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In addition to Yuan Shanshan’s house of Holland and the fun waistline jeans 斯玛特卡余额查询

In addition to Yuan Shanshan’s House of Holland waistline and the fun cowboy lead: second days of London Fashion Week, and we are finally inspirational sister Yuan Shanshan in House of Holland show met, vest line queen really deliver the goods, out of their sexy waistline for our show. And House of Holland, who has been working on the "fun" design, has collaborated with the Cowboy brand Lee, and staged an interesting retro cowboy party, and let’s take a look at it! (Editor: @philtre) Yuan Shanshan appeared on the House of Holland show day, Yuan Shanshan with a single tannin debut House of Holland 2016 autumn and winter show, this seemingly simple dress also hidden a lot of careful machine. 9 jeans slim short bra top coat collocation, show the waistline but also did not forget their own legs. Wearing a denim jacket Yuan Shanshan instantly improve aura several level, with exquisite paillette whole collocation handsome small, simple. Has been complaining about jeans can not wear out, with the style of children’s shoes can be seen here! Yuan Shanshan at London Fashion Week House Lee: the original of Holland X but also the cowboy so fun together with Lee of cooperation House Holland 2016 autumn and winter show is won applause, fun and interesting design, the seemingly monotonous cowboy also broke out of childlike taste. This can be due to the House of Holland has always been a grotesque humor brand designer Henry Holland, the nonprofessional, but with a few funny slogan slogan is "touched" London fashion, similar to the "I" ll tell you who s boss, "Kate Moss", the sentence interesting rhyme for high-end atmosphere the aunt Anna to him with special respect. Henry Holland design slogan always want to do the design, to the heart of boring Henry Holland is not small, just a love funny person, see this all the time deviation of private photos, have provided a lot of idea for his design! Henry Holland Henry Holland funny private photos private photos back to the dress, the House of Holland and Lee of the show, with a lot of sequins and leopard, which show full of retro style Disco, wide straight boyfriend collocation jeans or popular short denim exposed stomach installed, for the design of many a casual uninhibited British style. House of Holland 2016 autumn and winter series, and this strap jeans must be the hearts of young lovers good, loose hypertrophy, wearing a full personality, immediately reduced age decades. House of Hol!

除了袁姗姗的小蛮腰 House of Holland还有好玩的牛仔   导语:伦敦时装周的第二天,我们终于和励志姐袁姗姗在House of Holland的秀场上碰面了,马甲线女王果然不负众望,为我们秀出了自己的性感小蛮腰。而一直致力于做出“好玩”设计的House of Holland这次和牛仔品牌Lee一同合作,上演了一场有趣的牛仔复古派对,一起来看看吧!(编辑:@philtre) 袁姗姗亮相House of Holland秀场   当日,袁姗姗以一身单宁亮相House of Holland 2016秋冬秀场,这看似简单的着装也暗藏不少小心机。修身的9分牛仔裤搭配短款抹胸上衣,秀出小蛮腰的同时也不忘自己的美腿。身披牛仔外套的袁姗姗瞬间气场提高几个level,拿着精致的亮片小包,整身搭配帅气简单。一直在抱怨牛仔穿不出特点,搭配不出风格的童鞋这下可以看过来了! 袁姗姗亮相伦敦时装周   House of Holland X Lee:原来牛仔还能这么好玩   这次与Lee一同合作的House of Holland 2016秋冬大秀算是赢了个满堂彩,好玩又有趣的设计,使看似单调的牛仔也爆发出了童趣的味道。   这不得不归功于一向怪诞幽默的House of Holland品牌设计师Henry Holland,这个非科班出身,但却凭借几句逗趣的slogan标语就“打动”了伦敦时装界,类似这种“I‘ll tell you who’s boss, Kate Moss”,的句子有趣又押韵,让高端大气的安娜姨都对他另眼相看了。 Henry Holland设计的标语T恤   想要一直做好设计,拒绝boring的心不能少,正好Henry Holland就是个爱搞怪的人,看看这随时都能跑偏的私照,一定为他的设计提供了不少idea! Henry Holland搞笑私照 Henry Holland私照   言归正装,这次House of Holland和Lee的大秀,不少亮片和豹纹的结合,使秀场充满了复古的Disco风情,搭配宽大直筒的boyfriend款牛仔裤,或是当下流行的短款牛仔露胃装,为设计多了份随性不羁的英伦范儿。 House of Holland 2016秋冬系列   而这件背带牛仔裤一定是扮嫩爱好者的心头好,宽松肥大,穿上显得个性十足,立马减龄数十载。 House of Holland宽松牛仔背带裤   除此之外,整场秀还充斥着波点元素,不管是搭配酷劲十足的红色包臀裙还是作为内搭或是波点睡衣,不按常理出牌的House of Holland每次都把设计做的新鲜有趣,却也让你丈二和尚摸不着头脑! House of Holland 2016秋冬女装   看了这季结合牛仔设计House of Holland, 和女王袁姗姗的牛仔示范,对于如何穿好牛仔是不是又多了不少新灵感,趁着春天还没到,赶紧练出马甲线,好穿着牛仔帅气出街吧!相关的主题文章:

Summary of Euro institutional outlook in February 2nd (sub city) 南昌工程学院是几本

In February 2nd the euro institutions view summary (sub city) HY MARKETS Euro dollar: figure 1.09 hour mark is blocked, the action can have deficiency; 4 hours interval figure 1.09 line position may limit the dollar rebound in space; the daily volatility in the 1.0800-1.0965 range still maintain range, or by the 100 day moving average pressure, rebound or not continued. It is recommended to light short warehouse near 1.0940, stop above 1.0985, first look at 1.0850, further 1.0800. NZGFT Deng Foote Euro dollars daily chart repeatedly through the formation of the average system, the continuation of the mid sideways pattern. From the hourly chart trend, the euro dollar in the range of 1.0775-1.0975 within the range of upward pattern of operation, is expected to adjust slightly within a day after climbing further to the interval near 1.0975. Invest in international oil prices fell sharply on Monday and the global manufacturing PMI disappointing, especially Chinese January official Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index fell from 49.7 to 49.4, to stimulate risk aversion, hedge assets favored, plus the United States December personal income and spending data are underperforming and fed number two, Fisher issued a dovish remarks, to suppress the dollar and the euro dollar as the biggest rival disc further boost, the euro dollar shock rebound to 1.09 integer. At present, the market basically digested the possibility of the ECB easing again at the March meeting, and the impact of the euro trend once again shifted to market sentiment and dollar performance. Focus on German unemployment rate in January, euro area unemployment rate in December, producer price index and so on. Euro dollar rose to 1.0912, but the exchange rate was blocked at the top of the interval again. The current exchange rate is near 1.09, and the 4 hour chart shows that the exchange rate is above the flat average, the average is in a narrow range, the kinetic energy index can not break through the midline, and the RSI lack kinetic energy is located near 54. Support: 1.0845 1.0810 1.0770 1.0925 1.0960 1.1000 resistance: Europe and Asia Strategy: the 4 hour chart, EURUSD is currently approaching the triangle area, the technical side or seek the direction of breakthrough, but from the mid point of view, EURUSD even to break up the triangle above the near 1.1000 is expected to constitute a strong pressure, as below if below below the triangle below 1.08 and one 1.0777, then the exchange rate is expected to be around 1.07 or on integer support. Operation on the short-term can consider the triangle form to take light warehouse high sell low buy. Banda Asia Euro yesterday rose sharply, the dollar is now trading at around 1.0900. In addition to propping up the exchange rate, the US dollar index has fallen sharply due to weak data and dovish statements, which is the main reason for the euro’s sharp rebound overnight. In addition, the Japanese stock market, due to the negative interest rate support and go up, the global stock market weakness yesterday, so that the market risk aversion rising

2月2日欧元机构观点汇总(亚市)   HY MARKETS   欧元 美元:小时图1.09关口受阻,上行动能已缺乏;4小时图区间内1.09一线位置可能会限制汇价反弹的空间;日图依旧维持在1.0800-1.0965区间内震荡,区间内或受100日均线打压,反弹或无法持续。日内建议在1.0940附近轻仓做空,止损设于1.0985上方,先看1.0850,进一步1. 0800。   NZGFT登富特   欧元 美元日线图对均线系统形成反复穿越,中期的横盘格局延续。从小时图走势来看,欧元 美元当前在1.0775-1.0975区间范围内以区间向上格局运行,预计日内稍作调整后进一步攀升到区间上沿1.0975附近。   兴业投资   周一国际油价大幅回落且全球制造业PMI令人失望,尤其是中国1月官方制造业采购经理人指数从49.7降至49.4,刺激风险厌恶情绪,避险资产受到青睐,加上美国12月个人收入和支出数据亦表现不佳且美联储二号人物费希尔发表鸽派言论,打压美元走低,欧元作为美元最大对手盘进一步获得提振,欧元 美元震荡回升至1.09整数关。目前市场基本消化欧洲央行在3月会议上再度宽松的可能性,欧元走势的影响因素再度转向市场情绪和美元表现。今日关注德国1月失业率数据、欧元区12月失业率 生产者物价指数等。   欧元 美元升至1.0912,不过汇价再次在区间顶部受阻。目前汇价交易于1.09附近,4小时图显示汇价位于持平的均线上方,均线位于窄幅区间,动能指标无法突破中线后走低,而RSI缺乏动能位于54附近。   支撑位:1.0845 1.0810 1.0770   阻力位:1.0925 1.0960 1.1000   环亚策略   欧美:4小时图上看,EURUSD当前逼近三角形关键区域,技术面上或寻求方向性突破,不过从小中期角度看,EURUSD即使向上突破三角形上边,其1.1000附近料将构成强压力,至于下方若跌破三角形下边并一举跌破1.08 1.0777,则汇价或有望再探1.07附近整数支撑。操作上短线可考虑在该三角形形态内采取轻仓高卖低买。   邦达亚洲   欧元昨日大幅攀升,现汇价交投于1.0900附近。除空头回补对汇价构成一定的支撑外,美元指数因疲软数据和鸽派言论而大幅下挫是支撑欧元隔夜大幅反弹的主要原因。此外,除日本股市因受负利率支撑而走高外,全球股市昨日走软令市场的避险情绪升温,也是支撑融资欧元走高的重要因素。今日关注1.0970附近的压力情况,下方支撑在1.0820附近。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Chinese famous marathon into xiangbobo sponsorship fee has been the world’s most expensive 外域原住民头巾

Chinese famous marathon into xiangbobo: sponsorship fee has been the world’s most expensive business sponsors: China well-known "Maffei" the world’s most expensive Zhou Hui newspaper reporter Zhou Hui Beijing reported in February 28th the start of the 2016 Tokyo marathon, has just announced the amount reached 1 billion 900 million yuan, the sponsor (about 100 million yuan). With the rise of China running hot, well-known marathon has become xiangbobo global companies eyeing the sponsorship rise. In twenty-first Century, the economic report reporter interviewed the marathon organizers and sponsors to learn that the Chinese marathon brand sponsored the most expensive in the world. A well-known sports brand running project leader told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report, China famous marathon sponsorship fee, taking Beijing marathon and Shanghai marathon, for example, has more than well-known foreign brand sponsorship marathon, ranked first. At the same time, the Chinese marathon "cake" has become the world sports brand most optimistic, and the fastest growing market. Famous marathon into xiangbobo a marathon, from the street to the player clothing and supplies, not the sponsor figure. Take the 2015 Beijing marathon as an example. On the eve of the race, the national marathon team spread a statement from the North horse organizing committee. The statement said, the Organizing Committee asked the organizing committee authorization, enterprises shall not require the wearing apparel related player name and logo non sponsor enterprises, players can only use the items provided by the organizing committee to participate in the competition. Such rigid demands provide some incentives for sponsors to get together in marathon events. Even though it was the first time, the 2016 Wuhan marathon was still welcomed by the sponsors. The responsible person told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report related to Dongfeng Renault, in Wu Ma title sponsorship bid a total of three car prices, eventually obtain Dongfeng Renault three-year long-term strategic cooperation qualification. As early as 2008 began in large organizations across the country running activities of the Nike company, since 2012 to become the supreme sponsor of the Shanghai International Marathon, recently renewed its 2016 to 2020 as the Supreme sponsor. Because the sponsors get together to enter the marathon, a well-known sports brand running project leader told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report, the domestic well-known marathon sponsorship has more than foreign countries, the world’s most expensive. "The world famous sports brands are optimistic about the Chinese market, the Chinese market is their most optimistic and the fastest growing market, you are willing to invest."." The person in charge said. However, according to the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter learned that, by the degree of hot and cold, and influence factors of city held the scale of events and so on, not all marathon can get high sponsorship. Macondo culture communication company founder Ai Guoyong on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, well-known sponsorship marathon in more than 10 million yuan, non small businesses can afford, only to the automotive, real estate and well-known sports brand enterprises; at the same time, sponsored by the well-known marathon to enable enterprises to go, small and medium scale events of China Merchants it is more difficult to. theory

中国知名马拉松赛事成香饽饽:赞助费用已全球最贵   赞助商生意经: 中国知名“马费”全球最贵   周慧   本报记者 周慧 北京报道   2月28日开赛的2016年东京马拉松,刚宣布赞助商金额达到了19亿日元(约1亿人民币)。   随着中国跑步热的兴起,国内知名马拉松赛事也成为全球企业盯上的香饽饽,赞助水涨船高。   21世纪经济报道记者采访马拉松主办方及多家赞助商了解到,中国马拉松品牌赞助全球最贵。   某知名体育品牌跑步项目负责人告诉21世纪经济报道记者,中国的知名马拉松赞助费用,以北京马拉松和上海马拉松为例,已超过国外知名马拉松赛事,品牌赞助位居第一。与此同时,中国马拉松这块“蛋糕”,已成为被世界体育品牌最看好,和增长最快的市场。   知名马拉松成香饽饽   任何一场马拉松赛事,从路牌到选手服装和补给,都少不了赞助商的身影。   以2015北京马拉松为例。开赛前夕,国内各大马拉松跑步群里,传播着一条北马组委会的声明。   声明称,赛事组委会要求非经组委会授权许可,企业不得要求相关选手穿着印有非赞助企业名称及标识的运动服装,选手只能使用组委会提供的物品参加比赛。这样的硬性要求为赞助商扎堆马拉松赛事提供了某种助力。而尽管是初次举办,2016年武汉马拉松依然受到了赞助商们的欢迎。   东风雷诺相关负责人告诉21世纪经济报道记者,参与武马冠名赞助竞标的车企一共有三家,最终,东风雷诺获得其三年的长期战略合作资格。   早在2008年即开始在全国各地组织大型跑步活动的耐克公司,自2012年成为上海国际马拉松赛事的至尊赞助商后,近期又续约成为其2016年至2020年的至尊赞助商。   正因赞助商扎堆进入马拉松赛事,某知名体育品牌跑步项目负责人告诉21世纪经济报道记者,国内知名马拉松赞助费用已超过国外,全球最贵。   “世界知名运动品牌都看好中国市场,中国市场也是他们最看好的和增长最快的市场,大家也愿意投入。”上述负责人说。   不过据21世纪经济报道记者了解到,受冷热程度、举办城市影响力及赛事规模等因素影响,并非所有马拉松赛事都能获得高额赞助。   马孔多文化传播公司创始人艾国永即对21世纪经济报道记者表示,知名马拉松赛事的赞助多在千万元以上,非小企业能承担,只能以汽车、房地产和知名运动品牌企业为主;同时,知名马拉松赛事的赞助易令企业倾心,中小规模的赛事招商则要难很多。   一家承办过北京市内特色马拉松的创业企业负责人则称,小规模马拉松赛事招商并不容易,一方面赛事规模有限,另外工作人员有限,重心更多放在赛事服务上。   “只要赛事品牌建立起来了,马拉松招商都不是问题。”他说   赞助商的生意经   在马拉松热愈演愈烈的当下,看中其品牌推广效应的企业也越来越多。   据了解,2015年是马拉松赛事爆发年,全年共有134场比赛,数量比2010年增长近10倍;全国亦有84%的省区市拥有一场或多场马拉松及相关赛事。   赛事数量的暴增为需要赞助的企业提供了越来越多的机会。北京一家体育赛事运营公司负责人表示,早些年很多体育赛事的运营经费,都是由政府强行摊派给地方国企负担,现在则大多通过招商,其中最典型的便是马拉松赛事。   在中国跑步市场经营多年的李宁公司便是其中之一,而从2012年开始更是通过赞助马拉松赛事和自己主办比赛,深耕跑步赛事领域。   公司跑步事业部总经理曾翔告诉21世纪经济报道记者,李宁的策略是将赛事与跑步的专业产品相结合,强调品牌与跑者的互动。   “以‘李宁10K路跑联赛’为例,跑者报名后,需要到李宁专门店取物料,这样跑者也会到店中了解产品。”曾翔介绍。   通过这一策略,仅在“10K路跑联赛”中,便有30万跑者参赛,共销售了4万双专业跑鞋。除此之外,对企业品牌的宣传更是很难量化评估。   而在世界大型马拉松赛事中,更是经常活跃着体育运动品牌的身影。   2016年,连续给纽约马拉松赞助了25年的Ascis将退出,接替者将是New Balance,并且至少持续十年。   一位资深体育行业人士对此表示,New Balance正在加紧布局专业跑鞋市场,大笔赞助纽约马拉松,主要是为配合其往专业跑鞋方向转型战略。   中国本土餐饮品牌也开始注意马拉松赞助营销。赞助2015京马的西贝餐饮集团市场部负责人告诉21世纪经济报道记者,他在日本跑马拉松时,看到很多餐饮企业参与赛事服务和赞助,所以向领导提了赞助方案。他的思路是,赞助马拉松,可以极好的宣传其餐饮品牌健康的理念。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

  而中国股市的内在缺陷最为主要的是以下两个方面 血色守宫砂

Where will China’s stock market go in the year of monkey? – Sohu financial insight, where will China’s stock market go in the year of monkey? Yi Xianrong China A shares ended in market in the last trading day of the year of sheep. Shanghai composite index closed at 2763 points, down 17 points, namely 0.63%, failed to regain 2800 points; Shenzhen component index closed at 9673 points, down 1.22%. Shanghai composite index sheep total fell 483 points (14.89%), Shenzhen component index fell 2025 points (17.2%) related company stock trend. In the last trading day of the sheep year, the total turnover shrank to 363 billion 400 million yuan, and the two financial business also reduced to 890 billion 300 million yuan, the lowest in a year. From the whole sheep year, the highest and lowest points of Shanghai composite index are 5178 points and 2638 points respectively. In other words, the Shanghai composite index sheep year basically closed at the lowest point, the second half is basically in the downward trend. If so, it could also bring new hope for the development of the stock market in the year of monkey. Because from the historical data, from 2000 to 2015, the Shanghai composite index after the Spring Festival a week recorded 12 liters 4 down, that is to say, the probability of the year of the monkey Chinese A shares rise more than 70%. But from February 6th the central bank issued the fourth quarter of 2015 Chinese "report" implementation of China monetary policy, stock market turnover increased significantly in 2015 China. Shanghai and Shenzhen in the year of the sheep stock market reached 255 trillion yuan in total volume, the average daily turnover of 1 trillion yuan, growth of 245%; the total turnover of the gem 28.5 trillion yuan, growth of 265.6%. The global stock market is in a downturn, and China’s A shares resume market in February 15th after a week off the Spring Festival holiday. This is the first trading day of the year of the monkey China A shares, but also because of the Chinese during the Spring Festival, the world’s stock markets have severe shock and collapse, the impact on the stock market can not be Chinese. In the period from February 8th to 12, Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index dropped 5%, the Nikkei index fell 11.1%, South Korea’s KOSPI index fell 4.3%, the French CAC index fell 4.9%, the German DAX index fell 3.4%, the UK FTSE index fell 2.4%, the Dow Jones index fell 1.4%. If you put a little longer, since the beginning of this year to the Spring Festival the first Friday, the Dow Jones index fell 7%, the S & P 500 index fell more than 7%, the Nasdaq stock index fell 11.5%, the European Storck 50 index fell more than 13%, Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index has fallen 14%, Japan’s Nikkei 225 index average plunged 19%, South Korea’s KOSPI index fell 4%, the French CAC index fell 12%, the German DAX index fell 13%, the UK FTSE index fell 6%. Visible, the global stock market this year has fallen badly. It can be said that the collapse of the global stock market during the Spring Festival has nothing to do with the Chinese factors. It is basically the result of the fluctuation of the international oil price and the concussion of the European and American banks and the stock market. Generally speaking, the developed stock markets in Europe and America are all economic tables in the future

猴年中国股市会走向哪里?-搜狐财经   洞见猴年中国股市会走向哪里?  易宪容  中国A股在羊年最后一个交易日以跌市收场。上海综合指数以2763点报收,跌17点即0.63%,未能收复2800点关口;深圳成分指数报收9673点,挫1.22%。上海综合指数羊年总计下挫了483点(14.89%),深圳成分指数跌2025点(17.2%) 相关公司股票走势 。羊年最后一个交易日,总成交额萎缩到3634亿元,两融业务也减少到8903亿元,创一年来最低。  从整个羊年的情况来看,上海综合指数最高点及最低点分别为5178点及2638点。也就是说,上海综合指数羊年基本上在最低点收盘,下半年基本上处于下行的态势下。如果是这样,这也可能为猴年的股市发展带来新希望。因为从历史的数据来看,2000年至2015年上海综合指数春节后一个星期录得12升4跌,也就是说,猴年中国A股上升的概率有70%以上。  而且从2月6日中国央行发布的2015年第四季度《中国货币政策执行报告》来看,2015年中国股市成交量显著增长。羊年上海及深圳两大股市累计成交量达到255万亿人民币,日均成交1万亿元,增长245%;创业板累计成交28.5万亿元,增长265.6%。  全球股市处于低迷周期  中国A股在春节假期休市一个星期后,在2月15日复市。这是猴年中国A股的第一个交易日,也因为在中国春节期间,全球股市出现了剧烈的震荡与暴跌,这对中国股市的影响不可小视。在2月8日至12日期间,香港恒生指数累计下跌了5%,日经平均指数暴跌了11.1%,韩国KOSPI指数下跌了4.3%,法国CAC指数下挫了4.9%,德国DAX指数下跌了3.4%,英国富时指数下跌了2.4%,美国道琼斯指数下跌了1.4%。  如果把时间拉长一点,从今年年初以来到春节后首个星期五,美国道琼斯指数下跌了7%,标普500指数下跌了7%以上,美国纳斯达克股票指数则下跌了11.5%,欧洲斯托克50指数跌幅超过了13%,香港恒生指数累计下跌了14%,日本日经平均225指数暴跌了19%,韩国KOSPI指数下跌了4%,法国CAC指数下挫了12%,德国DAX指数下跌了13%,英国富时指数下跌了6%。可见,今年以来全球股市早就跌得惨不忍睹。可以说,春节期间全球股市的暴跌与中国因素无关,基本上是国际油价波动及欧美银行股市震荡的结果。  一般来说,欧美发达的股市都是未来经济表现的先行指标,如果投资者不看好股市而抛售股市,也就意味着对未来经济前景不看好。特别是各国的货币政策宽松了再宽松,而且已经实施7~8年了,但各国的经济仍然没有起色。如果欧美的投资者不看好股票市场,那么这对中国经济造成的影响肯定会很大。所以,这些对中国股市的猴年开市会造成不小的压力。  2015年中国金融市场乱象丛生的局面到目前没有得到根本好转,无论是中国股市的震荡问题还是人民币贬值的问题都是如此。不过,2月15日人民币外汇市场开市之后,在岸及离岸人民币市场都出现价格上涨,特别是在岸人民币市场,在岸人民币兑美元汇率收盘上涨1.24%,报6.4944,创2016年以来最高收盘价,盘中一度报6.4916;涨幅逾800点,为至少2005年汇改以来的最大单日涨幅。而人民币汇率稳定及上升,让中国股市拨开迷雾见太阳,第二天上海综合指数上涨3%以上。  不过,就此认为人民币汇率已经稳定还是言之尚早,目前人民币离岸市场的贬值预期仍然十分强烈。只要有机会,人民币随时都有贬值的风险。而人民币汇率不稳定对中国股市一直会形成巨大的下跌压力。也就是说,如果人民币不能够企稳,要想让中国股市走好相当不容易。  同时要注意,从2015年6月中旬以来,投资者对中国股市的信心不稳和不足。有投资者担心新一轮中国A股的沦落是否又会开始。可以看到,自从2008年1月股市暴跌之后,直到2014年年底中国股市就进入了一轮长达7年的低迷。在这期间,无论实体经济增长如何快,无论上市公司的业绩如何好,中国A股从来就没有走出过一波像样的行情,股市融资在整个社会融资中的比重也一直是微不足道。直到2014年房地产的衰退造成了中国经济增长全面下行,政府希望如美国那样造就中国股市的繁荣来刺激经济。这就有了2014年11月到2015年6月中国股市繁荣的大试验。  中国股市两大缺陷亟须弥补  对2014年11月以来中国股市的大试验,有人写出洋洋几十万言的分析报告,认为主要原因是杠杆过度、监管缺陷、交易制度不完善、多空不均衡、投资者结构不合理等,并主张引进更多发达国家资本市场的成熟制度及交易规则。但实际上这些分析仅看到表象,所引进的熔断机制在1月份同样以失败告终。很显然,中国股市发展了20多年之所以还是这样乱象丛生,不仅在于从来就没有让股市失败的当事人来承担责任,也在于没有人能够深入地来检讨股市不理想的经验与教训。  正如我早就指出的那样,2015年股市震荡最为重要的外在原因就在于中国金融发展战略的赶超思维及监管部门过高估计自身风险控制能力。在这种中国金融市场发展的赶超思维下,在资本市场发展的基础性制度没有形成的情况下要求这个市场超越式地发展。这就必然把凡是有利于达到赶超目标的外在制度、外在市场、金融产品及金融工具都会全面引进,也会在这些技术性及工具性的方面大做文章。比如许多金融衍生产品及工具和程序化交易大规模引进等。政府必然向这个市场注入更多的政策性资源,如利率降得更低、融资杠杆提得更高等。一个市场连走都没有走稳就想快速跑,这根本就不可能。  而中国股市的内在缺陷最为主要的是以下两个方面。  一是上市公司国内企业为主导。至于当前中国股市最终所有权国有所占的比重是多少,没有查到当前数据,但在2007年时所占的比重达70%以上。  从国有产权为主导的企业运作的情况来看,看上去各种产权的权能(比如所有权、使用权、剩余索取权及转让权)是界定清楚的,但是部分国有企业经营者不仅不对其行为进行成本与收益分析,反把其行为的利益归自己而把其行为的成本让整个社会来承担。在这种情况下,不仅股市的风险被推高,也让国有上市公司低效率地运行。  而一些地方政府为了让国有企业脱困,往往把中国股市当作向国有企业注入政策性资源的工具。中国股市也成了部分国有企业脱困的场所。当一些地方政府把大量的国有企业推向股市后,经济处于上升周期时,这些国有上市公司的缺陷不会马上暴露出来,甚至于出现了早几年的所谓“新国企”现象。但是,当中国经济处于下行周期时,国有上市公司的缺陷就一览无遗。这不仅表现为贪污腐败严重,国有上市公司的大量资产被套走,也表现为效率低下及严重亏损等。这种现象不仅国有上市公司是这样,也让这种风气在整个中国股市蔓延。  二是中国股市的绝对权力缺乏有效约束。可以说,2015年证监会副主席姚刚、证监会主席助理张育军被查事件已经证明了中国股市腐败问题十分严重。如果中国股市是以绝对权力为主导,绝对权力盛行,那么中国股市一定会以权力来分配整个市场资源,而不是以市场机制决定资源分配的方式。  中国股市投资者历尽艰难,坐着过山车,陷入惊恐两难,未来,监管部门要为中国股市的自我修复创造条件,就得严格限制股市衍生工具,全面修改现有不利于中小投资者基础性制度,这样才能让投资者的信心全面恢复,让猴年中国股市走出新行情。来源中国经济周刊)相关的主题文章:

即将投向市场 单挑冷血总裁

As the media Limited by Share Ltd 2016 semi annual report summary – Sohu securities important of the 1.1 semi annual report from the semi annual report, investors want to know the details, should carefully read and published on the Shanghai stock exchange website China commission the semi annual report on the designated website. 1.2 company profile two major financial data and financial data of 2.1 main shareholders: unit: RMB yuan 2.2 top ten shareholders of the table unit 2.3 at the end of the report period preferred shares of the total number of shareholders, the top ten preferred shareholders Table 2.4 does not apply to the controlling shareholder or actual controller changes applicable or not three management discussion and analysis during the reporting period, the company achieved a total revenue of 226229617.12 yuan, down 0.13% year-on-year; operating profit -11336462.21 yuan, down 127.69% over the same period last year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies -3241973.93 yuan, down 110.65% over the same period last year. During the reporting period, the film and television business revenue was 66000928.50 yuan, a decrease of 9.31% over the same period last year. The main reason is the TV drama business for policy and market changes, adjust business strategy, strictly control the scale of investment, the company Toupai "Hakka", "Hello tomorrow" in the post production stage, coming into the market; as a business in the documentary, television programs and columns, and continue to maintain close CCTV cooperation, launched the "garden", "Yun Gang", "looking at Taibai" and many documentaries commissioned the business and "wait for me", "I love invention", "Yuezhanyueyong", "road to health" and so on a number of television programs and columns of the commissioned business during the reporting period continued making the steady development of business to Taiwan; in the packaging business, the company continues to carry out cooperation in many aspects and CCTV, undertake multiple channels CCTV packaging services And programs and broadcast publishing production services and equipment rental services, but due to changes in CCTV related program packaging production business return and leasing policy, and technical services and equipment leasing business income has declined. The impact of the above factors on the film and television business revenue during the reporting period has declined compared with the same period last year. During the reporting period, the company’s advertising revenue was 46086910.56 yuan, a decrease of 9.64% over the same period last year. The main reason is: affected by the macroeconomic situation, enterprises face downward pressure, the overall decline in advertising volume. The new media has a great impact on the traditional media in the ratings and content innovation, the rapid growth of new media advertising, further squeezing the traditional media advertising revenue. At the same time, in 2016 the company’s subsidiary in Shanghai International Advertising Co., Ltd. advertising agency changed by the contract, due to changes in the advertising business model, companies need to adjust the operation mode, the advertising business income can not achieve rapid increase, but in accordance with the requirements of accrual company should be on

中视传媒股份有限公司2016半年度报告摘要-搜狐证券  一重要提示  1.1 本半年度报告摘要来自半年度报告全文,投资者欲了解详细内容,应当仔细阅读同时刊载于上海证券交易所网站等中国证监会指定网站上的半年度报告全文。  1.2 公司简介  二主要财务数据和股东情况  2.1公司主要财务数据  单位:元 币种:人民币  2.2前十名股东持股情况表  单位: 股  2.3截止报告期末的优先股股东总数、前十名优先股股东情况表  不适用  2.4控股股东或实际控制人变更情况  适用 不适用  三管理层讨论与分析  报告期内,公司共实现营业收入226,229,617.12元,较上年同期下降0.13%;实现营业利润-11,336,462.21元,较上年同期下降127.69%;实现归属于上市公司股东的净利润-3,241,973.93元,较上年同期下降110.65%。  报告期公司影视业务收入66,000,928.50元,较上年同期下降9.31%。主要原因是公司影视剧业务针对政策及市场变化,调整经营策略,严格控制投资规模,公司投拍的《客家人》、《明天你好》处于后期制作阶段,即将投向市场;在纪录片、电视节目与栏目的制作业务方面,公司与中央电视台继续保持紧密合作,开展了《园林》、《云岗》、《仰望太白》等多部纪录片委托制作业务以及《等着我》、《我爱发明》、《越战越勇》、《健康之路》等多个电视节目及栏目的委托制作业务,本报告期公司对台制作业务持续稳定发展;在包装制作业务方面,公司继续与中央电视台开展多方面的协作,承担了中央电视台多个频道包装服务、栏目及节目播出版制作服务和设备租赁服务,但由于中央电视台相关节目包装制作业务回流及租赁政策的变化,影视技术服务及设备租赁业务收入都有所下降。上述综合因素的影响使报告期公司的影视业务收入较上年同期有所下降。  报告期公司广告业务收入46,086,910.56元,较上年同期下降9.64%。主要原因是:受宏观经济形势影响,企业经营面临下行压力,广告投放量整体下滑。新媒体对传统媒体在收视与内容创新方面产生很大冲击,新媒体广告快速增长,进一步挤压传统媒体广告收入。同时,2016年公司的子公司上海中视国际广告有限公司广告业务由代理制改为承包制,由于广告业务经营模式发生了变化,公司需要调整整体运营模式,广告业务收入不能实现快速提升,但按照权责发生制的要求公司应列支广告资源成本费用。上述综合因素致使广告业务经营产生亏损,对公司整体业务产生较大的影响。  报告期公司旅游业务收入113,782,610.69元,较上年同期增长11.22%。主要原因是公司无锡景区、南海景区分公司坚持“以文化统领旅游”的经营战略,以“影视文化旅游”为核心,持续加强景区修缮维护,升级改造基础设施并着力优化和美化园区环境。景区的文化演出活动不断推陈出新、持续提升产品品质,演出产品在融入了历史文化背景的基础上进一步提升了节目的观赏性,提高了游客满意度。在销售方面,除维护传统营销渠道外,公司还通过与电视台合作“真人秀”节目及微信、互联网等新媒体进行市场营销和网络营销,丰富了市场推介手段。同时公司根据旅游市场变化和特点,调整园内经营业务,不断引进旅游特色商品,打造景区文化旅游品牌。上述因素使报告期公司旅游业务收入较上年同期有所增长。  报告期内,公司影视业务及广告业务收入有所下降,旅游业务收入有所增长。但由于广告业务本期亏损幅度加大,导致公司整体营业利润及归属于上市公司股东的净利润、每股收益等指标较上年同期大幅下降。  (一)主营业务分析  1财务报表相关科目变动分析表  单位:元 币种:人民币(1)营业收入变动原因说明: 报告期,公司营业收入较上年同期下降0.13%,营业成本较上年同期增长34.02%,主要原因是:受宏观经济形势影响,企业经营面临下行压力,广告投放量整体下滑。新媒体对传统媒体在收视与内容创新方面产生很大冲击,新媒体广告快速增长,进一步挤压传统媒体广告收入。同时,2016年公司的子公司上海中视国际广告有限公司广告业务由代理制改为承包制,由于广告业务经营模式发生了变化,公司需要调整整体运营模式,广告业务收入不能实现快速提升,但按照权责发生制的要求公司应列支广告资源成本费用。上述综合因素致使广告业务经营产生亏损,对公司整体业务产生较大的影响。  (2)财务费用变动原因说明:报告期,公司财务费用净收益较上年同期增长39.19%,主要原因是报告期内公司部分定期存款到期,利息收入较上年同期增加所致。  (3)经营活动产生的现金流量净额变动原因说明:报告期,公司经营活动产生的现金流量净额较上年同期增加110.78%,主要原因是上年同期支付了影视剧业务分成费及影视剧投资款,本报告期此类现金流出减少所致。  (4)投资活动产生的现金流量净额变动原因说明:报告期,公司投资活动产生的现金流量净流出较上年同期增长17,574.55%,主要原因是本报告期银行理财产品投资较上年同期增加所致。  (5)筹资活动产生的现金流量净额变动原因说明:报告期,公司筹资活动产生的现金流量净流出较上年同期下降100%,主要原因是本报告期尚未发放股利,筹资活动现金流较上年同期下降。  2其他  (1)公司利润构成或利润来源发生重大变动的详细说明  受宏观经济形势影响,企业经营面临下行压力,广告投放量整体下滑。新媒体对传统媒体在收视与内容创新方面产生很大冲击,新媒体广告快速增长,进一步挤压传统媒体广告收入。同时,2016年公司的子公司上海中视国际广告有限公司广告业务由代理制改为承包制,由于广告业务经营模式发生了变化,公司需要调整整体运营模式,广告业务收入不能实现快速提升,但按照权责发生制的要求公司应列支广告资源成本费用。上述综合因素致使广告业务经营产生亏损,对公司整体业务产生较大的影响。  (2)公司前期各类融资、重大资产重组事项实施进度分析说明  不适用。  (3)经营计划进展说明  2016年上半年,公司以“稳定基础,服务大局,加强管理,创新突破”为总的工作方针,按照年度经营计划,继续加强制度体系建设,进一步理顺内部管理,找准定位、发挥优势,努力提高经营管理水平,各项业务经营情况详见本报告“董事会关于公司报告期内经营情况的讨论与分析”。  (二)行业、产品或地区经营情况分析  1、主营业务分行业、分产品情况  单位:元 币种:人民币  主营业务分行业和分产品情况的说明  广告业务收入较上年同期下降9.64%,广告业务成本较上年同期增长128.64%,主要原因见本节(一)、1、(1)。  2、主营业务分地区情况  单位:元 币种:人民币  (三)核心竞争力分析  报告期内,公司核心竞争力未发生重要变化。  (四)投资状况分析  1、对外股权投资总体分析  (1)证券投资情况  (2)持有其他上市公司股权情况  (3)持有金融企业股权情况  2、非金融类公司委托理财及衍生品投资的情况  (1)委托理财情况  单位:元 币种:人民币  (2)委托贷款情况  (3)其他投资理财及衍生品投资情况  3、募集资金使用情况  (1)募集资金总体使用情况  (2)募集资金承诺项目情况  (3)募集资金变更项目情况  4、主要子公司、参股公司分析(1)主要子公司的业务性质、资产状况及经营业绩  单位:元币种:人民币(2)主要子公司的经营情况  单位:元币种:人民币  5、非募集资金项目情况  四涉及财务报告的相关事项  4.1与上年度财务报告相比,会计政策、会计估计发生变化的,公司应当说明情况、原因及其影响。  4.2报告期内发生重大会计差错更正需追溯重述的,公司应当说明情况、更正金额、原因及其影响。  4.3与上年度财务报告相比,对财务报表合并范围发生变化的,公司应当作出具体说明。  本公司2016年度纳入合并范围的子公司共2户,详见公司2016年半年度报告第十节财务报告附注九“在其他主体中的权益”。本公司本年度合并范围与上年度相比未发生变化。  4.4半年度财务报告已经审计,并被出具非标准审计报告的,董事会、监事会应当对涉及事项作出说明。  中视传媒股份有限公司  董事长:唐世鼎  2016年8月29日  证券代码:600088 证券简称:中视传媒 公告编号:临2016-22  第七届监事会第二次会议决议公告  本公司监事会及全体监事保证本公告内容不存在任何虚假记载、误导性陈述或者重大遗漏,并对其内容的真实性、准确性和完整性承担个别及连带责任。  中视传媒股份有限公司第七届监事会第二次会议于2016年8月29日上午在北京温特莱中心B座22层会议室召开。会议通知已于2016年8月19日以电子邮件及专人送达的方式交公司全体监事;本次会议应到监事3位,实到监事3位。公司总经理、董事会秘书列席了会议。会议的召开符合《公司法》及公司《章程》的相关规定。本次会议由王浩监事会主席主持,审议并通过如下决议:  《公司2016年半年度报告全文及摘要》;  同意3票,无反对或弃权票。  公司监事会认为:公司2016年半年度报告全文及摘要的编制和审议程序符合法律、法规、公司《章程》以及公司内部管理制度的各项规定;半年报的内容和格式符合中国证监会和上海证券交易所的各项规定;所包括的信息能从各个方面真实地反映出公司当期的经营成果和财务状况;没有发现参与半年度报告编制和审议的人员有违反保密规定的行为。  特此公告。  监 事 会  二一六年八月三十日  独立董事意见书  根据《上市公司治理准则》、《关于在上市公司建立独立董事制度的指导意见》等法律法规和本公司《章程》的有关规定,作为中视传媒股份有限公司(以下简称公司)独立董事,本着认真、负责的态度,现就公司第七届董事会第四次会议审议的《关于聘任贺芳担任公司副总经理的议案》,基于独立判断立场,发表如下意见:  1、根据对相关资料的审议,我们认为贺芳具备相关专业知识,能够胜任相关职责的要求,任职资格符合《公司法》、《上市公司治理准则》等有关法律法规及《公司章程》的有关规定。  2、被提名人的提名方式、选举及聘任程序合法,符合《公司法》和本公司《章程》有关规定。  综上,我们同意聘任贺芳为公司副总经理。  独立董事:  丑洁明 李丹 杨安进  二一六年八月二十九日  证券代码:600088 证券简称:中视传媒 公告编号:临2016-21  第七届董事会第四次会议决议公告  本公司董事会及全体董事保证本公告内容不存在任何虚假记载、误导性陈述或者重大遗漏,并对其内容的真实性、准确性和完整性承担个别及连带责任。  中视传媒股份有限公司第七届董事会第四次会议于2016年8月29日上午10:30在北京温特莱中心B座22层会议室召开。会议通知已于2016年8月19日以电子邮件及专人送达的方式交公司全体董事。本次会议应到董事9位,实到董事8位。因公务原因,董事长唐世鼎委托董事王钧主持会议,并代为行使表决权。公司监事会成员、高级管理人员列席了会议。会议的召开符合《公司法》及《公司章程》的相关规定。本次会议由王钧董事主持,审议通过如下决议:  一、《公司2016年半年度报告全文及摘要》;  同意9票,无反对或弃权票。  二、《关于聘任贺芳担任公司副总经理的议案》。  同意9票,无反对或弃权票。  本次会议还同时通报了《公司委托理财产品情况说明》、《关于中视传媒2016年日常关联交易预计的议案被股东大会否决的报告》。  特此公告。  董 事 会  二一六年八月三十日相关的主题文章:

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The State Council: five measures to support the new energy automotive industry in February 24th, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to further support the new energy automotive industry measures, to promote green development in structural optimization; deployed to strengthen the protection of cultural relics and the rational use of cultural heritage roots embodies national spirit. The meeting pointed out that the development of new energy vehicles, to promote the industry towards the high-end, is conducive to the protection and improvement of the environment, is an important starting point of cultivating new kinetic energy, the important content of the development of new economy. In the past two years, under the guidance of the national policy and the efforts of all sides, China’s new energy vehicles have achieved remarkable results in research and development, promotion, technical level and so on, and the production and marketing has been growing rapidly. Next, we must adhere to the market orientation and innovation driven, relying on public entrepreneurship, innovation, and strive to overcome the core technology, breaking the bottleneck constraints, accelerate the pace of development of new energy vehicles. First, speed up the revolutionary breakthrough in power batteries. Promote small and medium-sized enterprises, universities, research institutes, such as the establishment of collaborative research, open sharing of power battery innovation platform, focusing on key materials, battery systems and other common, basic technology research and development focus. The central government takes the reward instead of the supplement, and rewards the enterprise according to the performance, sales and other indicators of the power battery. Increase the power battery digital manufacturing complete sets of equipment support. Two is to speed up the construction of charging infrastructure. Clear the responsibilities and rights of local governments, owners, developers, property and power grid enterprises, and promote the implementation of residential quarters and party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, airports, scenic spots and other social parking facilities and other charging facilities. Using the central budget investment and special financial bonds of the distribution network to support the construction of charging facilities throughout the country, encourage local to establish the charging amount as the basis of the incentive subsidy policy, reduce the charging service charges. Three is to expand the city bus, taxi, sanitation, logistics and other areas of new energy vehicles application ratio. Central government departments, new energy vehicles to promote the application of the city’s government departments and public institutions to buy new energy vehicles accounted for the year with the total number of updated vehicles, to increase to more than 50%. Four is to improve the quality of new energy vehicles. Improve access standards, strengthen quality and safety supervision, the development of new energy vehicles + Internet of things, strengthen production enterprises to new energy vehicles safety monitoring, dynamic inspection, the establishment of punitive damages and market exit mechanism. Five is to improve financial subsidies and other support policies, supervision and implementation of new energy vehicles should not limit the line purchase requirements, to break the local protection, to combat "cheat fill" behavior. Establish a reasonable return on investment mechanism, encourage social capital to enter the charging facilities construction and operation, vehicle leasing, battery recycling and other services. The coordination mechanism and coordination mechanism of the new energy vehicle coordination mechanism and its office of the state council. According to the conference, cultural relics are non renewable historical and cultural resources, and they are the golden cards of national civilization". Strengthening the protection, management and rational use of cultural relics is of great significance to the inheritance and promotion of the fine traditional culture of the Chinese nation, the promotion of national moral quality, and the enhancement of national cohesion. The meeting stressed the importance of protection. To compile and implement cultural relics protection planning, to carry out emergency protection for cultural relics with serious danger, and to prevent the demolition of genuine buildings

国务院:五项措施支持新能源汽车产业   国务院总理李克强2月24日主持召开国务院常务会议,确定进一步支持新能源汽车产业的措施,以结构优化推动绿色发展;部署加强文物保护和合理利用,传承文化根脉凝聚民族精神。   会议指出,发展新能源汽车,推动产业迈向中高端,有利于保护和改善环境,是培育新动能的重要抓手、发展新经济的重要内容。近两年来,在国家政策引导和各方努力下,我国新能源汽车在研发推广、技术水平等方面取得明显成效,产销快速增长。下一步,要坚持市场导向和创新驱动,依托大众创业、万众创新,努力攻克核心技术,打破瓶颈制约,加速新能源汽车发展步伐。   一是加快实现动力电池革命性突破。推动大中小企业、高校、科研院所等组建协同攻关、开放共享的动力电池创新平台,在关键材料、电池系统等共性、基础技术研发上集中发力。中央财政采取以奖代补方式,根据动力电池性能、销量等指标对企业给予奖励。加大对动力电池数字化制造成套装备的支持。   二是加快充电基础设施建设。明确地方政府、业主、开发商、物业和电网企业等责权利,推动落实住宅小区和党政机关、企事业单位、机场景区及其他社会停车场等建设充电设施的要求。利用中央预算内投资和配电网专项金融债等支持各地充电设施建设,鼓励地方建立以充电量为基准的奖励补贴政策,减免充电服务费用。   三是扩大城市公交、出租车、环卫、物流等领域新能源汽车应用比例。中央国家机关、新能源汽车推广应用城市的政府部门及公共机构购买新能源汽车占当年配备更新车辆总量的比例,要提高到50%以上。   四是提升新能源汽车整车品质。完善准入标准,加强质量安全监管,发展新能源汽车+物联网,强化生产企业对新能源汽车的安全监控、动态检查,建立惩罚性赔偿和市场退出等机制。   五是完善财政补贴等扶持政策,督促落实不得对新能源汽车限行限购的要求,破除地方保护,打击“骗补”行为。建立合理投资回报机制,鼓励社会资本进入充电设施建设运营、整车租赁、电池回收利用等服务领域。国务院新能源汽车协调机制及其办公机构要履行好协调职责。   会议认为,文物是不可再生的历史文化资源,是国家文明的“金色名片”。加强文物保护、管理和合理利用,对传承和弘扬中华民族优秀传统文化,提升国民道德素养,增强民族凝聚力,具有重要意义。会议强调,一要重在保护。编制实施文物保护规划,对存在重大险情的文物及时开展抢救性保护,严防拆真建假、拆旧建新等。推进珍贵文物保护修复工程,抓紧完善文物建筑防火和古遗址、古墓葬等防盗防破坏设施。二要强化管理和执法。健全文物登录制度,建立国家文物资源数据库。调查督办重大文物违法案件和安全事故,严打盗窃、破坏文物等行为。建立文物保护责任终身追究制。三要合理适度利用。将更多博物馆纳入财政支持的免费开放范围。发挥文物资源在旅游业中的重要作用,推动文博创意等产业发展。对社会力量自愿投入资金保护、修缮市县级不可移动文物的,可依法依规在不改变所有权的前提下,给予一定期限的使用权。四要加大政策支持。保障文物保护经费投入,探索设立文物保护保险产品。鼓励民间文物合法收藏,支持非国有博物馆发展。针对彩塑壁画、纸质文物、纺织品等保护实施一批重点科技示范工程。五要大力培养文博、文物保护修复等人才。用广博的文物资源滋养人文根脉、丰富群众精神家园。   (来源:中国政府网)相关的主题文章:

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