周三宣布,在得克萨斯州西部发现了一处储量至少20亿桶的新油田,这可能成为过去十年最重大的能源发现之一。这块新油田位于戴维斯山附近一个一直被地质学家和工程师们忽视的地区,据保守估计价值80亿美元,甚至可能高出10倍。阿帕奇已开始在这一地区进行钻探,早期的钻井生产的天然气多于原油,按目前的价格计算可提供至少30%的利润率,包括所有钻探相关成本在内。该公司计划将今年四分之一的资本预算投向这块油田,但将需要今年时间才能提高产量,因为需要铺设管道和安装加工设备。   澳大利亚经济连续25年增长   澳大利亚政府周三公布的数据显示,今年二季度国内生产总值(GDP)环比增长0.5%,同比增长3.3%,创四年最大增幅,标志着澳大利亚经济连续25年实现增长,在发达国家中仅次于荷兰。   CNBC   苹果发布iPhone 7   苹果公司周三正式发布iPhone 7手机和升级版Apple Watch 2。iPhone 7入门版为32GB,零售价649美元;iPhone 7 Plus售价769美元。该公司表示,将于9月9日(周五)开始接受预订,并将于9月16日在28个国家和地区正式上市销售,首批上市包括中国。   高盛禁止合伙人向特朗普阵营捐款   高盛禁止高层员工向包括特朗普阵营在内的部分选举阵营捐款,该公司在上周一封电邮中表示,从9月1日开始将禁止公司合伙人从事政治活动,或者向“任何参加联邦选举的在任州或地方官员”捐款。虽然高盛在电邮中并未特别提到特朗普,但特朗普的竞选伙伴是印第安纳州州长彭斯,因此这一禁令适用于该选举阵营,而对立阵营中的希拉里目前未担任公职,其搭档卡因是参议员,因此不受制于这一禁令。   英国《金融时报》   大众将与江淮汽车合作开发电动车   大众汽车周三与中国安徽江淮汽车公司签署谅解备忘录,双方将评估组建合资公司的可能性,以合作开发和生产电动汽车,正式协议可能在未来5个月内签署。 责任编辑:于健 SF069相关的主题文章:

Groupon Announces Fourth Quarter Earnings turn loss year on year 贾宝玉传奇

Groupon announced the fourth quarter earnings: loss year on year sina science and technology news Beijing time on February 12th morning news, the American group buying giant Groupon today released the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2015 and full year earnings. The report shows, Groupon fourth quarter revenue of $917 million 200 thousand, an increase of 4% over last year’s $883 million 200 thousand, excluding effects of changes in exchange rates is an increase of 9%; net loss attributable to common shareholders was $46 million 500 thousand compared to the same period last year, net profit attributable to common shareholders of $8 million 800 thousand. Groupon’s fourth quarter earnings exceeded Wall Street analysts’ expectations, pushing its after – hours stock price up more than 16%. Fourth quarter results: in the quarter ended December 31st, Groupon net loss was $46 million 500 thousand, a loss of 8 cents per share, the performance is less than last year. In the 2014 quarter of fiscal year fourth, Groupon’s net profit was $8 million 800 thousand, earnings per share was 1 cents. In accordance with GAAP, Groupon adjusted net profit of $23 million 300 thousand in the fourth quarter, adjusted earnings per share was 4 cents, which exceeded analysts’ previous expectations. Financial information supplier FactSet survey shows that analysts expect the average Groupon adjusted earnings per share in the fourth quarter is zero. Groupon fourth quarter revenue was $917 million 200 thousand, an increase of 4% over the same period last year, 883 million 200 thousand, excluding the negative impact of exchange rate changes for an increase of 4%, the performance also exceeded analysts’ previous expectations. FactSet survey showed analysts expected Groupon revenue of $846 million in the fourth quarter on average. Revenue from the third party and other businesses in the fourth quarter of Groupon was $345 million, down from $368 million in the same period last year; direct revenue was $572 million, higher than $515 million in the same period last year. By region, Groupon in the fourth quarter from the North American market revenue of $623 million, $551 million higher than the same period last year; from EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region revenue of $248 million, $272 million lower than the same period last year; from other parts of the world’s revenue was $46 million 200 thousand, 59 million 800 thousand lower than the same period last year dollars. Groupon fourth quarter gross billing revenue (Gross billings, reflecting the total dollar value of customer purchases of goods and services) was $1 billion 710 million, down 1% from $1 billion 720 million in the same period last year, excluding the negative impact of exchange rate changes for an increase of 4% over the same period last year. By Region (excluding the impact of exchange rate changes), Groupon in the fourth quarter from the North American market billing revenues grew 11%, from EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) gross billing revenue fell 2%, from other parts of the world’s gross billing revenue fell 7%. Groupon)

Groupon公布第四季度财报:同比转亏   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月12日上午消息,美国团购巨头Groupon今天发布了2015财年第四季度及全年财报。报告显示,Groupon第四季度营收为9.172亿美元,比去年同期的8.832亿美元增长4%,不计入汇率变动的影响为同比增长9%;归属于普通股股东的净亏损为4650万美元,相比之下去年同期归属于普通股股东的净利润为880万美元。Groupon第四季度业绩超出华尔街分析师预期,推动其盘后股价大幅上涨逾16%。   第四季度业绩:   在截至12月31日的这一财季,Groupon净亏损为4650万美元,每股亏损8美分,这一业绩不及去年同期。2014财年第四季度,Groupon净利润为880万美元,每股收益为1美分。不按照美国通用会计准则,Groupon第四季度调整后净利润为2330万美元,调整后每股收益为4美分,这一业绩超出分析师此前预期。财经信息供应商FactSet调查显示,分析师平均预期Groupon第四季度调整后每股收益为零。   Groupon第四季度营收为9.172亿美元,比去年同期的8.832亿美元增长4%,不计入汇率变动所带来负面影响为同比增长4%,这一业绩也超出分析师此前预期。FactSet调查显示,分析师平均预期Groupon第四季度营收为8.46亿美元。Groupon第四季度来自于第三方及其他业务的营收为3.45亿美元,低于去年同期的3.68亿美元;直接营收为5.72亿美元,高于去年同期的5.15亿美元。   按地区划分,Groupon第四季度来自于北美市场的营收为6.23亿美元,高于去年同期的5.51亿美元;来自于EMEA(欧洲、中东和非洲)地区的营收为2.48亿美元,低于去年同期的2.72亿美元;来自于世界其他地区的营收为4620万美元,低于去年同期的5980万美元。   Groupon第四季度毛帐单收入(Gross billings,反映客户购买商品和服务的总美元价值)为17.1亿美元,比去年同期的17.2亿美元下滑1%,不计入汇率变动所带来的负面影响为同比增长4%。按地区划分(不计入汇率变动的影响),Groupon第四季度来自于北美市场的毛账单收入同比增长11%,来自于EMEA(欧洲、中东和非洲地区)的毛账单收入同比下滑2%,来自于世界其他地区的毛账单收入同比下滑7%。   Groupon第四季度毛利润为3.717亿美元,比去年同期的3.781亿美元下滑2%,不计入汇率变动所带来的负面影响为同比增长4%。Groupon第四季度调整后EBITDA(即未计入利息、税项、折旧及摊销的盈利)为6700万美元,低于去年同期的9290万美元。   在截至12月31日的12个月时间里,Groupon的运营现金流为2.921亿美元。不按照美国通用会计准则,Groupon第四季度自由现金流为2.335亿美元;在截至12月31日的12个月时间里,Groupon的自由现金流为2.081亿美元。截至第四季度末,Groupon所持有的现金和现金   等价物总额为8.534亿美元。Groupon在第四季度中回购了35326954股A类普通股,总回购价格为1.125亿美元,未来仍可在2017年8月以前回购价值最多为1.568亿美元的A类普通股。   全年业绩:   在整个2015财年,Groupon的全球毛账单收入为63亿美元,与2014财年的62亿美元相比基本持平,不计入汇率变动的影响为同比增长8%。不计入汇率变动的影响,北美地区的毛账单收入同比增长12%,EMEA地区同比增长3%,世界其他地区同比基本持平。   Groupon全年营收为31亿美元,比2014财年的30亿美元增长3%,不计入汇率变动所带来的负面影响为同比增长9%。不计入汇率变动的影响,北美地区营收同比增长12%,EMEA地区同比增长7%,世界其他地区同比下滑6%。Groupon全年毛利润为14亿美元,比2014财年的15亿美元下滑5%,不计入汇率变动所带来的负面影响为同比增长2%。Groupon全年调整后EBITDA为2.568亿美元,2014财年为2.623亿美元。   在整个2015财年,归属于Groupon股东的净利润为2070万美元,每股收益为0.03美元;不计入某些一次性项目(不按照美国通用会计准则),Groupon全年调整后净利润为9100万美元,调整后每股收益为0.14美元。   业绩预期:   Groupon继续预计2016财年营收为27.5亿美元到30.5亿美元,同时将调整后EBITDA预期上调至8000万美元到1.3亿美元。FactSet调查显示,分析师平均预期Groupon 2016财年营收为29.7亿美元。   股价变动:   当日,Groupon股价在纳斯达克常规交易中下跌0.01美元,报收于2.24美元,跌幅为0.44%。在随后截至美国东部时间17:10(北京时间12日6:10日)为止的盘后交易中,Groupon股价上涨0.37美元,至2.61美元,涨幅为16.52%。过去52周,Groupon的最高价为8.37美元,最低价为2.15美元。(唐风)相关的主题文章:

South Korea rob small meat Yilun Sheng overbearing skin model 张靖暄

The skin care mode after Han overbearing "rob" Sheng Yilun: small meat yarn, petals, tea gas were dense, a familiar face appears again in front of the camera, Oh God, is God "network drama Princess promotion" to the outcome of the fourth editions, Sheng Yilun and "through" turn back to the ancient "Prince"? In fact, this is a new endorsement advertisement for Korean beauty brand. The advertisement has restored the classical scene of "Princess imperial concubine" hundred percent, no wonder the picture is so familiar! The "Prince" Sheng Yilun shooting Korea ad shooting scene after South Korea from other brands in the hands "grab" "Professor", popular actor Han Kim Su Hyon, South Korea Chanel spokesman Leslie Kim double endorsement, to extend the "fast, accurate and relentless" vision, Prince prerelease sign of hot Sheng Yilun he became the first online endorsement, beauty brand. Two across China and South Korea, the high popularity of hot little meat is together in the bag, bursting with her boyfriend, open the "bully" intimate care mode. There is such a high value Yan God advise you to maintain the skin, really do not think the United States is not! After the new Jin Han line spokesmen — the popularity of small meat Yilun phenomenon "Sheng drama from the stars you", "Professor" Kim Su Hyon of Ode to all loving, considerate, and with infinite tenderness of Princess Prince Sheng Yilun is high handed in is cold, the heroine to dote on so, the screen in front of the girl heart flying all over the sky. The film "Princess" after the first online advertising endorsement, "Prince" Sheng Yilun also is the best. Whether it is cold, cold high expression of affection, or rare show Meng Meng Da smile, or sweet and interactive advertising heroine, are reminiscent of "Princess" in the overbearing and tender image, is contributing to a new wave of "lick the screen" material for the screen in front of the fans! Sheng Yilun ad actress sweet paste mask, after the shooting scene interactive advertisement Han – Master mask series Korea ad shooting scene — tea series "Rui Princess promotion" after the launch with aura, quickly open the hot screen mode, continuous playback volume is to break the record, causing widespread hot. In the play, there is the prince charming called prince charming, in the drama cold personality, handsome face, healthy body, so that countless girls for the heart. His popularity soared, and the number of micro-blog fans rose in a straight line, and the discussion was extremely high. South Korea quickly responded, immediately sign this popular small meat endorsement. Sheng Yilun health, sunshine, fresh and South Korea advocated by the "young" and "natural" and "Han Feng" brand concept, complement each other, he became spokesman Master mask series and tea series of Han Rui, also brought more fresh, more organic and more healthy skin care experience.

韩后“打劫”小鲜肉 盛一伦的霸道护肤模式   导语:纱幔翻飞、花瓣漫天、茶气氤氲,一张熟悉的冰山脸再次出现在镜头前,天啦噜,难道网络神剧《太子妃升职记》要出第四版结局,盛一伦又“穿越”回古代变成 “太子”了?其实,这次他是为美妆品牌韩后拍摄新代言广告。广告中百分百还原了《太子妃》经典场景,难怪画面如此似曾相识! “太子”盛一伦拍摄韩后广告拍摄现场   韩后继从其他品牌手中“抢下”“都教授”扮演者、当红韩星金秀贤、韩国香奈儿代言人韩艺瑟双代言后,再次延续“快、准、狠”的眼光,抢鲜签下炙手可热的太子盛一伦,成为他首个线上代言的美妆品牌。两大横跨中韩两国、炙手可热的高人气小鲜肉一齐被收入囊中,男友力爆棚,开启“霸道”的贴心护肤模式。有这样颜值高的男神劝你保养皮肤,真是想不美都不行! 新晋韩后线上代言人――人气小鲜肉盛一伦   现象级韩剧《来自星星的你》中,“都教授”金秀贤对千颂伊万般深情、体贴入微,而“太子”盛一伦对太子妃却是高冷霸道中透着无限柔情,都是对女主角万般宠爱,令屏幕前的少女心漫天飞。此次拍摄《太子妃》后的首家线上广告代言,“太子”盛一伦也是倾尽全力。无论是高冷的表白、冷峻的深情,还是罕见展现萌萌哒的笑容,抑或是与广告女主角的甜蜜互动,都令人想起《太子妃》中的霸道而柔情的形象,更是为屏幕前的粉丝们贡献了一波新的“舔屏”素材! 盛一伦为广告女主角贴面膜,甜蜜互动 韩后广告拍摄现场――达人系列面膜 韩后广告拍摄现场――茶蕊系列   《太子妃升职记》开播之后自带光环,迅速开启火热霸屏模式,播放量也是连续打破纪录,引起网友广泛热议。而剧中有着情话王子之称的太子盛一伦,在剧中冷酷的个性、英俊的脸庞、健康的身材,让无数少女为之倾心。他的人气也一路飙升,微博粉丝数直线上涨,讨论度极高。韩后迅速反应,立即签下这枚当红小鲜肉代言。盛一伦健康、阳光、清新的形象与韩后所倡导的“年轻”、“天然”、“韩风”的品牌概念相得益彰,他助阵成为韩后达人系列面膜及茶蕊系列的代言人,也带来了更清新、更有机、更健康的护肤体验。相关的主题文章:

如后市看好汽车股反弹 草榴身躯

Hong Kong stocks test twenty-three thousand pay attention to the Hang Seng Index 67203 cattle purchase 21303 long steam hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference Hong Kong stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina Hong Kong stocks launched "Hong Kong stocks are not attractive" big discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome to pay attention to Hong Kong stocks, people concerned about the capital market, together with Hong Kong stocks for advice and suggestions, and conspiracy of Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. The continued depreciation of the RMB investment in Hong Kong stocks affected by the atmosphere, the week rebound to 23600 difficult, after the third consecutive day tired fell more than 470, the test of 20000 sanguankou. Round card capital inflows continued good positions, as of Thursday the past 5 days, a total of nearly $200 million into the HSI card and card cattle; there are a total of nearly $20 million over the same period the outflow put and bear. As of Thursday’s close, the cargo area cattle permit ranged from 22800 points to 23000 points, a considerable number of street goods more than 3000 futures hedge. With the city under twenty-three thousand, new in good warehouse funds selected recover the price down 22400 on Thursday to 22800 points between the cumulative number of copies of a street goods more than 1100 futures hedge. If bullish HSI can pay attention to the Hang Seng Index 67203 cattle, recover the price of 22558 points, the actual leverage of about 32.3 times; such as bearish HSI, can pay attention to the Hang Seng Index bear 61838, recover the price of 23648 points, the actual leverage of about 33.2 times. Also pay attention to the Hang Seng Index as optimistic about the purchase of 12748, the exercise price of 25000 points, 17 years until June, the actual leverage of about 11.8 times; if the bearish may pay attention to HSI 12518, the exercise price of 23000 points, 17 years until February, the actual leverage of about 11.1 times. In September, the inflow of Hong Kong dollars into Hong Kong stock hit the highest level since the start of Hong Kong and Shanghai, and accumulated more than 58 billion yuan. However, the inflow of Hong Kong stocks through the capital decreased significantly after the golden circumference holiday in October, and the total inflow since October was only about 10% in September. In addition to capital inflows reduced, mainland investors concerned about the plate also changed, capital inflow horses automobile company, which Geely (175.HK) for 7 consecutive days and Hong Kong stocks through the ten transaction list, the cumulative net buying of $120 million. Geely’s sales performance is strong this year, sales in September increased by 80%, a record high, and management confidence in the fourth quarter, up to the annual sales target to 700 thousand vehicles. Geely’s share price has increased by more than 1 times from the low level in the year. After the high innovation rate on Tuesday, there is an obvious take – over test of the 10 antenna. Another car shares of the Great Wall automobile (2333.HK) third quarter quarterly net profit was backwards, trip down the target price, performance after two consecutive days plummeted more than 15%. The capital inflow into the car shares issued a rebound. On Thursday, 7 million 600 thousand Hong Kong dollars went into the Geely subscription certificate, and the same year the long steam subscription card also recorded the inflow of HK $1 million 100 thousand. If the stock market rebound in the future, we can pay attention to the long steam purchase 21303, exercise theory

港股考验两万三 留意恒指牛67203长汽购21303 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   人民币持续贬值令港股投资气氛受影响,恒指周一反弹至23600点遇阻,后连续三日累跌逾470点,考验两万三关口。轮证资金持续流入好仓,截至周四的过去5个交易日,累计近2亿港元流入恒指认购证及牛证;同期累计有近2000万港元流出恒指认沽证及熊证。截至周四收市,恒指牛证重货区介乎22800点至23000点,街货份数相当逾3000张对冲期指。随大市下试两万三,新进驻好仓资金选择的收回价下移,周四22400至22800点间累计新增街货份数相当逾1100张对冲期指。 如看好恒指,可留意恒指牛67203,收回价22558点,实际杠杆约32.3倍;如看淡恒指,可留意恒指熊61838,收回价23648点,实际杠杆约33.2倍。如看好亦可留意恒指购12748,行使价25000点,17年6月到期,实际杠杆约11.8倍;如看淡可留意恒指沽12518,行使价23000点,17年2月到期,实际杠杆约11.1倍。   9月南下流入港股的资金创下沪港通启动以来最高,累计逾580亿元人民币,惟港股通资金流入规模在内地十月黄金周长假期后显着下降,10月至今累计流入金额仅为9月一成左右。除资金流入量减少外,内地投资者关注的板块亦有改变,资金换马流入汽车股份,当中吉利(175.HK)连续7日入港股通十大成交榜,累计录1.2亿港元净买入。吉利今年销售表现强劲,9月销售按年增八成,创历史新高,且管理层对第四季具信心,上调全年销售目标至70万辆。吉利股价已由年内低位累计超过1倍升幅,周二再创新高后,出现明显回吐,考验10天线。另一汽车股长城汽车(2333.HK)第三季纯利按季倒退,遭大行下调目标价,绩后连续两日急跌逾15%。资金流入汽车股认购证作反弹部署,周四有760万港元流入吉利认购证,同日长汽认购证亦录110万港元流入。如后市看好汽车股反弹,可留意长汽购21303,行使价11元,17年3月到期,实际杠杆约5.8倍;亦可留意吉利购13906,行使价9.18元,17年5月到期,实际杠杆约4.9倍。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

by his temper 鹿鼎生存法则

Why the more you manage your money, the less money you have? The reason finally found – Sohu financial 5, blindly follow the trend of this blindly follow the trend, estimated that many people are a nose, a tear. In the first half of 15, the bull market in stocks, the second half began to bear; the first half of the year, how many white blindly stuck in it, but also on the top of the top down quilt; financial investment must not blindly follow the trend really; I’m a living example; I was about 5000, a head into the fund, and is a one-time buy now, the average loss in 40%, are now a monthly fixed set up stock; needless to say, I didn’t do my homework on the admission, the first half of the year it was made not less, very proud of. In the second half, began to fall, profits fell, but fortunately I guarantee the principal in the case of timely clearance of the warehouse, is not lost to the principal. 6, do not do planning, whether financial, life, work, we suggest that you do a plan, whether it is short-term or long-term, whether it is two years, or five years, or ten years, must do. Have a plan, to know their future to it, in which exert oneself, know their future will harvest what, in the process when the process will take a lot less detours. If there is no plan, by his temper, it is only the working poor estimation. Well, I think so much for the moment. Welcome everybody to add;

为什么你越理财越没财? 原因终于找到了-搜狐理财   5、盲目的跟风   提起这个盲目跟风,估计很多人都是鼻子一把,泪一把。15年上半年,股票大牛市,下半年就开始熊市了; 上半年,有多少小白盲目跟风都被套的呀,而且还是被套在山顶顶上下不来的; 理财投资真的万万不可盲目跟风; 我就是活生生的例子; 我是在差不多5000点的时候,一头扎进了基金里,而且是一次性买入,现在平均亏损在40%,现在每个月都在定额定投来弥补; 股票更不用说了,自己根本就没有做功课就入场了,上半年还真的是赚了不少,得意极了。 下半年,开始跌了,利润跌没有了,好在我在保证本金的情况下及时的清了仓,算是没有亏到本金。   6、没有做规划   不管是理财,生活,工作,都建议大家做个规划,不管是短期的,还是长期的,不管是二年,还是五年的,还是十年的,一定要做。有个规划,才知道自己未来朝哪方面努力 ,朝哪方面用劲,才知道将来自己会收获什么,在这过程当程会少走很多的弯路。如果没有规划,由着自己的性子发展,估计也只能是穷忙族了。   好吧,暂时就想到这么多,欢迎大家补充;相关的主题文章:

but only 9 trust companies record the fund products. According to the announcement issued by the fund industry association on further regulating the registration of private equity fund managers 异能丑女

Trust private management qualification that did not see the 80% free home service bonus up to now, has been registered but did not show the number of private sector fund managers more than 1.7 million, accounting for the total registered private equity fund managers in the 69% – trainee newspaper reporter Wang Dongjun in the financial management and the information management pattern, banking, insurance, trust private equity funds are actively seeking a license, registration of private equity fund managers. Fund industry association data show that, as of now, 68 trust companies, there are 44 trust companies registered to become private equity fund managers, but only 9 trust companies record the fund products. According to the announcement issued by the fund industry association on further regulating the registration of private equity fund managers, private equity fund managers require the filing of fund products, otherwise the fund managers’ qualifications will be cancelled. Yet the registration of 35 trust companies for fund products to the "shell", in May 1st or August 1st to record the first fund product. According to the Fund Industry Association for the new requirements, the number of trust companies to "Securities Daily" the reporter said, in considering the record of fund products, but there are also individual trust that did not see its obvious bonus development of private equity fund business at present, qualified private equity fund managers may also homeopathy "give up", when there is a need to further application. 44 trust company for private equity fund managers according to private equity fund managers Chinese fund industry association publicity list, since the 2014 year 10 month the first launch of universal trust registration of private equity fund managers, the existing 44 trust companies to obtain qualified private equity fund managers, accounting for 64.7% of the total number of trust companies. Trust company recently registered private equity fund managers to Aijian Trust, the date of registration for February 4th this year. In the filing of private equity fund management Men at their birth, part of the trust company said post qualification, can be through the issuance of contract based private equity fund or limited partnership fund operations, regulatory constraints from the related trust business, to further expand the scope of investment, and no net capital, and uses trust payment security fund trust industry, reduce the cost of trust the company business development, rich product types. But in the registration of private equity fund managers of 44 trust companies, including only universal trust, Huarun trust, Minsheng trust, including 9 trust companies registered the relevant fund products, and the remaining 35 trust companies have not yet registered fund products. Among them, the Sichuan trust and new era trust registered private equity fund managers more than a year, has not yet registered fund products. In February 5th this year, the Fund Industry Association issued "on further regulate the registration of private equity fund managers issues notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), put forward the request of private equity fund managers for fund products, otherwise it will cancel the registration of fund managers. "Notice" will require the object is divided into three categories: the new registration of fund managers, within 6 months from the first record fund product registration by node; registered over 12 months and the first fund product without registration of fund managers, on May 1, 2016 before filing first appeared on fund products;

信托私募管理人资格八成闲置 业内称未看到业务红利   截至目前,已登记但未展业私募基金管理人数量超过1.7万家,占已登记私募基金管理人总量的69%   ■本报见习记者 王东君   在金融混业经营和大资管的格局下,银行、保险、信托均积极谋求私募基金牌照,备案私募基金管理人。   基金业协会数据显示,截至目前,68家信托公司中,已有44家信托公司登记成为私募基金管理人,但仅有9家信托公司备案了基金产品。   根据基金业协会近期发布的《关于进一步规范私募基金管理人登记若干事项的公告》,私募基金管理人要求备案基金产品,否则将注销其基金管理人资格。目前尚未登记备案基金产品的35家信托公司若想“保壳”,需要于5月1日或8月1日前备案首支基金产品。   针对基金业协会的新规要求,多家信托公司对《证券日报》记者表示,在考虑备案基金产品,但也有个别信托公司认为,目前并未看到自身发展私募基金业务的明显红利,私募基金管理人资格可能也会顺势“放弃”,待有需要再进行申请。   44家信托公司   备案私募基金管理人   根据中国基金业协会公示的私募基金管理人名单,自2014年10月份万向信托第一个试水登记私募基金管理人以来,已有44家信托公司获得私募基金管理人资格,占信托公司总数的64.7%。最近登记私募基金管理人的信托公司为爱建信托,登记之日为今年2月4日。   在备案私募基金管理人之初,部分信托公司表示获取资格后,可通过发行契约型私募基金或有限合伙基金开展业务,不受相关信托业务的监管约束,进一步扩大投资范围,且无须占用信托公司的净资本、不用缴纳信托行业保障基金,降低信托公司展业成本,丰富产品类型。   但在登记私募基金管理人的44家信托公司中,仅包括万向信托、华润信托、民生信托在内的9家信托公司登记了相关基金产品,其余35家信托公司尚未登记基金产品。其中,四川信托和新时代信托登记私募基金管理人一年有余,尚未登记基金产品。   今年2月5日,基金业协会发布了《关于进一步规范私募基金管理人登记若干事项的公告》(以下简称“公告”),对私募基金管理人备案基金产品提出了要求,否则将注销其基金管理人登记。   《公告》将要求对象分为三类:新登记的基金管理人,自办结登记手续之日起6个月内备案首支基金产品;已登记满12个月且未备案首支基金产品的基金管理人,需于2016年5月1日前备案首支基金产品;已登记不满12个月且未备案首支基金产品的基金管理人,需于2016年8月1日前备案首支基金产品。   根据以上要求,自公告之日起,已登记满12个月且未备案首支基金产品的信托公司为四川信托,需要于5月1日之前备案基金产品,其余34家信托公司备案基金产品的期限为8月1日之前。   必要性有限   业务开展动力不足   事实上,私募基金管理人资格遭闲置是普遍现象。基金业协会相关负责人指出,《公告》提出加强私募基金管理人依法及时备案私募基金要求主要考虑到三点原因:一是大量机构盲目登记为私募基金管理人,一些机构实际并无开展私募基金业务意愿;二是一些机构缺乏从事私募基金管理的专业能力;三是大量未展业机构的存在严重影响了私募行业统计监测工作的真实性和有效性。   截至目前,已登记但未展业私募基金管理人数量超过1.7万家,占已登记私募基金管理人总量的69%,信托公司私募基金管理人资格被大量空闲也并非特例。   为何登记资格的信托公司多,而备案基金产品的少呢?对此,华东一家信托公司内部人士对《证券日报》记者坦言,对于同样的项目,是否有必要撇开擅长的信托形式而采用基金的形式,很多信托公司尚且没有一个成熟的想法。   从信托公司已在基金业协会备案的基金产品来看,多数备案产品仍为集合资金信托计划。   其中,私募老阵营华润信托在私募基金管理人平台备案产品数量最多,为8只信托产品;而其余8家信托公司备案1只到2只产品。从信托发行的私募基金投向上看,大部分产品为证券投资,部分参与了股权投资、定向增发。   万向信托“明河投资FOF私募证券投资基金”、民生信托“聚利1期证券投资基金”、云南信托“赢华多策略1期证券投资集合”主要投向为股票市场;中融信托成立“助金80号”、“助金16号”以及长安信托的“电力行业股权投资基金”主要进行股权投资;中原信托备案的“莱美药业定向增发投资集合资金信托计划”主要用于参与上市公司定向增发。   “理论上信托公司获得私募基金管理人资格后发行私募基金,监管主体和要求与信托不一样,一定程度上操作更灵活,但实际操作过程中还是会受到银监体系下的监管要求影响的,加之必要性有限,因此业务开展进展不大。”业内研究人士对记者表示。   针对基金业协会的新规要求,多家信托公司对记者表示,正在考虑备案产品。   “资格的获取也是为未来的多元化产品铺路,有益无害,况且信托公司作为金融机构备案产品并无困难或阻碍。但也不排除部分信托公司并未看到自身发展私募基金业务的红利而放弃私募基金管理人资格。”上述研究人员表示。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: