Cattle fast – large chunks of meat – Sohu eat and drink

Cattle quickly — large pieces of meat cattle and beef – Sohu Hot pot store is located Luling Road No. 8 Building 2 floor wytron lyucuo, near the bus station, from the bridge you can see the shop logo. The whole environment relative to the old Japanese style, the decoration style is more elegant style. The restaurant is the flagship of Chaoshan beef Hot pot pot, range from pot to pot soup diet regimen signs there are several pots. Chaozhou pot method is very hot 2-3 seconds, pick up the clothes for a few seconds, the goal is to remove blood, then burn a 3 seconds, you can eat up the meat, then dipped in barbeque sauce taste particularly good. But I can’t eat raw meat must be cooked, hot, even so, still very good taste! The best hanging dragon tender beef chest? Select fertilizer spell spoon of fresh beef beef tongue gourmet taste Q bomb some assorted cold dishes, some is crisp, this is not the only one. The ingredients are freshly cut beef, early in the morning came from the Chaozhou Shantou piece, food is fresh! Hamburger pumpkin cake baked fresh beef string Watermelon Juice Cereals相关的主题文章:

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