Country love 9 Tieling low-key hot Zhao Benshan as screenwriter (video) ca1290

"Country love 9" Tieling low-key hot beat Zhao Benshan as a writer [Abstract] the play is still in the "country love" in the role of Meng Lingyu, as long as the skin of the mountains, directed by himself as a producer and screenwriter of the film, "". The play is expected to be aired at the end of this year or during the Spring Festival of 2017. Express News "village of love" is the oldest country love TV series, following the first "country love", second "country love 2", third ", Fourth" country love story "country love Symphony", fifth "rural love Serenade", sixth "country love variations" seventh, "country love waltz" (Opera), after the eighth "country love romance", Ninth "country love fantasy" is currently the Northeast Tieling low-key hot shot. It is reported that the shooting from Guo Jiangcun to Ma Lang bridge in Tieling city is now the village, and re layout of the protagonists family style. The play is still directed by Meng Lingyu, who plays the role of "the village of love", as a producer and screenwriter. The play is expected to be aired at the end of this year or during the Spring Festival of 2017. Who is the most beautiful woman in the country love series? A lot of people think it’s a show. And who is the show? Her name is Wang Junping, a beauty of Zhao Benshan’s, because of the TV series "country love" fame. Wang Junping graduated from the Liaoning University, the Art Institute, University of the first grade when starred in "country love" series were familiar. If there is no appreciation of Zhao Benshan, Wang Junping can not be due to "country love" popular. It is because of the "country love" became popular, Wang Junping by an ordinary Miss etiquette and then become a female star. In August 27th this year, Wang Junping announced on micro-blog, gave birth to a daughter, and gave birth to a son, just two children together into a good word. At present, almost end up the month. Wang Junping has returned to join "country love 9". Guo Jizhang down to earth ZZ to join the "village of love"相关的主题文章:

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