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Day letter investment: crash fell out of the short-term bargain hunting opportunity – Securities Investment Sohu Tianxin Thursday morning market downward leaf Teng up index tumbled. Weight plate, there is no rising plate, aviation, shipbuilding, steel, building materials plate decline in the top. Conceptually, there is no concept of rising, pension, vocational education, online lending, online education, and genetic concepts falling. Development and Reform Commission, the SASAC, the Ministry of human resources and the 25 day held a joint press conference, the disclosure of related stock movements enterprises "ten reform implementation plan, at present, China Chengtong Group and Chinese new two central enterprises identified as pilot enterprises of state-owned capital operating companies, other companies are still in the selection of test points. After Yueyang, Guanhao high forest paper opened higher in early trading rose, all the way down, a light dead means. Central enterprises reform plate affected by this, but also the overall adjustment. After the fall of the banner yesterday, the market was seriously dragged down, the major plates and hot spots have plummeted, the stock index fell below 2900 points, approaching 2800 points. The past two days repeatedly prompt risk adjustment, when the market back to the bull’s remarks, the author clearly present just stage a rebound, the situation is not reversed, the risk on the rise in the accumulation, need to pay attention to short-term risk. Today the market plummeted, maybe some people began to turn to extreme pessimism, it is good to forget the scars of pain was found and lifted the psychological scars, I think that the short-term market adjustment after pressure release, is expected to rebound, continuation rangebound trend. The two sessions will be held soon, although the closer to the two sessions, the red envelopes will become smaller and smaller, but the space is not large, the market should be the trend of interval shocks. From the time, after falling for three consecutive days, short-term market will rebound, this time should be decisive on the surface of the low, don’t crash about emotions.

天信投资:大跌跌出短线低吸的机会-搜狐证券   天信投资 叶腾   周四早盘市场下行加快,指数纷纷大跌。权重板块上,没有上涨的板块,航空、船舶、钢铁、建材板块跌幅居前。概念上,没有上涨的概念,养老、职业教育、网贷、在线教育、基因概念跌幅居前。   国资委、发改委、人社部25日联合召开发布会,披露国 相关公司股票走势 企“十项改革试点”落实计划,目前已有诚通集团和中国国新两家中央企业确定为国有资本运营公司试点企业,其它试点企业仍在遴选中。冠豪高新、岳阳林纸早盘高开大涨之后,一路下行,大有见光死的意味。央企改革板块受此影响,也是全体调整。昨天的大旗倒下之后,市场严重被拖累,各大板块和热点纷纷大跌,沪指跌破2900点,逼近2800点。   笔者近两日反复提示调整风险,当市场出现重回牛市的言论的时候,笔者清醒的提出目前只是阶段性反弹,形势并没有反转,风险在上涨中累积,需要注意短期的风险。今天市场暴跌,或许又有人开始转为极度悲观,这其实就是好了伤疤忘了痛的人发现伤疤又被揭开的心理,笔者反而认为短期市场释放了调整的压力之后,有望重新反弹,延续区间震荡的走势。两会召开在即,虽然说越临近两会,红包会越来越小,但是大跌的空间不大,市场更应该是区间震荡的走势。从时间上看,连续下跌三天之后,市场短线即将出现反弹,这时候应该果断低吸,不要表面的大跌所左右情绪。相关的主题文章:

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