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Interviewer: Hi, I’m Kathy Soltero at Metro Brokers T V. Today in the studio we have Connie Case. She is with Colorado Living Real Estate and Investments. Thank you so much, Connie, for .ing in today. Connie Case: Thank you for inviting me. Interviewer: Tell me little bit more about your real estate career. How long have you been in real estate and what some of the firms have been that you’ve been with? Connie Case: Well actually, Kathy, my husband and I owned one of the largest real estate .panies in Colorado Springs for many years and we finally closed that .pany and went on to building and land development in the Colorado Springs area. Interviewer: And why would you end up moving here now to Denver, I mean you had such a successful time down in Colorado Springs, I mean do you still do work down there or…? Connie Case: I absolutely do. When we owned that .pany, I had never dome the sales side of the business and in 1990 I decided to go ahead and try sales. It was wonderful being able to work directly with the buyers and sellers and I worked for small boutique .pany there and then later joined a large franchise .pany there and had very successful business. Now, a couple of years ago I decided that I wanted to move to the Denver area because my children all live in this area. It was a difficult decision because I had so many previous clients there in Colorado Springs, but it was only taking me 40 minutes to drive back and forth. So it seemed like good decision for me to make. That way I had the best of both worlds–close to family, close to my business and an opportunity to grow my business now, in the Denver area. Interviewer: And now have you worked with different .panies throughout your tenure in real estate? Connie Case: Yes I did, I have worked with the original boutique .pany, Martha Taylor and Associates, it affiliated with ERA Shields, and then RE/MAX had been asking me to join then for several years. So, for the past 10 years I have been with them, and… Interviewer: Well when you moved up here to Denver, Did you stay with RE/MAX or…? Connie Case: You know, it about four years ago I started realizing that the economy was changing and it was changing rapidly, and I had been very successful at RE/MAX, I made a lot of money there but I was also spending a great deal of money, the corner office, the assistants all the must-have tools that everyone seems to think that you must have to be successful in this business, and I thought, "Oh, my goodness I have to curb these expenses," and so I started a slash-and-burn policy. It worked very well and the last step was to slash the $24,000 a year that I was paying to be with RE/MAX. Interviewer: Wow, that’s a big chunk of change. Connie Case: Yeah, it is big chunk of change and so when I made the move, I interviewed and talked to several different franchises and I also talked with Metro Brokers, the Corporate office there, and I had no idea, no idea of the many tools and services that Metro Brokers has to offer to experienced agents. Interviewer: Tell me about that, so what was it about Metro Brokers, then, that really locked the deal? Connie Case: Number one, I was able to run my business the way I wanted to. I did want to continue with Colorado Springs and I also wanted to grow my business in the Castle Rock and south Denver area. Not all .panies will let you do that. Metro Brokers gave me the flexibility to design my business the way I wanted to design it and surprisingly I was blow away with all of the technology support that you receive, the education that you receive, and then interestingly enough, one of my previous clients, we, in Colorado Springs said to me, "You know, Connie we want to buy a new house," and I said, "That’s great, let’s go shopping." I said, "Where have, you been looking?" He says, "Well, we have been going to the Metro Brokers site," and I said, "Oh, really?" because I had not quite made my decision, and when I realized that there were clients that I was working with, that so many people are now going to that website, buyers and sellers, because it is so easy to use. Interviewer: And you have been with Metro Brokers, now how long? Connie Case: Six weeks. Interviewer: Oh, my goodness. Connie Case: Six weeks, so I’m really… Interviewer: And so you’re really pumped on it? Connie Case: You know, I really am because there are so many tools that are available and I know that I’m just beginning to realize everything that I can do with what Metro Brokers has to offer. So as you know, in real estate it is constantly evolving business model, so it will be fun to see over this next year how that can evolve and I can really make this new .pany, Colorado Living Real Estate and Investments, how I want it to be, how it’s going to work for me. Interviewer: Well all of your Colorado Springs constituents will love to see you up here and stay in contact with you I’m sure. Connie Case: Actually I do have clients that work in the Denver area. Interviewer: There you go, all right. Well thank you very much, Connie Case, for joining us today on Metro Brokers TV and we wish you the best of luck with Metro Brokers. Connie Case: Thanks you so much. I appreciate it. Interviewer: You bet, and for more real-estate related videos, be sure to tune into MetroBrokersTV… Have great day. About the Author: Metro Brokers: Providing the Framework, Structure, Brand and Freedom for Real Estate Brokers to work Professionally, Efficiently and Profitably. Metro Brokers, Inc. has been Colorado’s leader in real estate, technology and services, for more than 30 years, offering independent real estate professionals a framework to succeed. Our network of nearly 2,000 highly experienced real estate professionals specialize in residential, .mercial and investment properties and have access to ground breaking technologies, continuing education courses, and innovative marketing that help buyers and sellers make the most of their real estate transactions. Unlike most other real estate .panies Metro Brokers, Inc. is actually owned and operated by its brok Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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